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    Model: BMW 1600-2
    Year: 1970
    Manufactured Date: 01/28/1970
    Original Color: Bristol
    Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
    Current Color: Chamonix
    Current Owner: LTRLMN
    Location: Regent Point Drive, Topping, Virginia, 23169
    Last Sold: 01/27/2020

    I found my 1970 1600-2 on BaT. Ownership over the last 50 years has consisted of original ownership until said owner's passing several years ago. It is originally Bristol Grey over Black/Blue, but it currently wears white/rust. I won the BaT auction on 01/27/2020, and on the morning of 01/28/2020, a commenter mentioned that the original build date was 01/28/1970, meaning the car was celebrating not only its first new owner, but also its 50th birthday. I jumped on a plane from Richmond to Charlotte and picked up my 02 from the seller. Great guy, very helpful. The next morning I pushed off on the 356 mile adventure home to the Middle Peninsula on the Chesapeake Bay. 6 hours later I had arrived, and only my feet had completely frozen. The 02 handled excellently, and when it stayed in gear, pulled eagerly with a great roar from the Ansa! I achieved 27mpg, which is about the same figure I manage in my '91 318i.

    My plans for the car are to bring its mechanicals up to snuff, while preserving, at least for the time being, its original 'patina.' The car is very complete, and was tastefully modified in period by the original owner with a Weber Carb, Ansa Exhaust, and other items I have yet to discover. The block does not appear to be original, so I will investigate to determine what size displacement she is currently working with. The clutch is slipping under any more than moderate acceleration, so I have not yet been able to really goose the old gal. However, something tells me there is a sporting heart of gold in her just waiting to bite hard. 

    This is my first roundie, and in fact my first true classic, having stayed with 1987-1992 E28/E30s over the years. This 1970 1600-2 fits in perfectly with my other car, a 1991 318i 5-Speed in Alpine/Grey cloth, which is also an original owner car, albeit in slightly, I mean, much better condition. Haha I can't wait to sort this car and hit the open road for many more adventures to come. Thank you in advance for your help and wisdom as I get under way. All the best, and stay tuned! Cheers.



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