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  1. I am looking for these parts for my 73 2002 (round taillights) doors: 1. Inner Brush seal for door glass for both passenger and driver sides. 2. Door sill entry plastic covers for passenger and driver sides. Please let me know if you would have these parts in good condition. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I am looking for these items to complete my '73 2002 restoration. 1. Driver and Passenger door Knee Trims 2. Rear plate lights 3. Driver side view mirror Please let me know if you would have these items. Thank you. Sazan
  3. Hi jgerock: I am re-upholstering the interior to tan color. Would you have photos? I need the back board in a good shape to start with. Mine is pretty rotten and falling apart.
  4. Hi jgerock: I am re-upholstering the interior to tan color. Would you have photos? I need the back board in a good shape to start with. Mine is pretty rotten and falling apart.
  5. Hello, I am looking for the following items: Interior door panels boards for 1973 BMW 2002, I am in the process of re-upholstering and the bottom of the back boards are too far gone. Lock cylinder for passenger door lock. Driver and Passenger side exterior door moldings. Thank you!
  6. Thank you everyone for your suggestions and those beautiful photos as examples for me. I am going to confirm the exterior color with the BMW Group Archives. I am about to decide with Tan carpet, Saddle seats and door panels with black trims. I hope to show it off here someday.
  7. Hello all, I am in process of restoring my 1973 BMW 2002. Currently, the exterior is Agave Green. I have black seats, tan carpet, tan door panel on the front with black on the top and all black side panels on the back seats. I would greatly appreciate your advise on the original interior color scheme that would have been on this car. Thank you.
  8. Hello, I am looking for a Headlights Dimmer and Turn Switch for my '73 BMW 2002. Please email me if you have those with your price. mallazi at hotmail Thank you, Sazan
  9. Hi Mike, Your answer regarding the brake fluid leak makes complete sense. The smoke is white and it does smoke from the engine area as well as the exhaust. My mechanic had suggested to replace the master cylinder but never advised me about this symptom and obviously I had no idea. I had to refill the brake reservoir this morning and was thinking about replacing master cylinder and overhauling front and back brakes. Now need to find a seller for these parts! Thank you for putting my mind in ease regarding the engine and your quick response. Sazan
  10. Hi guys, I am trying to diagnose my engine issue here. Recently my car started spewing white smoke when I go over a bump, make sharp turns going faster than 20 Mph and when I need to brake hard to stop then get going again. It does not smoke when running straight. I checked the oil cap and level. There is no sign of white oil due to oil and water mix. Is this a sign of leaking head-gasket? Could there be a leak with the exhaust system? Thank you for your kind suggestions in advance.
  11. We would very much welcome a snow blizzard in Santa Barbara. Photo is now attached. Thank you.
  12. Hi all, I am looking for an air filter as highlighted on the attached photo (i wish my engine looked this good) as my carb filter is not working very well. Looked into several local auto shops but the connecting hose sizes are incorrect. Thank you in advance for any help on finding one. Cheers!
  13. Hello, Please let me know if you have a driver side window regulator for a '73. Thanks! Location: Santa Barbara
  14. Thank you Simeon! I found the following on subject "Bleeding coolant system - sound reasonable?": Ran the car in idle for 20 min with radiator cap off, the needle went up but slightly below red, squeezed the hoses that go from the radiator to the thermostat and thermostat to the engine. Went for a drive for about hour and half up from Santa Barbara to Los Olivos, up the highway 154 and back (And it is a beautiful warm day for a nice drive). Slowly, the needle started to drop down towards the middle during the whole drive and back. The temperature indicator needle is staying slightly above the middle now. I don't have a laser thermometer yet but the lower radiator hose that goes from radiator to thermostat is barely warm while the hoses that go from thermostat to the engine and engine to the radiator are very hot. I am not sure if the problem is cured it but I feel much better than before. Cheers!
  15. Thank you all very much for your advise. I appreciate them very much indeed.
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