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Rolex Monterey 2019- 1800Ti Races Group 4B

By NeueKlasseGuy, 08/28/2019

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Next time please tell Don that the Ti was just warming up! Another 100 more laps and you would be at the top.


All jokes aside, thanks for the morning video jolt...few questions,


What kind of Carburetor setup are you running? What transmission and differential? 


That 356 is very impressive the way it accelerates! 



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Hey, it only took 9 laps to get on top.  ;-))


We are running twin 45 DCOEs. Getrag 245. Racecraft builds their own BMW diffs with preparatory LS ramps.


Most of the 356s racing in vintage races have VERY strong motors; coupled with no weight and better aero they can be tough to beat. The 1800 handles much better and has more torque. I just have to remember to downshift all the way to 2nd every time for Turn 11. ?

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