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  1. Got a couple of things going on. I'm trying to remove the output shaft on my 5 speed. I purchased the pictured "thin wall 30mm" socket from BavAuto long ago, but it doesn't actually seem to fit. Anyone else had this issue? Is it truly a 30mm? Also, which direction is the thread on this? Is it a normal thread righty tighty lefty loosie, or is it a reverse thread? Additionally, how does one go about separating the U-Joint in the middle of the drive line? I noticed my center bearing is in very bad shape.
  2. Anyone in the Bay Area looking for a Sahara shell to start a project with? It's incredibly straight. It's been stored outdoors the last several years, but I've made sure to keep a cover on it. It's a roller with 4 wheels minus bumpers (rear bumper has been removed since these pic were taken.), grills and steering box. All the external body parts are there. Doors, Hood, Trunk lid, and they're all pretty straight. The PO already took portions of the body down to metal and then primed, but I would redo this work myself. Dash is still in the interior, but little else is. I was going to turn this into a track car, but need to consolidate and concentrate my work on my CS more. Have keys for locks and trunk. Make an offer. Pics are of the day I brought it home.
  3. Julio, is that pic in your avatar from the Snowball Rally? Is that Shanon in his CS?
  4. I'll take em Ken. I just got a set from Blunt, but I'm gonna be doing quite a few track sessions the last half of the year.
  5. Wasn't able to listen to the clip as I don't want to make too much noise at this hour, but the way he's is going about resurfacing the rocker arm is also flattening out the curve of it isn't it?
  6. confessing complete ignorance here, but is there some inherent problem with the flasher on a 2002? I've never had any problems with my flashers. Also, is the BMW part so incredibly expensive it's cost prohibitive to purchase the genuine BMW part from Blunt?
  7. I ordered 3. Is that okay? Saw some old threads getting replies and wondered what was going on until I logged back into the site. I find it hard to believe that this kind of marketing really works..
  8. Poor thing. I'll get plenty of pictures for/of you.
  9. Agreed Rimspoke. This definitely gave it's life to save his. I had to do a double take when I saw that he was estimated to be going 70 and survived. Even in a modern car, that's a lot of energy scrub off in such a short distance.
  10. I know someone who had their motor lunge forward into their radiator. That's what the bracket is supposed to prevent. Your urethane mount is much firmer than stock and I would assume not nearly as likely to happen, but why risk it. It's 3 minutes to put it on.
  11. Anyone have a good set for a reasonable price?
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