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  1. you should invest in a go-pro camera. awesome car.
  2. left you a message this morning.
  3. I’ve been looking at all those too but Im trying to stay local so I can see the car in person. Im looking for roundie but if it’s clean and pre-smog I’d be okay with square tail lights too if the price was right. I just dont want a big project/money pit just a nice driver would do me just fine. I recently dumped a whole lot of money into my last project only to trun around and sell it for half of my investment so right now I just want a driveable clean ’02 I can enjoy for a few years. My mechanic Randy has a super clean ’74 tii on consignment at his shop if you’re interested. It drove like new and he has done all the work on it so it’s a solid car. It has a newer BMW grey color I dont know the original color. Shortened front and rear bumpers and a few more things. Only thing the owner was asking $15k Randy told me it was quite negotiable I just was’nt into it though.
  4. I have been in the market for another 02 for about 1 year now. Prices have seemed to double since '06 for a nice clean '02. I stumbled upon this guy http://www.roadfly.com/bmw/classifieds/cars/detview.php?view=46581&sortby=&dir= price was kinda high and I was scared of the carbs. After talking to the owner for about 1 month after my initial test drive I decided to take to it Randy @ Black Forest BMW here in Costa Mesa. He has worked on a few of my bimmers and my '73tii clone. Boy am I glad I paid for the PPI. I was about to shell a good chunk of change for what Randy claimed to be "one big headache of a car" I'm sure it would make a nice car for someone just not me so time to keep looking.. Anyone here have a nice clean roundie that they are getting bored of or just need to move on to something I would be more than happy to take it off your hands.
  5. matching numbers but not matching cars. i have a ’69 datsun with blue plates so does that mean it was not continuously registered?
  6. Beautiful car and great work I wish I had the know how to complete a project like this.
  7. I apologize for the lack of search it's been awhile since I have been back on here and I thank you for all the info. Last time I followed this forum it was al and esty going at it
  8. next question... how do u think the k-Fischer is gonna play with the built top end? Or would I need a new head?
  9. Yes it does come with all the tii bits. It is missing the air intake can thing but I have one from my old tii in the garage. Vin and motor numbers are matching too.
  10. Well no money has been spent on anything as of yet as I am just looking and I take it it is not a popular thing to do from all the replies. The reason I even asked was because I was thinking about getting it back to original anyways. Just needed to see if anyone has done it and what cost were involved. The guy selling made it seem as easy as replacing the carbs with a the K-fisch and “viola”.
  11. well the tii I was looking had this done his motor http://www.racetep.com/bmwngin.html#02b (performance street engine 2bbl) I was asking the owner the same thing and he said he wanted the most power out of it. I know nothing about carbs and these are duel 45’s…. just wondering if anyone here has done this and how reliable was it?
  12. I know it sounds crazy but I was wondering if anyone here has seen or done this? What is the most modifications anyone has seen done on a tii motor? I am doing a little research right now and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance for any help. Miko
  13. why cant you be on the west coast.
  14. why cant you be on the west coast.
  15. Hey Chris. Glad you found the board I am sure you will find a lot of useful info here. I have been absent here for a few years but the 02 bug has bitten me again.
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