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Found 15 results

  1. my new exact fitment stereo console... check out the construction planes if you want to inlcude it on your car!... hope it be usefull for you!... Dear '02 followers.... Im new in this site and i didnt have idea that you were writing on my post!.... Im gonna put more photos of the console and about the other questions. I used MDF wood of 10mm thickness.... Covered of syntethic leather, easy to found in my country (ECUADOR). The stereo support is secured to the side panels with two fasteners in each side. If you guys have any question let me know!...
  2. isda

    New head unit

    From the album: Rich

  3. It's been a while since an update, and I'm happy to say we haven't been idle. There's a few new parts I've developed and released, now on the website and into the hands of fellow enthusiasts. Hoping to both share the news and maybe gain some feedback/insight into what else might be needed and desired...as I often times am most inspired to create parts that fill a void in the market both style and function-wise. Here are a few of the recent offerings: replacement under dash panels with accommodation for a deep 5-1/4" coaxial speakers (sold with or without speakers) Center console insert/shifter surround with dual cup holder (works with factory style shift boot, sold with or without leather shift boot) center console gauge/switch/radio panel, houses standard 52mm/2-1/8" gauges (even ones with oversized bezels) that are angled upwards and towards the driver (for LHD) below them is an area for hazard switch/aux function switches (that does not require extending the wire harness) & a lower location for a shaft style factory radio or an aftermarket DIN sized radio. aluminum (brushed, polished or satin black) and wood (or leather) e-brake handle "upgrade kit" with matching leather brake leaver and shifter boots (full details and descriptions/pricing at www.kooglewerks.com)
  4. I'm trying to put a stereo into a 1976 02, I'm having trouble finding a power and ground source for it. I've tried to run it off of the cigarette lighter but it doesn't seem to have enough juice. I'm probably doing something wrong here since this is my first stereo installation, please help!
  5. Stereo is in good shape, tested. Any questions PM me Asking $120 + shipping
  6. Price:: 275 Location: : Boulder City, NV I'm cleaning out my collection of stuff to raise money to buy more/different stuff I have two Becker Europa II stereo radios. I acquired them to use in my 2002s but my focus has changed. I will post pics soon. Both are in excellent cosmetic condition. I have not yet tested either radio. Sold as-is. I wanted to offer them to FAQ members first. If I don't get any takers, I will test and clean them up and then sell them on eBay. These things are going for crazy $$$. $275 EACH, including shipping to lower 48 States. $450 for both, including shipping to the lower 48 States. PM or email me if interested. Thanks for looking
  7. Does anyone have any experience with these retro looking radios? http://bit.ly/1b2A7JH I am thinking of doing something like this with either a single speaker, or something hidden on the Touring
  8. Year:: 1974 Make:: BMW Model:: 2002 Price:: 16,500.00 Location: : Pittsburgh PA. 1974 2002,every system in the car is new or rebuilt,no rust Arizona car,too much to list over 100 pictures on my Facebook page, Mlalaga and black and tan interior,new carpet,ireland front and rear air dam,strut bars,battery relocated ,brakes done,booster done,rubber on windows replaced ,new wheels,tires,calipers,pads,bosal exhaust,fuel sender,ignition,engine detailed with new hoses,radiator done,oil,filters,elephant in the trunk,door cards front and rear,stereo,speakers,Alpine instrument cluster-rare,new bottles all around,engine gasket set etc. etc. All receipts and build out album available.
  9. Once upon a time... When I accelerate (higher RPMs) i noticed the speakers make a crackling noise and at the same time the fasten seat-belt light (which is never light up) lights up and flickers at the exact same intensity of the speaker crackling. This even happens when the stereo is off. Related... - I'm not good with electricity, wiring the 3-ways in my basement wasn't fun. - I've only owned the car for like 9 months and the majority of that time it was on jack stands - On the first couple of drives I noticed it the crackling but thought it was a vibration under the steering column/footwell - Before discovering the sound was from speakers, the battery had died. I had it tested and recharged it fully. It's good. The alternator seems to be sending the right voltage and the battery seems to be receiving it as well. Haven't driven it much since and haven't had the issue. - There is an aftermarket stereo installed (from Japan, thus there is a frequency shifter installed as well) the amp is under the rear bench and it noticed the wiring used looks like the indoor speaker wire (the one which is like clear - brassy colored) not sure of the gauge. haven't investigated anything yet. ...any suggestions about where i should start?
  10. Price:: 175.00 / set Location: : 45103 After several years of making the kick panels that accept 2" deep speakers without cutting the car, I have finally gotten around to fab'ing and making molds for a set that easily accommodate significantly more speaker depth. They aren't nearly as discrete as the original v1 kick panels, and in fact, these make them look small. But, these aren't so obvious as to look disturbingly large or modern in a 2002.. I am very happy with the final product! In the pictures below, I have installed monsterous 6.75" diameter speakers with a mounting depth of 2.5" with zero clearance issues. A more 'modest' solution would be a higher line (deeper mounting depth, bigger magnet) 5.25 or 6" speaker.. Also, and more importantly, my car has been cut, and measuring off of that added space, I figure that a serious 3-3.5" mounting depth is absolutely doable.. The design also provides room for a tweeter, and tilts the speakers about 1/2" back to front, and rotated up toward the driver seat. These accept the carpet covers for the original kick panels that are made by Esty, but I will be sending a set off to her to look at.. so as before, if you are ordering a full set of carpet from her, she will sub in the kick panel covers free of charge, or they can be ordered separately. I will be adding this v2.0 kick panel to the Bolt-onBliss digital store front found in my signature, but feel free to contact me here if you are interested in the first run of these babies.
  11. I'm looking for a Blaupunkt CR-8000 AM/FM 8-Track Stereo any you guys got one gathering dust in the loft? Thanks
  12. End of year clean up, all things must go. Prices do not include shipping Please PM me or email: rlobdill at Gmail dot com. Thanks, Rich SOLD --- One year-only '72 directional stalk (mounted on right) works electrically, does not always cancel after turn $25 ---SOLD Speakers, 6x9" Infinity Reference series 9623 $35/pair Alpine CDE 9874 head unit, includes interface cable and custom mount to fit in 2002 console $55 Instrument cluster "crosshair" type (1974 non-tii?) Speedo marked "W 1 30" may need rebuilding. Tach and other gauges work $30 knee pad below steering wheel. Some wear from keys: $8
  13. Ok, this is my car stereo: A cheap chinese brand and it's some temperature sensitive. I haven't learnt yet how to switch it off (no need), but it has got a USB-port, enough punch and the sound is ok for me. The volume is controlled by a rotating knob without stops. Turning the knob clockwise the volume rises until the stereo is at its maximum. There, the knob doesn't stop, it can be rotated as long as you want. It's the same the other way: turning the knob against the clock, at some point the volume is off but the knob can be turned on- as long as you want. I think any newer car stereo has got this kind of volume control. Even the Becker Mexico retro device is designed like this with a shivering or rattling feeling. Now I'd like to know: how does this regulator work? It can't be a standard potentiometer since it has no stops. So my guess is that there are two push-buttons inside activated by a kind of pendulum that's pushing the buttons by its inertance strained and released by a step-spring or something similar. Does anybody know about this? Is it possible that it works this way or maybe there's an opto-laser-electronic principle used? I'm asking because I'd like to have four seperate push-buttons (volume +/- and title >/<) outside the stereo. Here's a pic of the regulator of an actual Retrosound Zuma: What do you think? Thanks in advance, Henning
  14. Hello All, I am listing my 1969 Bmw 1600-2. With a career change and some family changes comes some toy changes and unfortunately, this BMW falls into the toy category. I purchased the car about a year ago from a local guy here in San Diego. He owned a vintage automotive garage and had been the one servicing the car for one of his customers. When the customer decided to sell the car the mechanic purchased it and enjoyed it for a few years. From what he told me, when he purchased the car it had a recently freshened M10 out of a 2002 along with a full service of the trans and diff. While he owned the car he reupholstered the interior, installed a stereo and changed the wheels and some suspension bits. You will see that along the way someone installed a 2002 badge on the car, but based on the data plate (picture attached) that this is in fact a 1600-2. Some might find this to be a benefit because the reduced weight of the 1600 and the shorter gearing paired with the larger 2002 motor which makes it a peppy little BMW. The car currently has the stock 4 speed although I have a low mileage 5 speed (Getrag 245 purchased from a fellow forum member), bench tested and rebuilt E12 head, completed restored wheels with brand new rubber and a roof rack I was planning to use. I will consider including these with the sale depending on the price, otherwise I will sell the misc parts once car is sold. This BMW runs strong, shifts nice and is a blast to drive. The car has some light rust along the hood and under the rear window (to be expected) and the spare tire well needs repair. I have been driving the car 2-3 days per week and have loved every mile. Asking $13,900 OBO. Taking a hit, but it is what it is I guess. Take a look and let me know your thoughts. Please feel free to PM or email me directly (djfefferman@gmail.com) with your name and number and I will gladly give you a call. Thanks for your time, Daniel.
  15. I bought a nine-pack of the Dynamat Xtreme 24" x 48" sound dampening sheets and have a couple full-sized unused sheets left. Will sell them at essentially my cost - $35/sheet. I live in the Shoreline area north of Seattle WA. Not looking to ship the sheets, but if you live in the area and want to arrange to come to Shoreline and pick them up, let me know. Eric

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