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  1. DavidLMM

    trim rings and whitewalls

    Thanks Ray! David
  2. From PittRace; BMW NA's Alpina, with my wife onboard.
  3. I have good shots of Bobby Rahal's car taken at OFest last year - same wheels and everything.
  4. Another, but again, hood closed...
  5. DavidLMM

    Bolt Sizes for A/C Bracket

    From the documentation included with my Hobie Dave bracket: All metric. 10-1.50 x 40 bolts you need 2 attaches the compressor to the adjustable end of the bracket arm. 10-1.50 x 35 bolt you need 2 mounts the compressor to the middle holes in the bracket. 10-1.50 x 30 bolts you need 2 mounts adjuster arm to the bottom of the bracket. 10 mm washer you need 6 10 mm lock washer you need 6 10- 1.50 nut you need 6 to mount the bracket to your engine you will need: 8-1.25 x 16 bolts you will need 2 for the top holes 8-1.25 x 20 bolt you will need 1 for the bottom You will also need two 8mm washers to offset the motor mount bracket. The hole that sticks out from the side of the bracket uses the front bolt from the motor mount. Also always make sure when you mount the compressor that the compressor ports are oriented to the top within reason. That’s where the hoses attach so all the pag oil does not get pumped out in to the system. All that should cost you around 12 bucks at ACE hardware. The belt size for the 2002 is Dayco top cog #17320
  6. DavidLMM

    ANSA Sport Squaretail Install

    Sorry, I never took any photos. It's pretty obvious what needs to be moved, and where, if the shop has a couple of exhaust supports. After that, it's just fabricate new tabs, weld them on, and hang it from the factory mounts. Easy if you have the tools and enough hands, which I did not. Mostly, I just ran out of patience!
  7. DavidLMM

    ANSA Sport Squaretail Install

    I tried twice to hang mine - Ansa on a '76 - without much luck. I even had a lift and exhaust supports, but never got it right. I had to cut off, extend, and relocate both mounts - they are way off for a '76. An hour at a small muffler shop and $60 later, and it's good.
  8. DavidLMM

    stainless rocker seals

    I used black 3M after cleaning in soapy water and wiping down with denatured alcohol. No problems, they stuck firm.
  9. I got the NAPA equivalent of Trico 46-160 for just a few bucks two weeks ago. The counterman was surprised that inserts were still available, but they arrived overnight. They are just inserts, but threaded right into my black arms. David
  10. DavidLMM

    5 speed install

    No personal experience, but I think I've heard good things about Memphis Motor Werks. Their machine shop is said to be top-notch.
  11. DavidLMM

    Meineke Lifetime Warranty

    In 1988 I put a Meineke muffler on my '86 Honda Civic si. The next year they did halfshafts. Until I got rid of the car in '97, they alternated replacing the exhaust or the axles every year, no questions asked. Their parts weren't very good, but their warranty was!
  12. DavidLMM

    Silver tii spotted at The Bridge

    I didn't realize that Polaris cars were lacking here. I can certainly appreciate them - here's my just-painted-in-April '76 as I was prepping it for the trip to Pittsburgh.
  13. I was lucky to be invited to The Bridge at Bridgehampton last weekend, and spotted this Polaris tii at both the saturday show and Sunday's Cars & Coffee in bridghampton. It had Connecticut Repair plates, and an 02-02-02 sticker in the rear side window. Anyone from the FAQ? I was in the 1933 Dymaxion, up near the art show at the far end. David
  14. Hi Ray, I don't honestly know - the shop foreman is away for a few weeks vacation. Knowing us, we'll put them on a shelf upstairs until such time as our director goes through on a purge and throws them away without asking what they are for! Seriously, if we do, I will let you know if they become available. They really are decent, just have some small rectangular patches brazed in. David