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  1. Just wanted to say hey - I'm moving to the Portland area this summer. I don't have a 2002 right now but I'm looking forward to a climate that will allow me to drive one daily. I've owned 2 76s, a 74, a 73, a 72, a 70 2002 a 70 1600 and a 67 1600. I feel like I'm missing one or two in there, too. Right now I'm DDing a 91 325is and my wife drives a 01 e46 sedan. I'm looking to move to SE or NW portland.
  2. These are the kind with no rub strip. They are in decent condition with little to no rust. There's a small bend/tear near one of the side mounting points. They are very dirty but will polish up very nicely. Great for a DD with rusted ends. $30 plus shipping or $20 picked up in Houston, TX The pictures do NOT do these justice - I will post new ones in a day or so.
  3. Good evening everyone - A unique opportunity has arisen and the result may be that I'll have to sell my 2002. My fiance is a labor and delivery nurse and has a chance to go to (and take me to) Kenya to deliver babies this summer. This normally wouldn't be an issue - but I have a wedding planned in less than a year that I'll also be paying for out of pocket. Amyways, the car is a 76 inka manual. It runs and drives fine and is in OK shape. I drove it back from atlanta last december and drive it occasionally here in town. Here's some particulars on it: Good: Starts every time Tii dizzy Pointless ignition Headers 32/36 Euro turn signals New wires, cap, rotor and fuel lines Hella H1 headlights Momo steering wheel Pretty good dash (no visible cracks) Reupholstered seats (the drivers seat has a split in the top) CD player with aux input - 6x9s in the rear (sounds pretty good) New tires on steelies Chrome shorty bumper in the rear (I have euro plate lights that will come with as well as a straight center piece) Uninstalled early front bumper Good shock towers, rockers, frame rails The neither good nor bad (you be the judge): unknown lowering springs The bad: Engine consumes some oil Shift linkage sloppy Shocks blown Front floors repaired strangely (rust cut out - patch screwed on and sealed) Surface rust on roof, under belt line trim and on door bottoms Dent on pass. 1/4 panel - no crease (should pop out) The story on the car is that it belonged to a older fellow that passed away. After he passed it sat under a pile of leaves in North Carolina for years until the PO bought it. The rust on the roof and under the trim was the result of the time that it was neglected - as is the rust that was on the floors. I wouldn't call it a rusty car - but it's not rust free. The worst rust on the car is behind the passenger's front turn signal. Otherwise it's a good driver and an excellent project. FWIW I feel that if I replace the doors and fender it will be a pretty good car. If anyone is interested let me know....pics to follow
  4. Hello fellow Texans... I'm Patrick Sloan and I'm in Houston, Texas. I drive a worn out inka 76, a 91 325ic and a 2001 325i.
  5. http://s1216.photobucket.com/albums/dd377/Skeezix1523/2002A/#!cpZZ1QQtppZZ16
  6. Hey! That's my old siannebraun in that picture. You can see my then long hair.
  7. I'm interested in both doors, both fenders, the trunk and some other stuff. Please email me @ [email protected] My paypal is cocked and ready.... Thanks!
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