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  1. This seems a common for an earlier 2002? it seems and the part is harder to come by. I don't own a wiring guide for this and I should. How can I get by and just have running low beam lights? I just don't want to short anything, yellow/white yellow red white Thanks for the help, M
  2. thanks I had searched with no luck and pow you find it right away, Thanks
  3. Will it work correctly for our 2002's?
  4. white 2002 roundie, said lg 2002, is that a conversion to propane? It was on Temple in LA near the Oscars. Saturday and an agave(green) 74 or newer on Gonzalez in Oxnard, on Sunday. Anybody here?
  5. That's exactly what I wondered, Thanks, M
  6. 3.91 ls small case diff from a 1984 318i. Is this do-able, I read about the big case diff not working. Thanks M
  7. Golf hood close by in Ventura county if interested
  8. Do you have an e-mail avaialble as before I would love to help you clean out the garage wheels.
  9. I'm in 93060 about 10 miles from you and I 'll be glad to take them if still available. mpost931 six seven at gee-mail dot com
  10. this is a non rolling body. some rust... no trunk, hood or door. no title come and pick and it is yours good for body parts http://santabarbara.craigslist.org/zip/1528447687.html not mine etc, blah blah, blah
  11. Saw you on the frontage rode I was pedalling up to SB reddish color
  12. 195 60r 14, stock springs and spring clamps about 1". Very minimal rub, only at u-turn locked steering
  13. Weber kit doesn't work on a solex carb, but a weber carb is less the 650 in the US and a weber kit will work on any weber carb. If I am not incorrect you can still find solex rebuild kits around though. I suspect others with more knowledge will chip in with more info.
  14. After reading the steps in the faq section. in step four of the alternator upgrade for the bmw 2002, it says to cut the blue off the 3 prong harness and connect it to the d+ terminal. Is the it the blue wire or is it the harness that is now minus the blue wire that gets connected to the different alternator Thanks much. sss
  15. these are seats without headrests right? photos link in signature
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