Adjusting the Window Regulator

Written by Richard Stern Saturday, 17 September 2005 Adjusting the Window regulator Adjusting the Window regulator

By Richard Stern

If your front side windows don’t shut fully there may be a cheap easy answer before buying a second-hand window regulator as new ones are NLA

Tools required:

  • Large flat blade & Phillips screwdrivers
  • Block of wood
  • 10mm socket or spanner
  • Old wire coat hanger
  • Some spare plastic door panel clips



  • With the wire coat hanger, poke out the disc from the quarter light knob, by poking it through the hole at the back of the knob & push out the blanking disc way from the door, this will expose the screw holding the knob on – Remove.
  • Remove all screws holding the door handle rest, carefully pry off the top chrome surround to expose top screw. Plastic insert on door handle also pushes off away from the center.
  • With all handles and winders removed, carefully pull lower part of door panel away from door, there are plastic clips that will properly break, but they are cheap & easy to replace. Keep going all around the door working to the top until all clips are dismantled.
  • Door panel should now lift upwards; it might need some wriggling.
  • Loosen the 3x 10mm bolts holding the window winder to the regulator.
  • Temporarily put the window winder handle on, & wind the window fully up. Either pull window up with your hands to gain another 5mm or so. Or use a block of wood & place it in the bottom of the door. Wind the window down onto the wooden block & then give it an extra quarter of a turn. Tighten the x3 10mm screws. The window should now wind up fully.
  • Refit is reverse of the removal process, replacing any broken clips where necessary.


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