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Found 12 results

  1. I'm working on the interior, and have run into two snags: 1. My new carpet is molded-to-fit, and fits great, but still needs some trimming and hole-cutting for screws and such. I've tried using a box-cutter and scissors, but neither seem to cut through the carpet fabric and plastic very well. I was thinking of trying a hot-knife. Any suggestions? 2. After vinyl-dyeing my seats, some un-cured epoxy spilled on them. It's been about 9 months, and the epoxy is still sticky. What can I use to remove it, without damaging the plastic of the seat too much? Thanks!
  2. Day ~56 – 58 (About 3 days of work, excluding waiting for glue to dry.) Trim & Finishers I riveted up some new b-pillar finishers, along with the old rear window finishers. I also installed some new belt line trim pieces, just waiting on 2 new fasteners because the old ones were stripped. I put in the new rear window seals as well (after the headliner). Installing the rear window vent seal wasn’t straight forward at first but after the first 5 mins I figured it out, the passenger window went much quicker than the first one. I started at the corner kink (even though people say to start at the bottom front), I think it was the better decision since trimming was required, although the bottom didn’t need much, maybe more “shaping” than trimming. Front Vent & Driver Windows I utilized Kosta one evening (before soccer) to aid with the installation of the front vent and door windows. It would definitely have been very hard to try that on my own, you need a 2nd set of hands to lower the window and hold it up while bolting stuff up. Will need to do a lot of adjustment once I get the seals in, I bought the URO ones, couldn't bite the bullet on the price difference. Heater Box I disassembled the heater box, cleaned everything all up and let a radiator cleaning solution sit in the heater core for a few days before reassembling it all. I had to use some epoxy to fix a couple of small cracks which occurred during the 2002 tear down. Put the cables back in Before I didn’t even know the fan blades were silver New Headliner My new headliner was sitting in an unopened box since February 2015, I obviously was not great at gauging the schedule of my project. The headliner I decided to go with is the “black suede type” from www.dtechparts.com. I wanted black but wasn’t too keen on vinyl. Quick product review 4/5: The material does not feel like suede but I don’t care about that, it’s more of like a micro fiber material. It has a foam backing which makes covering the C-Pillar “nicer.” One of the bow “hoops” might have been slightly off which makes a rear headliner seam a little more pronounced but I’m just being critical. I’m very happy and would definitely recommend it to others. Before the installation I went through ClayW’s BMW2002FAQ article a few times. I thought it was going to be difficult to get it right but it wasn’t, it’s just time consuming. Unfortunately the binder clips I “borrowed” from the office were not enough to cover as much as necessary so I resorted to other clamps I had and clothes pins. I also requested some extra material to cover the sun visors, I’ll eventually get to that. Final Product Cutting holes for the dome light, handles, etc... was scary. New A-Pillar Vinyl The vinyl I removed from the A and B pillars looked a little faded so I decided to replace it with some new vinyl. Had I thought about it before, I would have asked for more “black suede type” material to do the pillars (at least the A-pillars), I think it would have been nicer than the black vinyl. I basically installed the vinyl the same way I did the headliner, except I added some of the sound deadening foam as a backing to give it a nicer shape (replacing the old foam). Sun Visors I reupholstered the old sun visors with the same fabric as the headliner. I cut open the old sun visor and glued on the new fabric, I put a stitch in by hand, originally I only wanted to put a couple of stitches to hold it but I then got out of hand. I’m not so sure I like it, for 1 I think it might be too “matchy-matchy” with the headliner in the same material, and also I don’t like the seam I stiched by hand. Dash I slid the dash right in and started connecting stuff. Heater controls and other wiring, then I noticed I had to move some wires around a bit to do a cleaner job. I will be adding the wideband digital display in the “fasten seat belt” dash display are (I think Eurotrash wrote a instructional I read a while back), later. It’s finally starting to feel a little like an interior
  3. I've had a couple of questions about the seat upholstery on my project car, so I'll provide some additional details... First of all, the car came to me with a set of VW GTI Mk2 Recaros installed. I immediately loved the size and support of the seats, but the blue velvet just wasn't quite the look I had in mind. 😉 Given all the work ahead, it seemed kind of silly to target the seats as one of the first pieces to complete, but it really helped me "anchor" the rest of my choices. I spend some time looking around online for options to refurbish with specialists, but I wasn't looking for a typical re-upholstery and I worried that trying to explain what I was after would get lost in translation over the phone. Luckily, I found a local upholstery shop that was familiar with the seat type and had been doing customs and hot rods for some time - Tony at Brandt's Custom Upholstery. He had just moved to the Medford, Oregon area and was trying to get his business established so he had time to take on a "quick project" like this. In the end, I'm glad I decided to go this route as I was able to consult with an expert and review tens of samples of materials before making my final selection. Tony is tee'd up to complete the interior with matching carpeting, door card inserts, and a desperately needed re-build of the rear bench seat when it's time. Before... After... With the foam rebuilt and fresh upholstery, these things look and feel great. I don't have any experience with the other Recaro options out there, but it looks like the E21 seats are very similar and I'm sure make for a similarly awesome upgrade.
  4. Set of 1/2" thick reproduction trunk floor panels. I made them for my car but decided to use thinner panels instead. These are double the thickness of the stock panels, so they're much sturdier. I believe they're 1/2" maple plywood. You could cover them in vinyl for a stock look, or stain them if you're feeling crazy. I'll also include the original panels I used as a template and a bit of leftover BMW gray "elephant skin" vinyl. Probably enough to cover the sheet metal in front of the panels and the shock towers. Asking $75 shipped anywhere in the continental US. Thanks, Garrett
  5. Would anyone have a lead on where I could locate the embossed vinyl used in the backseat of a 1972 2002tii? What I have now is shown below. Thanks.
  6. Looking for some of the black vinyl trim used on the A and B pillars. My left one has a split. Located in Alexandria VA Not sure if it in this diagram http://www.penskeparts.com/DiagramsMain.aspx?vid=47140&rnd=03192010 Here is my good right one.
  7. Price:: 35.00 Location: : richmond,ca Dont really know what is the term for these pieces but they are in good condition and can be reused came off a 1976 bmw and are black vinyl. i am even including the plastic screw. $35.00 shipping included.
  8. Hello, I have been a reading and learning for a year now but never posted. But now I must seek input from the community before I proceed. I acquired a 1974 2002tii in March 2013, Malaga with Tan interior. No blog yet, but I will start one soon. In lieu of that here is a short history. I purchased the car from its original owner, a fellow engineer that I worked with until he retired. From what I have found and learned, about 95% of the car is original parts and equipment. I have so far focused on the drivetrain, brakes, bushings and fluids. It ran when I bought it, and runs strong today. [sharedmedia=garage:vehicles:416] The originality particularly applies to the interior. In fact the reason I don't drive it more is, as you can see, the driver's seat padding and cover is shot. Typical issues here from what I have learned. The horsehair pads are gone on all the seats and the 40 year old vinyl has soaked up all the UV it can handle. So before I proceed on the rest of the restoration, I must tackle some of the interior. Although intact the passenger seat covers are faded and dirty. The door cards themselves are in acceptable shape but again the vinyl is done. Carpet is also faded, worn and torn. First, some parameters. My goal for the car is 80% restoration, 20% improvements or upgrades with a focus on daily driving. To that end I am keeping the original style seats, but I strongly prefer a cloth insert for the center sections. I contacted World Upholstery (WU) who sells a vinyl seat cover kit. They call the original interior color Gobi Tan. But they won't do a cloth insert. There is a reputable upholstery shop near me that I have used before. I talked to the owner and bounced some ideas off him. What we concluded is that he could order raw material that I want and rebuild the whole seat. He will also sculpt the seat pads with a bit of a bucket. I strongly expressed to him how I do not want the bloated seat look. His other examples made me feel confident. I am undecided on the exterior. I may keep the Malaga, switch to Fjord or a two-tone scheme. Here is my plan for the seats: -Gobi Tan vinyl for the sides and back. -Natural Houndstooth body cloth for the center sections to replace the embossed sections. -Back seats will match the fronts with cloth center inserts replacing the embossing in the same fashion. -Black or brown piping trim along the edges. I got some samples from WU (free) and compared them to the old seats. Vinyl color samples. Obviously the old vinyl is faded even on the back of the seat. Natural Houndstooth Cloth and Gobi Tan Vinyl FYI, WU quoted me $360 each for the 4 OEM horsehair pads. Down the road a bit I will replace the carpet. I like Esty's offerings and I see a couple colors that I like. I also got a few samples from WU. Hazel is my favorite. So my questions for the community are these: 1. Does this color and material combo look good to anyone else but me? I have no eye for colors, but I know what I like when I see it. 2. Is the tan interior scheme popular? I wouldn't want to destroy the resale value if I sell it one day. I don't prefer black seats. 3. Any other color suggestions? Or conflicts with future paint plans? 4. What else have I not considered? Any unforeseen consequences or colors clashing? I welcome any advice or opinions, or “the mistake I made was …” lessons learned. I have never taken on a whole interior and it is a bit daunting. Thank you for your time and I hope to contribute more in the future. Paul
  9. I've got the original seats from my 1600-2 and even though i don't plan to use them now, I'd like to keep them around for the future. They're still in good shape, does anyone have any advice on the best way to store them to keep them that way for the long term? Same goes for things like door cards etc. I'd thought doing something like a good cleaning and then a conditioning with a nice vinyl conditioner then wraping them in some bubble wrap/padding followed by industrial plastic wrap, but worry about moisture getting trapped and causing mold. Am I way out in left field with that idea? Anyone have a preferred product for vinyl cleaning and conditioning?
  10. I'm selling the (original) Black Vinyl "skin" for the lower portion of the rear bench. I believe it is from a '76. In good condition. No visible rips or cracks. I will remove the vinyl shortly. I figure it will be about $20 shipping to US.
  11. I'm looking to redo my center console and would love to wrap it in Marine Blue Vinyl to match the seats and doorcards. I am in need of a yard or so of correctly colored Marine Blue Vinyl material. I've only ever seen it for sale in kits for seats. Let me know if you know where I can get some! Mike
  12. Price:: 1.00 Location: : Irvine, CA Help me clean out the old garage. Up for grabs are two front seats from a '73. Black vinyl, redone and recovered back in the day (no horsehair). Seat mechanisms work but may need refurbishment. Haven't been in a car in over a decade, switched to e21 recaros. First come first dibs. I'll be in town until the 3rd or 4th. Thanks, Bernard

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