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I'm still plugging away at the '67 1600


I didn't like the fitment of the front pig cheek fenders, so I decided to blend them into the metal front fenders. Unfortunately, my original fenders were rotted around the turn signal housing and rocker panel. The W&N replacement fender was ok, but did not fit as nicely as the OG. Then I had the genius idea of using the W&N fender as a donor to bring the original up to snuff.


I am a real amateur at welding and body work, but I feel like diving in is the best way for me to learn. The fender looks really Frankensteined, but I think it is finally coming together. A lot of trial and error to get it to where it's at now. At one point the top of the fender did not align with the belt line, so I had to cut and adjust. Now everything seems to be fitting very close to original.


After I button up all the welding, Im going to treat the whole panel with some OSPHO, POR-15 the exposed metal, bond the flare to the fender, and wrap up the body work with filler and sanding...lots of sanding.


Over and out,



Below: Tacking in a donor piece of the W&N fender onto the original fender. Turn signals fit perfect now, I'll make it look pretty later.



Below: I originally was going to attach the forward nose section of the OG fender to the W&N fender. I eighty-sixed that idea after dealing with some quality and fitment issues I didn't like. Somehow I ended up cutting the OG fender in three different places. 😒 All good, hot glue to the rescue. 



Below:  Pig cheek fitted to the fender. I'm really happy with the fit of the fender at the nose panel and door gap.



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