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  1. This is from Tron's meet and greet at Golden Gardens. Also went to see Hayekutaki there in the '70s.
  2. Check out this 320is.../// 10http://www.bmwmregistry.com/model_faq.php?id=10
  3. Have you driven one? I don't recommend looking at it as you might buy it. They do require an expense account of their own though. Especially at that mileage ime. Damn sexy BMW though.
  4. They're in my garage. The 320is was bought for parts. It turned out to be a wonderful car that I daily drove for two years. I had half a mind to fix it when the release bearing went out. Then I realized it needed exhaust and then I remembered that I bought it or parts. It was trally rusted as well although it was extremely straight. Kept parts and sold parts and then a proud Marysville citizen decided it was bringing down property values in the hood and reported me for having a car in my yard (that was in my driveway). Pick n pull gave me $200.
  5. Not much was left except the motor. Brakes were fairly new but rotors were not vented. Maybe some glass.
  6. I had to send my '81 320is to the Arlington picknpull. It's cis but it ran really well and eveything was there.
  7. Pretty sure this is in that grid as well. I've been to historic races since but I think the tanking of the economy has hit here as well. These were the hay days.
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