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  1. e21 Turbine wheels in good shape. Need a good cleaning, but no curb rash. One has a difference center color, not sure how I ended up with a different one. Tires are Sumitomo HTR T4 187/70 R13. Tires have really no wear on them. I will ship if necessary, buyer pays shipping. I can arrange local pick-up, or I can bring them to The Vintage. I have a 5th wheel I could add to the set in similar condition if you're willing to trade me something I can use as a spare. (must be roundish, have a tire on it and hold air. Reasonable, right?) Could be interested in trades for fiberglass hood or trunk, maybe a race seat? thanks for looking, Jon Poole 404-988-7883
  2. I love it! I'd be curious to know the VIN, and see what it looks like under the hood. Jim, I have that same 4 way position, I can take a picture for you. my rear defrost switch is directly to the left of the gauge cluster, I believe where a 4-way would go on a US 02? Jon
  3. German Autowerks right here in Atlanta. Jeff always has a couple of 02s in the shop, I believe he has a couple of major 02 jobs in progress right now, but since you are close it would be good to check in with him. I would consider him an expert, and an enthusiast too. Call and talk to Shannon, tell her Jon Poole said they were the best. Don't bother with Strictly German as Jim says above. best of luck, hope to see you around Atlanda, Jon Poole '70 2002 track car '69 2002ti
  4. Jeff Chang, German Autowerks can tune them in his sleep, while blindfolded. (770) 757-0772
  5. Jim, there were 4 2002s in the caravan. YaleR with Rob and Justin in it, Dan Tell's gorgeous box flare turbo monster (with his wife and son), a green square tail whose driver's name I did not catch, and yours truly in the ti. I would have offered Vince to ride shotgun, but have only one functional seat right now. A few more met us at the foundation. I know there will be pictures to follow. Add to this assorted coupes, an a bunch of "new" stuff, like e30s (and some even newer!) It was very cool that we got to tag along, and of course very generous by Scott and Fran Hughes to make it possible. Jon
  6. That's a good point, and I believe it was my intent to move it, but never got to it. The motor doesn't rock though, the motor mounts have been replaced by hockey pucks. I suppose the bracket could break though.
  7. good call on the graphite, I have a bunch for my...I mean my kids'... Pinewood derby cars. Comes in a spray too I think, might be easier. Next time I have the top end off I should remove the cover, clean and use graphite. Technically, the airbox is a 1600ti not a 2002ti, but that is really semantics, right? The horns are angled like a 2002ti, but there was not cutaway on the bottom to fit over the booster since the 1600ti didn't have one. I messed it up trying to make it fit the stock 2002 before I yanked out the booster, so now it has a patch on the bottom and is a cylinder again, like it was before I messed with it. But the point is, YES, I run a ti airbox on the webers. With the battery and booster gone I run the front horn straight down so it's not sucking warm air from behind the rad. At some point I'll pipe it into the chin spoiler with dryer tube. I'll put a little screen across it to keep out the big chunks and inside I have stock ti/tii filters still. The rear horn just runs across the top like a stock ti/tii would.
  8. Yes, I like it very much. It took a bit to get everything plumbed, but now that everything is in place, it is problem free. If I was doing it again, or when I go back in for whatever reason I would change the brake light switch to an inline pressure switch and I'd add a bias adjustment at the same time. This is the stock 02 MC turned 90 degrees and bolted directly to the pedal box. Fronts are stock 02 with Hawk blue pads for the track (and whatever street pads for the street) and the rears are tii trailing arms with 320is drums. I can add pics if you're interested in seeing more. Jon
  9. Posting for Hal, this is the linkage I built and installed on my '70 about 10 years back. It is a throttle cable from the hot rod shop down the street with a few pieces of aluminum from Home Depot bent and cut into place. It has to be secured at both the top and bottom, so you'll need to fit at least 2 retaining brackets, and of course, we don't want any severe bends in the cable. It has never jammed or stuck. I disconnect the top end from time to time and drip oil down it. If you have any questions let me know! Jon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Atlanta and area 2002 owners -please join us this weekend for Caffeine and Octane. The organizers will provide a parking area for us if we can give them an accurate number of cars attending. Our group meet up prior to rolling over to the event will be at Georgetown Shopping Center, 4498 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338 at 6:30a. Yes, that is early. The event is 1 exit away from there. If you think you'd like to join us and you're not already on Facebook in the Atlanta Area BMW 2002 Club then send me a quick note so I know to expect you. Thanks, Jon Poole [email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script> 404-988-7883
  11. Peter - it was great to meet you in May, I look forward to our next meeting, wherever that may be. Love the picture of Benjamin in his "monster hoodie" sitting in your car! All the best, Jonathan Poole
  12. I have most of the parts to complete that car. The seats are correct and a nice example. Early ti would not have been delivered with headrests. Rust , yes, but I'm not seeing any holes, at least in those pictures. Could be an interesting car. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. The last time these guys hung out together was probably at the factory!
  14. One please. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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