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  1. I used lots of clothespins and 3M black adhesive. Cleaned the old off with PrepSol and some sort of organic cleaner and a lot of elbow grease. Left them on a couple of days, and so far so good.
  2. Anyone else see the AP story running in the newspapers this weekend? Article is "Average Age of Cars, Trucks Hits Record" and the photo accompanying is of Paul replacing an engine seal in something. Hard to tell, it might be an M10 timing cover. David
  3. https://www.lanemotormuseum.org/collection/cars/item/bmw-bavaria-1973 This is the best I can do for now. The horizontal surfaces are badly checked, but we're going to have a detailer take a shot at it. It even has full period coco mats, trunk included.
  4. Thanks - I will have a look over there. when I met some of the Senior Six guys at The Vintage, it sounded like they were mostly a Facebook crowd now, and I am not on FB. David
  5. Have made some headway. Yesterday, I thought the jack was bottomed-out, but it still had a bit to go. Now, ALL the way down, and with the crank UP, the hole slips over the left stud, and the crank nut rests on the wiring harness, so it won't rattle. With the crank down, it will not really fit without forcing. The notches on the clamping plates do not match the centerbore of the wheel, but RealOEM shows an adapter ring, but no P/N. The manual is no help - shows tools in use, says they are stored under the left trunk board, but that's it. Google Image searches have yielded nothing. We have the washers, nuts and wingnuts - all still nicely zinc plated, almost no wear. David
  6. Mike S suggested I try here - Anyone have a photo of how the jack and lug wrench store in a 3/73 Bavaria? I've tried just about every orientation I can think of, and the hole in the jack just doesn't line up with the studs at the rear. Also, should there be an adapter ring under the clamping plate that retains the wheel? We have two plates, but no ring. RealOEM diagrams indicate there might be one, but it gives no description or part number. The clamping plates (there are two) seem to be notched to accommodate the lug wrench, but, when sandwiched and on the center stud, there are not enough threads for the nut. And the plates' notches do not match up to the center-hub lip. This is an all-original, 1 owner Ceylon automatic car with less than 25K on it. We're trying to keep it as complete and original as possible - the original spare has never been on the ground. The car has been converted for use with hand controls, which we are documenting, removing, and saving. It's a time capsule. Thanks, David
  7. It was great seeing you there, Paul! Looked for you Saturday afternoon to talk 700 and Bavaria stuff, but never saw you.
  8. How far? Who knows? Looking back at photos of when I removed the emissions system, maybe a couple of years, That wire was sleeved in blue, so out it came. At least a couple or three thousand miles to OFest and back last year plus this drive. Decent running at idle was never a problem, even with the AC on, until this trip, and even then the drive to Asheville went OK, although the part-throttle chugs and bloops seemed a bit more enthusiastic than I remembered. On the way to the Foundation on Friday, however, the car died 80% of the time I got completely off throttle at red lights and stop signs. I mentioned this behavior to Mike at The Vintage, and his first thought was idle jet. He was right. Neither of us can understand why it was OK for the last few thousand miles, though. Tomorrow I'm combing thru the junk Webers at the shop at work to see it I can harvest a conventional idle jet and carrier.
  9. Our '76 was running rough, wouldn't idle. Mike Self pointed out my CARB-compliant Weber 32/36 was missing the idle solenoid power lead. A vendor kindly gave me a few feet of wire off an E34 sensor, and Jim Gerock had terminals and a crimper! It was Sylvie's lucky day!
  10. There was a LOT to see! Last night there was not a single parking spot at the Clarion, so plenty there tonight for sure.
  11. We overnighted in Dandridge, about 90 minutes west of Asheville. Hoping to make today's drive. Lora dubbed our '76 "Sylvie" last night. See you there. David
  12. From PittRace; BMW NA's Alpina, with my wife onboard.
  13. I have good shots of Bobby Rahal's car taken at OFest last year - same wheels and everything.

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