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  1. My local tire shop, who I've used for about 20 years, steered me to the General Altimax - I wasn't too sure, but he said I'd be satisfied. He was right - plenty grippy for what I do with it, quiet, and not expensive. David
  2. Bill came by the museum this afternoon while in Nashville. He is pretty upset about the whole situation. He and his wife let her son move into the house 18 years ago. Just recently, the son and family decided to also relocate to middle TN, so he called Bill up and told him he'd contracted with a home auction company to sell off everything, home and contents. As Bill understands it, after this weekend's sale, the remainder will be cherry-picked and moved to the warehouse for later sale, and everything left will be sold for scrap. He says if he had two tractor-trailers, he'd go pick everything up - but he doesn't. Go, get good stuff, save it from becoming a lawn chair! David
  3. Bill (whose stash this is/was) just sent me this - a reply from the auctioneer to him: >We are not going sell items to be shipped from this sell, the logistics do not work for trying to get the house emptied. > >We will sell everything we can from the house to who ever shows up at the sell. > >All your goodies that do not sell we be moved to the warehouse for continued selling, the stuff that goes to the warehouse will be sold >over the next six months and can be shipped from the warehouse. > >The sale went national and regional yesterday, obviously a lot of people know what you have and if the want it they will come to the sell. David
  4. Here is a partial list he sent me a few weeks ago. There are more pics today - it seems they are finally getting into everything and photographing it. Bill tells me there are also some Getrag 265 transmissions he forgot about that are part of it. https://www.estatesales.net/WA/Kent/98032/2558427 Motors: A lot of M10 (2002 ) complete and in pieces A complete , eurospec M30 2800 A disassembled M30 2500 M30 cyl heads/cams 2 Euro-spec M20 323i motors M10 and M30 heads A long-tube (4 into I ) E21 320I header A box of 28 reground (base-circle removed in UK) 2002 cams ........increases lift but not duration ...rehardened .individually wrapped ready to ship Lots (boxes) of starters and wiper motors Factory (new ) alarm system for an E21 A lot of new Bosch distributor caps including the early 6-cyl BMW (small dia ) Collection of Weber carbs ...side-drafts and downdraft . Downdrafts are mainly (32/36 or 38/38 ) replacement for the later 2002 Solex . Some of the sidedrafts have 4 or 6 barrel intake manifolds for M10 or M30 motors . One brand new set of Mikuni 44PH sidedrafts with intake manifolds/linkage for an M10 ...these are rare !! RARE! A tall grey metal cabinet filled with side-mirrors , primarily for 6 and 7 series from 70's A metal cabinet with spark-plugs (NGK etc ) piston rings etc . Another with original BMW-sold gasket sets ..Elring etc About 10 or 12 Getrag 265 gearboxes ..close ratio and wide ..that fit E30M3 and manual 5,6 7 series .I seem to remember ONE Getrag 280 too Lots of 4 speed boxes from 2002's One VERY VERY rare long-shaft 4 speed (Collotti ??) from an early 4 cyl BMW ...like a 4-door 1800, 2000, 2CS Lots of diffs from 2002, earlier and later 5,6,7 series (couple of lim slip ?) A heavy pile of flywheels clutches and disks ..including a 4-puck racing disk. A 700 airfilter , complete A 2000CS airfilter , complete Wheels ?? OH Lord are there wheels ..DOZENS of singles and sets...especially 14" original E9 coupe Campagnolo's , a set of dark yellow painted Minilite replicas (Carrol Shelby had the licence ) for an E9 or Bavaria. Sets of 14" Lancia wheels 4x98mm that fit 2002 with a slight adjustment to mounting holes , but may be worth more to Lancia collectors . Pair of 2002 front figlass flared complete fenders (Schnitzer ? Flat tops ) installed once but never raced Lots of rustfree gas tanks . Seats (but rats ate upholstery ) A complete KIT from Dinan ...suspension for an E36M3 1995 (first year ) ..springs, bars , and Bilstein shocks . This kit was sold before Dinan went to Konis so the part-numbers are cut off the shocks .Kit was complete in a box. Several sets of rusty 2000CS doors (complete ) ...with the rare metal strip on top of the side-glass. A complete 2000CS air intake box complete with logo and end-caps 2 1967 2000c/cs cars (came from Calif , rustfree ) . The c was an automatic I had converted to manual but didnt complete the centre-console . An E21 323i Schnitzer (original Schnitzer ) turbo .......(one was featured in Automotor und Sport ) ..5-speed faaast !! . Rebuilt for me in UK from 3 different chassis /bodies .Feels like it's doing wheelies sometime
  5. https://www.estatesales.net/WA/Kent/98032/2558427 An internet acquaintance that lives in middle TN, relocated from Kent WA about 20 years ago, is trying to make sure that his huge hoard of 02 and E9 and other parts don't end up being bought up by scrap metal guys. Other friends have been trying to find proxies to go bid/buy for them, without much success, so I am posting this here as a public service. It's not mine, I'm getting nothing from it, other than the satisfaction that hopefully most of the good stuff will end up in an appreciative garage, rather than melted down as scrap. Bill, the owner, has had poor communication from the auction house - it's a weird situation, but likely very worthwhile if you are in the area. Oh yeah, there are a ton of vintage comics, and a piano, also in the auction. It's 4 days, apparently there is a LOT of stuff to get through. David
  6. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/articles/technical-articles/engine-and-drivetrain/five-speed-conversion-r29/ here's a good start. David
  7. Sam and a film crew were at Lane Motor Museum last night, shooting a story for Hagerty. We talked a bit about the project - stay tuned, it'll be worth it. David
  8. I bought an Ansa Sport several years ago, they swore it was for '75-76 cars, but the hangers were many inches off. I just cut them off and welded on new rod hangers, bent to fit the hangers on the chassis. I don't love the result, but it's OK until I decide to do something else. At least it sounds good - not too much drone. David
  9. DavidLMM


    Vintage at the Vineyard, 2010
  10. David,

    If you can't get the website, email me at [email protected]


  11. Anyone else having trouble opening the MidAmerica Fest website? I could open it last night at home, but not today at work. I made my hotel reservations, and wanted to register, but am unable to do so. David in Nashville '76 Polaris
  12. I agree with dirving above - establish a relationship with the dealer parts guys. They have to work within whichever matrix their dealership uses, bit have some latitude. My dealer has been able to beat every online price for major hard parts like power steering rack (E30M3) and radiator (also M3), plus, no shipping, no worries about damaged parts, and you're keeping a brick and mortar store working. For a lot of parts, folks like Blunt and Ireland are the best and most knowledgeable, but for some things, it's worth talking to your local dealer's parts counter.
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