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Found 98 results

  1. I am planning on driving down to North Carolina and then driving around some of the nice roads in the western part of the state. However I am starting to get the heebee geebees as these cars seem far from robust. Anyone putting a couple 1000 miles on their cars at a time? While it's never going to be a daily driver, I would like ti use the car and not just drive it and stand next to it in a parking lot. What triggered this concern was that ny car has a replacement head, and it seems that is true for many of these cars, makes me concerned as to what it would take to keep the car in great shape, hoping the answer is only drive it short distances. Any thoughts?
  2. never been machined raw casting back in the day, Dinan was having trouble with the manifolds from BAE and Cartech cracking under repeated high boost situations so they had their own manifold cast out of high ductile iron which this is an example of. This was one of their last production 4-cylinder manifolds. This is the real deal. Highest strength and hardness that will survive in a continuously heat cycling environment - the automobile's exhaust system! message if interested
  3. turbo charger AirResearch message if interested
  4. M10 turbo exhaust manifold Cartech (Corky Bell) includes wastegate message if interested
  5. There is a lot here to write about but the pictures should kinda speak for themselves. Feel free to ask anything
  6. Fiberglass bmw 2002 turbo style flares. Never been used or mounted and in great condition. SOLD
  7. Factory/dealer option alloy rim for the 2002turbo. This is a sister rim to the 5" version (factory/dealer option for 2002's from 1974 onward)) and the 5.5" version (factory/dealer option for early Euro e21 cars). It is identical to the Mahle version of this rim, and shares the same part number. (The photo shown is of the Mahle version of this rim. It is just a placeholder until someone can provide a photo of the FPS version. Other than the style of the cast-in markings, e.g., "FPS," "Mahle," etc., and the webbing on the reverse of the rims, the two versions are identical.)
  8. Factory/dealer option alloy rim for the 2002turbo. This is a sister rim to the 5" version (factory/dealer option for 2002's from 1974 onward)) and the 5.5" version (factory/dealer option for early Euro e21 cars). It is identical to the FPS version of this rim, and shares the same part number. First three photos below: an example cast the 29th week of 1976 (and, thus, a replacement rim produced after turbo production had concluded).
  9. Factory/dealer option alloy rim for the 2002 from 1974 onward. Sister rim to the 5.5" version (factory/dealer option for early Euro e21 cars) and the 6" version (factory/dealer option for the 2002turbo). Identical to the Mahle version of this rim, but having a different BMW part number.
  10. AdOz


  11. AdOz

    Holset HY35 quick spool

  12. AdOz

    Day one of the build

    From the album: Parts gathered and made so far

    How the car stood when it was delivered to my house around a year ago
  13. Hello everyone My first post here, hopefully first of many I've been doing some research about a project I'm currently planning, and I have noticed that the good people here have a very deep understanding of the engine I'm working on, so I'm asking the question here. I have an E30 with the M10 engine, and I'm planning to do turbo upgrade to it in the future, currently I'm reading everything I find, I learned a lot from the megasquirt efi build on the faq here. I live in a very hot climate, and currently with the stock radiator and waterpump, my car cannot sustain "spirited driving" in this hot summer, or even long distance casual cruising between cities. Not that it has blown up or anything, just that the temp gauge goes a lot higher than it should. So, while planning the turbo build, I have decided to get a turbo with oil AND watercooling, to extend the life of the turbo. With this choice, I have also decided to get a bigger radiator, electric fans, and also electric water pump. And we arrive at the question of today: what is the actual route of coolant in this engine? I'm asking this because I want to erase the mechanical water pump, and get the electric, so it moves more water, and can also keep cooling the engine, while it is off; I've noticed the temp goes high after turning it off, because of the heat soaking effect I'm told. So, where do you think I should put the electric pump? Also second question, I'm going to control this pump with the ecu, that is going to decide pump load based on engine coolant temp, so if it's cold, it wont run, if it's a hot day, it will keep running even after the engine is off, so I don't think I need the regular thermostat anymore, am I correct? Also based on what I can see from looking at the engine, I have drawn a very, very, simple diagram as to how it looks, but I haven't figured out the direction of the coolant flow, so, maybe you can help me out. Thank you for your help
  14. creede

    Flares On!

    Stopped by a few days ago and they had it all shiny. Turns out inka is sort of a hard color to photograph. None of the pictures really do the color justice. Stopped by again today and they had the flares and side skirts on. Super stoked to see it all together again. There is a minor fitment issue with the rear drivers side tire. For some reason it is no longer centered front to back on the flare. I'm note sure if they put the flare on weird, or if maybe my subframe shifted... It does have adjustable camber and caster. Would that effect it?
  15. creede

    Ready For Paint.

    Sometimes I forget what my car started out like when I dropped it off at Bonnevillains. I managed to get them to finish up all (mostly) the things I wanted for a fair price. New trunk floor is in, fuel tank mounted (fun surprise coming on that one) muffler mounted (staggered twin tip, from an S4 I believe) and BMP side skirts on. I'm really happy that I went ahead with the side skirts. The fit isn't perfect, but I do like the more modern look it gives the car. Plus if fits the overall theme of my build which is trying to make an OEM looking modern version of the 2002. Just talked to them and they shot these pics as they were getting ready to roll it next door to get painted. Should be about two weeks (hopefully for real this time) before it's all orange.
  16. Hi All, Looking for the end caps for a Turbo style shorty rear bumper, as well as the mounting brackets and license plate lights if possible. I have the center section off of my uncles old car, but can't seem to find the rest. I think they may have been lost or sold at some point along the way. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks. Sam
  17. turbo spoiler for sale. rubber is in great shape. rubber is still soft and clean. Mounting studs have rusted but new studs could be glued into the rubber with not much effort. Or some 3m double sided tape would easily hold it on. asking 180 plus shipping at buyers expense. PayPal friendly
  18. I am sure there are more pictures out there. But what about this turbo -- clean example Sure makes you think where the prices are going -- at least that's what the guy on the right is probably contemplating -- (hint it is staggeringly high ) -Mo
  19. New in the box from Roger’s tii. I’ll take $350 shipped and I’m open to trades.
  20. Hello everyone, I was in the process of converting my little m10 to EFI and turbocharging it but I've moved onto another project. I regretfully am selling all the bits and bobs needed to convert your 2002 and boost your hp/torque numbers, making the already thrilling '02 into something a little scarier. I never installed any parts onto my car, most are new and in their original packaging. I'd like to keep the lot together to make shipping easier but if this post sits for a while, I'll start to split things up. Buyer pays shipping and we can go through PayPal. Please read through the list of parts below and let me know if you have any questions. Price is OBO, PM or email me: [email protected] Thanks for looking, Cole MS2 V3.0 set up for running Ford EDIS-4, stim and RS232 cable included DIY Autotune Harness with 90% of the wires cut/sized/soldered Innovate LC2 Wideband O2 kit with weldable bung E30 water bypass tube E30 coolant temp sensor housing E30 intake manifold with 325e throttle body Hyundai Elantra throttle position sensor and adapter Bosh Volvo 33lb injectors GM intake air temp sensor Jeep IAC stepper motor and 02Again mounting hardware Ford Escort EDIS-4, VR sensor w/ 02Again mounting bracket, extra 36-1 trigger wheel and coil pack/wires 02Again 36-1 trigger wheel/pulley 02Again distributor plug 02Again fuel pump block off plate 1990 325i in tank fuel pump E30 battery cables for trunk mounting your battery Garrett T25 rebuilt turbo with 3" down pipe adapter flange****needs to be balanced***(at least I would have it professionally done before installing) Misc oil feed pipes for T25 Stainless Steel Turbo headers/gasket and adapter for T25 ARP head studs for M10 Cometic MLS head gasket 27"x7"x2.5" intercooler with 2.5" pipe kit(aluminum pipe/fittings/clamps/silicone elbows and straight pieces) 2.5" Universal BOV and aluminum pipe with flange I believe this is everything I have but I may have missed mentioning some miscellaneous E30 things included

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