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  1. Our '76 was running rough, wouldn't idle. Mike Self pointed out my CARB-compliant Weber 32/36 was missing the idle solenoid power lead. A vendor kindly gave me a few feet of wire off an E34 sensor, and Jim Gerock had terminals and a crimper! It was Sylvie's lucky day!
  2. There was a LOT to see! Last night there was not a single parking spot at the Clarion, so plenty there tonight for sure.
  3. We overnighted in Dandridge, about 90 minutes west of Asheville. Hoping to make today's drive. Lora dubbed our '76 "Sylvie" last night. See you there. David
  4. Mike, Please contact me at work, your email may be badly compromised, been trying to reach you since yesterday. David Y in Nashville
  5. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&u=http://www.bmwclubdefrance.org/&prev=search Maybe contact BMW Club France and see what's on their 2017 calendar. Looks like they had something during the LM Classic this year. David
  6. Before a bunch of others jump in, try entering "convert bumpers" into the topic search area at the top right of the home page. Read up on the subject, then come back and ask your questions. Most of the knowledgeable folks here are growing weary of answering the same things over and over, and may not even respond this time, since it is a subject asked seemingly weekly, if not more often. Why it's not well-covered and a subject in the FAQs under "Body and Interior", I'll never know... David
  7. Look up, not down. It didn't disappear, it must still be there. IIRC, it is looped around other parts, and is probably hanging from what it was attached to up high near the end of the door. It's unlikely it came apart and fell. If it really did come apart, try a magnet to lift it out of the crease, but my bet is that it's swinging somewhere above. David
  8. There are three Shell products of that name - all are for diesels, none have the zinc levels indicated on the TDS. The Mobil 1, OTOH, was re-reformulated a few years ago, and as pointed out earlier, has more than adequate levels of zinc - over 1399ppm as I recall. The E30M3 community mostly went back to it when the zinc levels returned. If it's current or <5 year old Mobil 1, it should be fine. I would not add anything - most M10s are not all that stressed. Like brake pads, religion, and politics, though, to each his own. David
  9. Jim, you're always welcome! Here's a link to the website with the full list of cars and bikes. The '28 R 52 is pretty interesting to see, especially next to our '04 BoxerCup Replika. http://www.lanemotormuseum.org/67-events/exhibits/648-bavarian-birthday-celebrating-bmw-s-centenary
  10. We just opened our Bavarian Birthday exhibit this morning, if anyone finds themselves passing thru Nashville over the next year, it's worth a stop. A friend and Chapter member has loaned his Fjord '76, and I've put my E30 M3 in as well. (I've been relegated to a RHD Renault Avantime as a DD)
  11. http://www.eastwood.com/paints/under-car-coatings/chassis-frame-paints.html Eastwood makes good stuff, lots of resto shops use it. David
  12. http://www.sportscardigest.com/le-jog-rally-2015-report-and-photos/?awt_l=KwGug&awt_m=J0Ho6MELzOs.C0 See the 3rd image on page 1. Also #3 and #6 on page 7 Anyone we know? That splash should get out the road salt! David
  13. Mike is right. Had the same problem, also at 4000 rpm. The belt that was on the car was "correct"; the replacement belt I got from the dealer was "correct"; both were wrong by a half-millimeter in width. Big deal? Big enough. Got a really correct belt from Blunt (pretty sure) and it's nice and quiet. I can rev without cringing now. David
  14. ECS Tuning shows it as available, as does Pelican, Good luck with it! I've been pretty deep into my E30M3, but I can't say I even remember seeing this piece! David
  15. A co-worker showed me this at lunch. Not mine, no affiliation, etc. Looks more verona than henna to me, but he calls it orange. https://nashville.craigslist.org/cto/5404349028.html David
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