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  1. https://fayar.craigslist.org/cto/d/elkins-1988-bmw-m5/6899788748.html local Craigslist ad. No affiliation.
  2. I'll take the engine.  Shipping to 72712.  Hit me up when yuo seen this i'll get an address for drop at a commercial.

    1. Fritz1602


      Hi Andy,

      The engine is located at 2963 Monsignor Halpin Place

      Bronx, NY 10465


      This is a private residence. Weight of engine is 300 lbs. It sits on a standard size wooden skid. 


      You will have to locate a shipper. 

      Thank you,


    2. Fritz1602
    3. AndyS


      let me see what i can do


  3. love to find some. A kidney is especially needed.
  4. sold. Hope one of you got it!
  5. http://tulsa.craigslist.org/cto/5731535682.html
  6. Sorry, didn't know anyone actually looked at this. I only visit occasionally these days. Both are sold. The touring is being reconverted after the auto trans pooped the bed and I found everything needed for the reswap from Jake and Blunt.
  7. 318IC lots of work done. Everything works. Hardtop included Alpine white automatic. More money spent on it last year than I am asking. I was doing it for my kid. she bought a new car(yes, they do grow up!) Does have a small draw if it sits for 3 days. I installed a trickle charger which took care of the problem. Asking 4500. All the work was done at Lavalle's in Greensboro NC. LOL, ask Blunt how many new parts!Even has new tires. Driven here from NC. Pics avail. I'll add as soon as I download them. Car Located in Bentonville, AR. 1989 325ix touring. Dark gray, M-Tech interior. Recaros with rebuilt bolsters and new carpet in the boot.. automatic. New paint with minimal surface rust repaired and treated. New air dam, new rear wiper and wiper motor. A/C and Heat work. Still euro but will include a rebuilt US speedo and a refurbished Euro computer. Comes with 2 sets of OZ racing wheels with Michlen tires. gray on the car brand new set with black OZs in the garage. also included is a set of factory wheels(kinda beat E Bay) with brand new studded snow tires. New bilsteins and lowering springs still in the box same with sways. This one also has a slow trickle down and I use a trickle charger on it no worries. Everyday use it doesn't go down. http://germancarsforsaleblog.com/1990-bmw-325ix-touring/ this is the car when I got it and it was rougher than advertised. 12k with everything. We don't have emissions here. I bought it out of WA state and it has an AR title. sorry, I don't know why they are upside down.
  8. How bout a Blue ford? 2nd Owner 1970 F100. 351 windor/C6. All new interior heat/AC. Lokar and Dakota Digital dash
  9. AndyS

    My E90 fer sale

    My IX touring is an auto , Ray-Ray
  10. I have this same wheel in my coupe. It really is a sweet one.
  11. The switch in my coupe pooped the bed. It appears that they are the same. Bavaria switch would work as well.

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