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RMVR Aspen Snowmass 2018 - BMW 02 - two laps

By waynesiebrecht, 09/24/2018

Had great fun racing through the streets of Snowmass Village, Colorado, September 16-17, 2018.  This was the second day morning warm up and we thought we would have some fun ripping through town keeping it close.  Kyle Popejoy in front, me in the middle and Scott Stekr third.    This was a riot.  Thank you to everyone involved for making this happen, and thank you to the Town of Snowmass Village for letting us do this to their town.

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Great stuff. I've send a note to my six 2002 drivers about doing this next year. We noted the configuration is narrow - understandably so ... are there locations to pass? Got video? -KB

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Way cool! When I overnight in Aspin, work books me at the Wyndom and I’ve often thought how much fun it would be to race up the road. Seeing familiar spots in the video is neat. Thanks for posting. 


KB, it does and is narrow, wonder if it should be a time trial hill climb? Isn’t there a small road course only a few miles away? 



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