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  1. https://fayar.craigslist.org/cto/d/elkins-1988-bmw-m5/6899788748.html local Craigslist ad. No affiliation.
  2. didn't think I would still be south of 70 when you sold this!
  3. cyl and key would be optimal
  4. Mine locked up yesterday in the driveway. Thanks
  5. AndyS


  6. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/226810-1974-bmw-2002-complete-running-engine/
  7. I'll take the engine.  Shipping to 72712.  Hit me up when yuo seen this i'll get an address for drop at a commercial.

    1. Fritz1602


      Hi Andy,

      The engine is located at 2963 Monsignor Halpin Place

      Bronx, NY 10465


      This is a private residence. Weight of engine is 300 lbs. It sits on a standard size wooden skid. 


      You will have to locate a shipper. 

      Thank you,


    2. Fritz1602
    3. AndyS


      let me see what i can do


  8. I bought 1936spder's 73 malaga. I don't have any pics loaded on my computer yet. My introduction? or the car, lol. There are about 15 people on here driving my old 02s, I don't know the car yer,,,WE have yet to be intimate. In the past I have owned 2 tiis, 1 factory turbo, 1 factory 1600 cabriolet,1 touring, 1 Lummamma convertible, 1fast M2,a turbo'd M42 car,a M20 02, a 2000CS and asundry of various other 02s in various states of waiting. 2 CS coupes, and 5 Bavarias. My wife owns the blue one in the pic I posted. It was the mule for the first electric speedo, 1st 4hp22 4speed automatic and then the M42 and 4speed auto out of an E36. Yeah, we still have hers. All mine have gone away. Oh, the fancy 02 pick up truck was mine. Built right here in NWA in a barn in a few days. Esty changed it up just a wee bit!
  9. Thanks for all the help! I found one! But I might need another one, lol.
  10. hehe, Looks like the proper car gets the garage.
  11. some of the ones above are definitely workable. still would hop for a roundie. But she has drive both for the last 28 years, lol. She is much more loyal to the 02 than I am.

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