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Found 57 results

  1. I've asked this question before but still don't think anyone has been able to answer it: The front sliding sunroof guides I have in my 69 are different than any other 2002 and the parts book and Real OEM. I've taken apart some other sunroofs and the front guides are all the same. If you go by the Real OEM diagram and Orange parts book, you get the same results: 54218151845 I purchased (2) of these from BLUNT in 2013 hoping they would match the ones in my 69, but they will not work. They lift the roof panel up too high and do not allow the sliding metal (inside) piece to travel past the guides themselves. The last picture shows my original ones. You can flip them 180 degrees to get a different offset (or lift). I have only seen this style in someone else's blog for a NK sedan. I've been trying to figure this out ever since I bought my 69 in 2012. If anyone knows about this style of Golde front guide, please advise. I'd really like to get replacement plastic inserts (the black pieces) for my original ones. TIA Jim Gerock
  2. dj2002

    Golde in Chrome

    I chromed up my Golde sunroof track 2 years ago when I started taking the car apart. I laid it in today to see what the fit is like. Looks great and fits great if you have been thinking about this to give it more pop and get rid of the ugly oxidation, I say go for it!
  3. Yes, I've been trying to source this spring part number 54129634112 with no success. So I've decided to make my own. Credits to Harold for telling me that he also made his own and it's been working great. I visited the local store and the only thing that matched the mechanical description was a zinc plated "R" clip in 3/16". Using a picture I had of a genuine W Spring, I used two pliers and bent the R to W spring. It might not be a perfect W, but it's W enough! Just remember, the key is to use a good quality R clip. It works perfectly as it should. Another step closer! [emoji482]
  4. jmbeatt2


    From the album: In it's natural state!

    I didn't want to buy a new sunroof cable just because the plastic end broke. So, I made this repro cable end with rigid urethane.
  5. Got the sunroof back in with a bit of trial and error. Fit is ok just a slight passenger side height difference. Also installed heater box and dash. Mocked in the gauge cluster to fill the hole. It will be removed before permanent installation. Added H4's w/city lights and a relay/fuse harness. Will install the driving light brackets when they arrive. Thanks, Pierre.
  6. Big week this week. So nice to see the sun visors, rear view mirror and dome light back in where once was open metal. Some pics to enjoy. On to 3M plastic paint protection. I have had a few of these cars now and the nose, being the neg angle that we have all come to love, just collects stones. I am having the nose, leading edge so the wheel flares and the lower half of the rear quarter behind the rear wheels done. I am also putting strip across the back of the trunk for underneath the rear zender flare. The rear parcel shelf is a custom build to work with the 6 series rear buckets which I heavily modified to fit the correct sitting angles and accommodate the seat belts. What I really like about it is that below it are my hidden 6x9's for invisible, awesome sound. It is covered in a thin foamed, perforated vinyl headliner material for the passage of clean solid tunes! The power antennae is below it as well as I deleted the rust attracting antennae from the driver side A pillar Pattern matches the front recaros as well. Nice reference! Pic And, to the front...
  7. I'm clearing a few things out see below. All prices plus shipping. Sunroof parts - $70 Incomplete - Missing the long pieces, but if you're missing something - or one of these is nicer than what you have, make an offer or get spares. Sunroof cable sliders - $50 Great condition. Originally had these listed for 70, time for them to go. Pics in post below. Roundie Tails - $35 Chrome is pitted, and one of the lenses is melted and detached. The plastic will shine up when polished, the metal rings will need a refinish, or sand them down and black them out. B-Pillar trim - $50 Shines up nice, a few tiny scratches/nicks. Looks great from 3-4 ft. Early-ish Seat Rails - $200 Not the front lever ones. Some rust, but not too nasty, will clean up easily with evaporust or a blast. These are the rails that have the bent down tab in the front. Complete with bolts etc. These need some lube but work well. Black Vinyl Seats - $150 I had these listed for parts, but I decided to clean them up today and they're not terrible. A new driver's seat bottom and these may be good to go. All the functions - function: recline, push forward, headrests click up and down. Could use a spray of lube to smooth it all out, but it all works. Red Tip Antenna - $75 Pretty good condition, some pitting but shines up well enough to look good from 5ft. Doesn't retract. Will get pics up in a bit.
  8. Jace

    DSC 0688

    From the album: Australian Mintgrün '76

  9. Looking for an original (BMW) or aftermarket clear plexiglass wind deflector in good condition. PM preferred.
  10. Hello All! I work at an independent BMW repair shop and was recently tasked with cataloging and selling all of our new but old stock. All of this is for sale, send a DM with an offer and we can work something out! Will ship anywhere in the US. Thanks! Carter Part Number: Description: Condition: Quantity: 51 21 1 819 364 Door Brake new 1 51 32 1 809 762 Window Crank (black) new 2 11 72 1 261 537 EGR Connection Pipe new 1 07 11 9 970 131 Slip Ring new 1 11 71 1 260 086 EGR Pipe new 1 61 31 1 356 006 Sunroof Switch used 1 33 21 3 614 150 Axle Boot new 1 61 31 1 355 415 Door Window Switch new 1 51 32 1 801 136 Window Regulator Front Right new 1 31 13 1 103 834 Ball Joint new 1 51 32 1 819 852 Roll Up Window Washer new 1 11 41 1 273 688 Oil Pump Sprocket new 1 12 11 0 002 735 Distributor Housing Gasket new 9 11 41 1 250 430 Oil Pump Sprocket new 1 13 72 1 255 000 Air Intake Boot new 1
  11. Digging through bins I've stashed years ago. It's like Christmas unwrapping newspapers and opening bags. Trying to get an inventory of what I have and what I need for the Tii. Golde sunroof parts that will come in handy when the roof gets massaged.
  12. Hi guys, the paint shop strike again!!. I have the pictured bracket missing , car is almost done but I can't bolt in the sunroof as this bracket & the small screws have gone AWOL I have just one bracket & no tiny screws Any help much appreciated
  13. 2k2tii

    dome light

    message if interested
  14. $150 shipped part # 54129434109 & 51951817302 34”x19”x3” 5lbs 3oz from 95945 NLA
  15. Still for sale, two buyers fell through. A few more photos added to clarify questions concerning mounting points. Silver bracket pictured not included (my sunroof is sealed shut [emoji20]) Please refer to photos for details concerning condition. Minor surface scratches but nothing severe. Seal is in great shape. Mounting hardware not included. Shipping from 30269 - message me for a quote! Thanks, Emmanuel H.
  16. Looking for A 2000 NK, want a Euro model with sunroof. Tell me what you have. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks. Bill
  17. For sale is a set of the anti-friction sliders pulled from a 71 sunroof car. They show basically no wear and are free from cracks or chips. Asking $70 plus shipping & PayPal fees, these will likely fit in a USPS flat-rate envelope sandwiched with lots of cardboard so it doesn't bend. I also have some other sunroof parts available - everything except the cables (the plastic bits on the end are broken), the long side pieces and the plastic bits that the long pieces slide into.
  18. Hello Everyone i am in the process of rebuilding my 02 Sunroof Cables. When I purchased the 02 I noticed the sunroof was having some issues so after dismantling, I noticed A.) the clips that get brittle and break were broken on one side and cracked on the other. I had both parts 3D printed in ABS, so I’m good there. B.) the metal tabs referenced in the attached diagram, Part 8, are non-existent Would anyone have either a dimensional layout or CAD file for this part or one or both to sell? I’d like to finish this project before i start painting and really don’t wanna blow $260 a side on new assemblies... Your help is greatly appreciated. I also have extra clips from the batch I had printed if you, or someone you know is looking for some. Johnny
  19. Year:: 1974 Make:: BMW Model:: 2002 Tii Price:: 7250.00 Location: : San Diego My brother and I have made the difficult decision to let one of our three 02 projects go. We've decided to let the 74 Tii go and keep our 69 & 72 standard Roundies. This car was disassembled with all body and paint done by its previous owner a few years ago, and there it sat with no further progress. We picked the car up with plans to put it back together stock with minor upgrades. However we have focused on our earlier cars and have left it sitting covered with no further progress. The car is a 74 Tii manufactured in July of 74. It is a matching SN's, Car, Engine, Steering Trim. The car has AC & Sunroof as well. The car is 85% complete, missing are the Tranmission and front & rear Windshields along with a few bits and pieces.. The motor has been out of the car for several years. All the Original Injection componets are here. This is great way to get a Tii at a reasonable price with body & paint done. Now you can pick how to finish the build & restoration yourself. Contact me for further details and pics. We are open to Reasonable OFFERS, NO LOW BALLS , this car needs to get to a good home, put back together to be enjoyed and loved. Please, Please SERIOUS Inquires Only. Do not send a long list of questions, ask for a parts inventory if you a NOT READY to Buy this car now. The car is available to been seen in North San Diego County Thank You for your time. Don PS I've added another pic of the right side view, due to a strange reflection that looked like possible damage.
  20. Hey guys, I just purchased a '76 in great condition that just needs a little TLC. First of all, I LOVE this sight! Since this is my first '02 (and probably not my last) I have been reading everyday and learning A LOT - you guys rock! (I have only done minimal small car repairs - so all the info is a huge help) Anyway the sunroof is stuck and I have never worked on anything like that before. I would just leave it for now, but it appears to not be completely closed/sealed all the way, so I would like to get it working again before any water can get in there. It is an original Golde manual sunroof mechanism, and I have been having scoring the net trying to find out how to best approach the disassemble (in other words how in the heck to start t get it open), any guidance would be much appreciated. This link has been helpful, but I haven't found much else even on faq http://www.my2002tii.com/spring_2005/sunroof.htm John
  21. $10,500 OBO Mechanically very well maintained, looks and runs excellent. 5 speed gearbox Weber 38/38 DGES carb No cracks in dashboard Needs paint and some attention to rust Car was, and is, well loved. Always stored inside. BMW CCA enthusiast. I'm more of a "wrench" focused on performance and driving pleasure, as compared to a "concours" person focused on appearance. Looking for someone who knows and appreciates 2002s and will continue to take good care of this car. No shipping, no trades, no tire kickers, no stories, no dreamers. Serious inquiries only. Engine upgrades • New pistons • Cam regrind, TISA profile • Ported intake manifold and cylinder head • Lightened flywheel • Oil pump with 15psi increased pressure • 2002 ti (one i) clutch and pressure plate (larger friction area) • Oil baffles in sump, to prevent oil starvation during spirited cornering. • Air injectors removed from exhaust manifold (improved exhaust flow) Suspension upgrades • Suspension Techniques front & rear sway bars (22 & 19mm) • Firmer & lowered springs • Front strut tower brace • Negative camber plates, 0.5 degrees (better turn-in & cornering) • Feb '16: Replaced Mac Strut bearings • Polyurethane bushings Brake upgrades • 320i ventilated front rotors • 320i calipers, cylinders and master cylinder. • SS brake lines • Feb '16: Replaced front rotors, calipers, pads and brake fluid. Other upgrades • 3.64:1 differential (from a '74) • Nardi steering wheel • Oxygen sensor added to downpipe, and gauge added to dash/console. • Oil pressure port added to oil filter bracket and back of cylinder head. Oil pressure gauge added to dash/console. • Pertronix electronic ignition points • E30 "bottlecap" wheels. Original "styled steel" wheels available. • Cibie H4 halogen bulb headlights (bulb separate from headlight lens, better lighting) • Front air dam • Repainted in 1995. Needs attention. Assorted spare parts available: • Euro style flush mount front running lights • cylinder heads, • half shafts, • 3.9:1 differential (only used in 1976 model) • 4 speed gearbox, • original styled steel wheels, • Basket weave wheels, painted black, +1" • Instrument cluster • Black bucket seats • Distributors • Many others Also Available: • Original factory shop manual, • Haynes repair manuals, • 2002 history books, • Decades of Roundel and Zundefolge magazines. My pics show the good and the bad. I want to honestly portray the car's condition. When you see the car in person, it will be as you expected. More pics posted at: http://s1079.photobucket.com/user/brianmcc1922/library/?sort=3&page=1.
  22. Year:: 76 Make:: BMW Model:: 2002 Price:: 2800 Location: : Alexandria, VA Starts and Runs well, needs slave cylinder. I have it, but no tools to install. I'm in town this week only and I'm weak. First $2800. Yep. I'm dropping it down. Come get it. My next step is a donation for a tax deduction. They will pick on on Friday I leave town on Saturday and the car will be gone I do not have the time nor the place to keep it. - Replaced Sunroof cables - Replaced all front suspension rubber and strut bearings - Replaced Transmission mounts - Replaced Guibo joint - Replaced cv-joints and rear half-shafts - Replaced e-brake cables (need adjustment) - Pertronix module - Head and valve work - Weber Redline 32-36 carb - Tii exhaust manifold - Dual Stereo and speakers - Recaro seats - Powder-coated basket-weave 14” wheels - Extra parts...vent window, fuel pump, engine mounts, Weber manual, Redline jets, Haynes Manual, and a matching set of Bicentenial 1976 VA plates if you want to register it as an antique. 8D5E3E6F-7CC2-44C3-B7A4-90CC6AC32D81
  23. Install my first headliner with sunroof and I am looking for help. I need to install the sunroof liner without damaging it. been practicing with a used one but cant seem to find the sweet spot. Any help would be sincerly appreciated! Thank, Greg
  24. Price:: 120 Location: : MD Dumb me, I bought an off-white sunroof headliner from goliners/Headliners Mart on eBay for my 2002 restoration and didn't discover the mistake until the installer showed up to put it in. Still in original bag. Cost was $160 plus shipping, I'll sell $120, buyer pays USPS shipping. jdkinase at gmail dot com.

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