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  • 1065487
    Model: BMW 2002
    Year: 1971
    Manufactured Date: 01/01/1971
    Original Color: Atlantik
    Transmission: 5 Speed Dogleg
    Current Color: Atlantik
    Current Owner: PDX.Duke
    Location: Portand, Oregon, 97214
    Last Sold: 08/22/2023

    ACTUAL VIN: "1065487 / VN" (Per Andreas Harz)


    Imported to the US from Portugal via the Netherlands (Geert Kistemaker at Heritage Cars in Delft).


    Per Andreas Harz (BMW Group Classic, BMW Group Archiv): "This 2002 was delivered to Portugal as a 2002 CKD (completely knocked down), that was built in January 1971 and then delivered to Portugal to be completed there. The letters "VN" are typical for CKD/SKD cars. While we don’t know when the car was completed in Portugal the kit itself would technically be a 1971 model year."


    The previous owner in Portugal owned it for many years, and intending on building it up as an Alpina Tribute, performed and oversaw the following modifications:


    M10 w/ported S14 cylinder head.

    214 horsepower, 188 lb-ft of torque.

    Getrag 245/10 dogleg 5-speed manual transmission and limited-slip differential.

    E30-sourced cylinder head. Dimple-finished ported cylinder head and inlet manifolds – work performed by Veicomer in Lisbon, Portugal.

    92mm CP Pistons (only 2 rings) 12:1 compression.

    ZRP 87mm (2.5L S14 engine) forged billet crankshaft.

    Forged con-rods 150mm.

    New oil pump (modified to have more pressure).

    Head was CNC machined with golf-ball effect on the intake side (porting to match the 45mm intake manifold).

    Schrick 328/316 camshaft.

    Dual valve springs.

    Bigger valves 46-38.

    Weber 45 dcoe (Italian).

    Group 2 exhaust manifold (AC Schnitzer).

    Exhaust pipes 63.5mm 

    ACL / King bearings

    Cometic head gasket 

    Light flywheel 3.2 kg Redux racing

    S14 starter motor 

    Differential 75% LSD 3.64 ratio (E21)



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