High Plains Raceway in Colorado racing with pro driver in 02s

By waynesiebrecht, 08/01/2017
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Went racing with Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing at High Plains Raceway in Colorado over the July 29-30 weekend (2017).  It was the Mogan Adams charity event called the Race Against Kids Cancer and raised over $175K (awesome).  They had 8 pro drivers there for a Pro-Am race  (Tanner Foust, Randy Pobst and Ashley Freiberg) in modern BMW 340i and Mini Copper S', fun to watch but thats not what this is about. They, the pro drivers, were having such a good time they stuck around and borrowed vintage cars for the weekend.  Ashley Freiberg borrowed an 02 from Jamie Steihr and we had several good races.  Check it out.  Thanks for watching. 

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