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VLOG: 1972 Resto Mod (Road Race) BMW 2002 Turbo



We will be documenting this build in pretty good detail. Our medium is VIDEO, so there will be videos about 8-20 minutes long posted to this blog every few weeks to few months (months if we get really busy with production work). We are not new to fabrication, but we are new to this chassis. Feel free to share your comments or suggestions.


If you want to support the build, there are 2 ways:

1. Watch our YouTube videos all the way through and leave a comment and a thumbs up!

2. If you are looking for E10 parts, we have some parts for sale. I will make a post about them soon! This build will take over a year and will be a road-worthy car that is definitely track focused with sanctioning rules met (full cage, fire suppression, fuel cell, etc). 


Also, I know these aren't officially an "E10" chassis. That is a common nickname, and we are using it :)


Video 1: Teardown and engine revival attempt. The engine is worth way more running... but can we get there without investing too much time and money to make it worth it?! Watch to find out.





Video 2: Front suspension fabrication and layout. We reveal the wheel and tire setup (though we don't actually say the size... they are 275 wide!). We also discover an issue with our front suspension design and pledge to correct it in episode 3. We also cut a few more sections of sheet metal out of the car and drop the E10 rear subframe out.



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 We are calling this one "Episode 2.5" since it isn't super heavy on cool or tech content. We're nearly done with episode 3, which is just about non-stop sparks, cutting, welding, etc. It will be super interesting. Check out the little update and we will keep on moving the build along!


Don't mind the plasma ray run... We didn't take a picture of paint coming out of the gun for a thumbnail...



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