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Found 18 results

  1. I was feeling crazy on vacation so I ordered some lowering parts for the 02. I want to get the stance just right, and I have stretches on my 15" rims, that I want to replace. I was taking out the struts and found this nice surprise. The spacer put underneath the body instead of on top. Also, the upper strut bearings were hammered and original. I am headed to the machinist to have the adjustable spring perch installed and a custom lower mount made so I can keep my stage one spring. Regards
  2. Selling my battery relocation/brace. Sold my 02 before I got a chance to use it. Purchased off of the forums.Price is 150 shipped obo
  3. Anyone looking to sell their Tii strut housings/tubes?
  4. A pair of shortened Tii struts, ready for coilovers. I’m selling these for a friend who prepped them for his race car years ago ... that never happened. There’s no groove on the underside of either spindle (where the small bearing rides, and sometimes wears). It looks like one of the tubes was a bit chunky in the mid section before they were painted, if that concerns a potential buyer I’ll include the extra full-length strut shown in one of the photos. You pay shipping cost and PayPal fees, or pick up for $750 cash in Long Beach, CA. PM’s get priority. -KB
  5. just refurbished my old struts & fit in new KYB shocks. Waiting for new H&R lowering springs. they are looking sharp! I just don’t know which strut mount to buy. Ebay suggests MTC or whatever. i don’t know what nor where to buy my strut mounts & bump stop. Let me know!
  6. Still waiting on parts but, I have the GC coilover conversion kit on the way. Front 250lbs spring as suggested by GC http://www.ground-control-store.com/products/description.php/II=16/CA=281 Rear 400lbs spring as suggested by GC http://www.ground-control-store.com/products/description.php/II=942/CA=102 Part numbers have changed from most search results. So, I hope i'm updating them for someone else. Front: Bilstein Sport Rabbit inserts 34-184530 2 30mm Monotube Strut Insert The Rabbit gland nuts supplied are M50x1.5 and will not work Bilstein Gland nut for BMW B4-B30-U226A1 M48x1.5 Rear: Unsure which shock, Suggestions? Will update when i find the correct part number. 80-1868Sport Koni 2way Adjustable.
  7. Hey guys, im looking into the Koni sport (yellow) adjustable shocks for my '02. The part number from from the Koni website for the 2002 are: 86-1519SPORT (front) and 80-1868SPORT (rear). Can somebody confirm these numbers who is currently using or has used the Koni sports/yellows? Thank you
  8. Hi again, Another question which hopefully someone can help. In the process of doing a coilover upgrade on my front struts, dealing with a ground control kit. Everything seems to be good except when I put my threaded collar over my strut & the split sleeve that comes with the kit, there is still a lot of play in its sitting. Probably 1mm of space each side. Has anyone had to solve this problem? I was thinking of getting some rubber O rings to help hold it in place or help seat it properly but not sure. Any information is highly appreciated. Thank you for your time, Arlo.
  9. I have my rebuilt front struts all shiny and ready after Santa brought me the Bilsteins, but as I was admiring them, I noticed the spindles actually have slightly different shapes. The car was whacked pretty good at some point in its history in the front wheel area, so I suspect the strut tube was replaced.. but with what? They both have F&S marks on the outside of the tube and the same part number, but there are different numbers cast in the lower brake caliper portion. The car ('75 2002) was running fine with no apparent issues prior, so just curious what this small engineering change was for. Thanks for any clues.... maybe the lower one in the picture appears a bit sturdier... more steel of larger diameter for a longer length ??
  10. Does anyone know when (and why) BMW changed the front strut top coil spring "cap" removing the dust boot? The front suspension on the 69 2002 has a built in rubber dust cover (boot) that protects the exposed strut insert. The top cap from the 74tii struts does not have anything. Since the retainer nut on the strut is this type, can I assume it still has an O.E. style insert?
  11. after digging around for a while I wasn't able to come across a great answer, so starting a new thread. I bought some adjustable konis Koni Shock - Sport Series (80-1868SPORT) Koni Shock - Sport Series (86-1519SPORT) and H&R sport springs outside of the install process being nuts because the current driver strut was fused into the housing, i also found out that my bump stops are finished as they just crumbled apart. the Konis didn't come with new bump stops (verified they weren't just missing from the box) I got a bit confused if I should be trying to find a Koni stop like http://www.summitracing.com/search/brand/koni/department/chassis-suspension/part-type/frame-bump-stops or a BMW stop like #17 here http://www.realoem.com/bmw/showparts.do?model=2583&mospid=47141&btnr=31_0439&hg=31&fg=05 I'm hoping someone can set me straight and recommend/direct me to a decent source for the front bump stops. also since the car didn't have a sleeve i should probably put one on? thanks!
  12. Ideally fairly close to Utah, non-tii
  13. One of the last things I need to do before I start putting the front suspension back together is to replace the shocks and rubber in the strut assembly. Unfortunately, I sheared the top of the strut where you grip onto it and keep it immobile while removing the larger nut. I've tried using vicegrips on the piston tube, but it still is able to rotate when I torque the 19mm nut. It appears to have had blue loctite applied, and I tried using a soldering iron to melt/loosen it. Still no avail. What would you do next? I'm thinking about getting some V-Jaw Vice Grips to supplement the 7-inch vice grips that I've been using. Any ideas for alternatives or suggestions? Photos alternate link: https://goo.gl/photos/LLtqYNkMyAew8n4W7
  14. I'm looking for some suspension upgrades for my '76 2002 with Bilstein shocks & H&R lowering springs. First, a strut brace that is angled to fit around the stock air cleaner housing. I can't find one anywhere. Second, what sway bars to you guys recommend for a street car? Thanks for your help! Bob
  15. Now that the camber plates are installed and the alignment done, I decided to fabricate a front strut bar. I didn't realize that heim joints and DOM tubing were made of gold! About $70 invested.
  16. Hello there, Just joined the 2002 club this weekend and I am really glad I found this site. Other passions include classic land cruisers, BMW motorcycles, and mustangs and there are some great sites supporting the hobby. I knew there had to be one for the '02's. So, I bought a 74 Tii from a local classic car dealer. One owner car with no rust. She has not been registered in 8 years and believe she has been sitting most of the time. I have records going back to 1979 when she was taken by her owner ( a pilot in the air force) to Hawaii, passing through Georgia, Mississippi, and Florida to eventually land in Canton Texas. Here she is: She runs and drives but there is a bad wobble in the steering wheel. Feels like it might be the left front wheel. I'm going to check the wheel bearings and see if they are loose. I bought if from a consigner but the owner left word with me that he though it needed new strut inserts and shocks. Definitely needs tires. In general, are there any suppliers that are preferred on this board? I have identified several but wondered if there were any specific ones who seemed better than others (customer service and price, support of the hobby, etc.) I did buy a workshop manual from Faxon - then I found the PDF file online. So, here is my plan with some embedded questions. I would appreciate any thoughts from the forum and appreciate all of the help. Really excited to have a 2002 and looking forward to learning about her, working on her, and most of all driving her! Plan: 1. Evaluate brake system with intention of overhauling calipers, new rotors, pads, hoses, and any other related parts. Questions: What rotors do ya'll like? Original BMW or is there an aftermarket that works as well/better. Cost is always a consideration but I don't ming paying for quality stuff. 2. Evaluate suspension / steering Questions: I have seen lots of threads discussing the different strut innards that are available. I'll read a little more and will make a decision there. I am wondering about springs. I am not really looking to lower the car a lot so I am wondering who offers a good, close to stock ride height spring. 3. Tires Questions: Seems like the Kuhmo Solus 21 is a decent, readily available tire. Would this work well for weekend, spirited driving? the car had BFG Comp T/A's on it and I cannot find those anywhere. Must be discontinued. Any throughts are appreciated. 4. Tune up / Base line Questions: I want to do a thorough tune-up and baseline all of the fluids. Any preferences on consumables like plugs, filters, fluids, etc? I always went OEM on my BMW airhead bikes and am happy to continue unless someone has another option. I also figure I will do cooling / heater hoses, belts and vacuum lines as well. Thoughts about sourcing these would be helpful as well. Well, I hope I haven't overwhelmed y'all with this first post but I'm ready to get going and want to get off on the right foot! Thanks!
  17. A little over a year ago I bought a set of tii struts off a member here, and have had them sitting in my basement until now. And I'm looking at them, and there's some light surface rust on the shaft. Is this a concern? I tried some Grade 1 steel wool (dry) and couldn't make any difference of it. Okay to throw the bearings and hubs on these, as is?
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