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  1. Yeah, I knew it was one or the other, but couldn’t remember which. Regardless, close enough that these cars should be showing up at the Vintage, or perhaps O’fest 2019. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. My mistake Jim, it is in VA, not NoVA. Owners name is Greg, I believe he has 2. I’ve never met him, Vince has been in contact with him I believe. He has a black one and an agave, I think. Lots of “I think” and “I believe” here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. @kiva667, I’ve seen several Granda 2002ti from Montreal. One was a cleaned shell, originally Granada, not sure where it went. One is still owned by Pierre L as far as I know, which is Granada, and this one, which is Granada. There’s Peter’s, which is Granada, and my own, which is, naturally, Granada. Of all the 2002ti delivered to Canada, most of them were Granada. I know of 1 that was Chanonix which my dad bought new in 1970 and was totalled in 1974. The black on that Greg in NoVA owns was a Canadian car, but I don’t recall the original colour, but it wasn’t Schwartz or Granada. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thank you Harry, you are a true gentleman. For the record, the rear defroster, a 70s period example of which I have on my 2002ti, was added after delivery and was not from the factory. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Yes, well, dad and Michael Lenhardt were, and still are friends and founded the BMW CCC together way back in the day. You’ve likely met Mr Lenhardt and his wife Holly as they attend Oktoberfest regularly where they sell “toy” cars. Probably less than half of the “Canadian” cars survive. I know of 6 of the original Canadian cars remaining. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. There were a number of ti that did get delivered to dealerships in Canada between 1968 and 1972. My dad bought one NEW from Northwest Motors in Downsview (Toronto) ON. It was delivered to Beach I think, but Dad bought it through Henry at Northwest. It was totaled in 1974, and he bought another one to replace it. The replacement one was sold new at Northwest and the Professor who owned it traded it back in on an Alpina tii. We've had it since then. He was told by Henry, the owner at Northwest, that each dealer in Canada got ONE 2002ti to sell to the public. From what I gather, another group (could be 50...) came in specifically for racing, although this could be a mixed truth combining some specific racing versions (which I believe went through Beach) and the public versions, which could total 50. I believe there were about 20 BMW dealers in Canada in the early 70s. Hoffman (and pre-Hoffman) didn't get any into the US because there were no emissions controls on the cars. I'm not aware of any that came directly to the US when new, most came inform Canada of via grey market US service members returning form Germany.
  7. wheel bearing kit (inner, outer, seal and pin) new in box. $15 plus shipping. stock 2002, not tii. $15 plus shipping or free delivery anywhere within 10 miles of I-75 between Atlanta and Detroit (late June).
  8. All used and working well when removed a couple of weeks back: 1970 2002 front hubs with ok bearings, brake calipers, discs, pads, set of partially worn hawk pads Make offer plus shipping or free delivery with 10 miles of I-75 anywhere between Atlanta and Detroit (late June).
  9. BUMP - free delivery within 10 miles of I-75 anywhere between Atlanta and Detroit (or up to Port Huron for that matter). Shipping is brutal, so I believe shipping is off the table.
  10. e21 Turbine wheels in good shape. Need a good cleaning, but no curb rash. One has a difference center color, not sure how I ended up with a different one. Tires are Sumitomo HTR T4 187/70 R13. Tires have really no wear on them. I will ship if necessary, buyer pays shipping. I can arrange local pick-up, or I can bring them to The Vintage. I have a 5th wheel I could add to the set in similar condition if you're willing to trade me something I can use as a spare. (must be roundish, have a tire on it and hold air. Reasonable, right?) Could be interested in trades for fiberglass hood or trunk, maybe a race seat? thanks for looking, Jon Poole 404-988-7883
  11. I love it! I'd be curious to know the VIN, and see what it looks like under the hood. Jim, I have that same 4 way position, I can take a picture for you. my rear defrost switch is directly to the left of the gauge cluster, I believe where a 4-way would go on a US 02? Jon
  12. German Autowerks right here in Atlanta. Jeff always has a couple of 02s in the shop, I believe he has a couple of major 02 jobs in progress right now, but since you are close it would be good to check in with him. I would consider him an expert, and an enthusiast too. Call and talk to Shannon, tell her Jon Poole said they were the best. Don't bother with Strictly German as Jim says above. best of luck, hope to see you around Atlanda, Jon Poole '70 2002 track car '69 2002ti
  13. Jeff Chang, German Autowerks can tune them in his sleep, while blindfolded. (770) 757-0772
  14. Jim, there were 4 2002s in the caravan. YaleR with Rob and Justin in it, Dan Tell's gorgeous box flare turbo monster (with his wife and son), a green square tail whose driver's name I did not catch, and yours truly in the ti. I would have offered Vince to ride shotgun, but have only one functional seat right now. A few more met us at the foundation. I know there will be pictures to follow. Add to this assorted coupes, an a bunch of "new" stuff, like e30s (and some even newer!) It was very cool that we got to tag along, and of course very generous by Scott and Fran Hughes to make it possible. Jon
  15. That's a good point, and I believe it was my intent to move it, but never got to it. The motor doesn't rock though, the motor mounts have been replaced by hockey pucks. I suppose the bracket could break though.
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