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Found 84 results

  1. eBay Listing MOMO Cavallino Steering wheel. Has the original center pad and authentic (not modern) MOMO horn button. Also comes with MOMO hub. Leather and stitching is in very good shape. This steering wheel is very comfortable. Size is 35cm. Asking $300 $225 obo one eBay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/323474681265
  2. Back up for sale since the other sales fell through. Good condition, small smudges here and there and a few tiny cracks (see pics). It's boxed up and ready to go. Buyer pays to ship.
  3. creede

    Steering Wheel

    One of my latest deliveries. Original "sports" steering wheel sold with the 2002 with fresh leather recovered by Alan Gun. http://www.aglausa.com/p/home.html These were never sold in US or canada. This one was imported from Sweden about 10 years ago...
  4. Good condition Momo Italy steering comes with adapter Has horn button Came off a 1976 BMW 2002 Steering wheel is $300 new just looking to get something out of it, friend went back to factory wheel Willing to ship Call or text 217-653-8566
  5. Little wear considering the age.There are couple chips as well. I tried to snap few close ups on the imperfections. Original and unrestored condition. Very cool indeed. Very rare old school steering wheel. I have seen it on 2002's as well. NEW PRICE 340$ Shipping to us will cost me 60$ !!! Worldwide postage Included in the price! PayPal only. Buyer pays PayPal fees. Thank you
  6. I had to try one of the "new" MOMO Heritage wheels after looking over their website. I have a 1983 MOMO Veloce wheel which is great but wanted to change the view from black to chrome. The new California wheel is nice but not quite the quality from 1983 IMHO. Leather edge at wheel spokes has a rough cut and wheel grip diameter feels tiny (~1") compare to the Veloce 1 1/8". Overall a nice looking wheel and I'll see if we become better friends on the 10 hour drive to Asheville.
  7. Unique chance to buy an original black old Momo Prototipo in good condition. The leather is smooth and not dry. It has some marks of usage/ storage (?) in the leather, please have a close look at the pictures. The spokes have the original anodized black color and the Prototipo marking is also in very good condition. Stitching is all there, original and good. The wheel is very solid and a pleasure to drive with. Momo did not date their wheels up to 1976. I know my wheels, so I can date this one back to a second series Prototipo 1973 - 1975 Original series marking M20340. The black spoked ones are even more rare then the silver spoked ones feel free to ask any questions. Asking price: $ 650,- ex shipping, including the hub and horn button Paypal accepted item location in the Netherlands Shipping cost world wide $40,-
  8. Just wanted to share with forum a couple of original 38cm Momo Alpina Steering wheels I have been able to acquire through some degree of concerted effort. The silver one I obtained from Germany over a year ago from a collector. He is mostly a Porsche guy so was willing to let this one go. Although, I was made aware that Alpina wheels were in fact marketed to Porsche owners back in the day (see the fine print on the ad below in the top right corner). I never thought I would see another one, at least not anytime soon but a few weeks ago an e9 owner posted the black one on a steering wheel thread, and well, I couldn’t resist to pair it up with my other. These are 1st generation Alpina wheels commissioned by Alpina for Gianpiero Moretti’s fairly young company at the time MoMo (an acronym for the first two lettters of Moretti and Monza). The straight line MOMO stamping on the back indicates these were manufactured around ‘66-‘67. While a later more coveted nowadays 38cm version came standard issue on carbed e9 CSL’s, these earlier 38cm Momo Alpina wheels were designed for and used on 2002’s - making them much more badass . Well, at least certainly more rare. The leather on the black one is about toast, but they are overall both in great condition and I am beyond thrilled to have found them. And hey, they are in pretty good condition for being over 50 years old! Enjoy the pictures! J
  9. SOLD! Not perfect, just fine.Spokes aren't perfect, horn button...well...see photos. Original 02 hub and brand new hub cover. What you see is what you get.🙂
  10. Not perfect, just fine.Left spoke has 2 tiny spots, lower spoke has some corrosion at the backside, see photos.Petri-Alpina horn button conversion ( has a non visible repair ). Original 02 hub and crack free cover.Asking price 499 EUR / 570 USD ex. shipping. NOW $500!
  11. For sale OEM 1976 BMW 2002 Steering Wheel. Wheel is in good condition and shows normal use. Wheel has been kept in my basement for the past 15+ years and I am trying to clear out some of my old BMW 2002 parts. Price is 75 plus shipping.
  12. $150 + shipping
  13. I have a package deal for sale.This deal contains;- One 38 cm Petri, polished, because of corrosion, see photo's.- One 35 cm Petri. Pretty OK.- One original Petri 02 hub, has a horn button contact ring now, easy fix to a contact pin. I will add a brandnew contact pin.- One brand new reproduction hub cover. You won't see the difference.- One fresh painted horn button ring.- One original Petri horn button.Note;- The hub has a repair, visible in the pictures. Some crazy fool shortened it, but I managed to repair it ( see last photos )- The grip of the 38 Petri has been glued. Besides that, it has some scars.All checked and I wouldn't sell it if it wasn't safe to use.Have a good look at the photos, because what you see is what you get.Feel free to ask me any questions!
  14. Beautiful seventies Ferrero in stunning condition and desirable size! Comes with an Alpina horn button or a BMW horn button and a brand new hub. Will fit all 02 models.
  15. It took me a while to identify this steering wheel that came in my NK, but I've finally identified it as a 1600-2 wheel (not from a 2000CS like I initially thought). As it's not correct in my NK (2000), I'm offering up here for anyone who'd like it. The wheel is dated 02 05 67 (May 2, 1967). Asking $200 OBO. While it's in relatively good condition for a 50+ year old item, it does have some issues (see photos for details): - Missing center pad - Horn ring has pitting in chrome - Two cracks between center area and wheel (where your thumbs would rest) Overall, the wheel is perfectly useable -- the chrome can likely be polished-up to an "acceptable driver standard" or can be removed and re-plated. The cracks don't affect functionality. Open to offers or trades for NK parts.
  16. If you're dealing with one of the nifty "sort-of-a-sport wheel but-not-really" early 02 steering wheels with the center horn pad (instead of the spoke horn buttons) I have whipped up this nifty diagram to help you assemble /disassemble it. Or... to help you troubleshoot the thing. Most of my own steering wheels have been "spoke button" type, so this was a good learning exercise for me! Hope this helps 'yinz-y'all! Paul Wegweiser Maximillian Importing
  17. Anyone out there with a Nardi steering wheel? What size wheel do you have? I recently purchased a 360mm (14.1732") Nardi wheel, but feel as though it may be too small. I'm thinking about returning it for the 390mm (15.3543") wheel, as its much closer is size to the stock wheel on my 1975 2002, which I believe is larger than 400mm. Any input on which size is more common in 2002's, or why one might be preferable, other than a better turning radius with a smaller wheel? It's hard to tell without mounting and test driving. Thanks! Ross
  18. 38 cm 'Turbo' steering wheel in very good condition. Has a tiny dent from storage at 8:45 o'clock. Additional info: Turbo steering wheels can be recognized by the horn button. Unlike the E21 steering wheels, the Turbo steering wheel has a horn button with only the emblem being the push button. With E21 steering wheels, the entire center is the push button. Turbo steering wheels have the part number 1113738 stamped at the inside of the hub ( see photo ). The 1126 stamp stands for 02 fitment. The 1126 stamp is a number used by Petri. Turbo wheels were available from September 1973 up to 1988. Optional or with the car. The first series were stamped '38' and the second series were stamped '838'. Diameter: 380 mm, non-reflecting, matte black spokes. All Turbo steering wheels were foam wheels. Also named 'Temperature compensating upholstery'.
  19. Have a lot of pars I want to offload that fit BMW 2002, E21, and early E30. All parts came off of a running/driving Arizona 73 2002, and a 79 running/driving e21.Parts list:70-73 BMW 2002 Steering Wheel - 40BMW 2002 Front Disk Brake Calipers & Rotors w/ pads - 180BMW 2002 glove box - 20BMW 2002 radiator - 100BMW 320i E21 radiator w/ shroud - 120BMW 2002 amber side markers - 60BMW 2002 euro blinker right - 120BMW 2002 blinker right housing - 40BMW 2002 Klippan Front Seat Belts and Seat Belt Holder - 150BMW 2002 Driver Side door panel brown/black w/ speaker cutout - 100BMW 2002 Passenger door handle brown - 30BMW 2002 5 blade fan for m10 - 30BMW E21 5 blade fan for m10 - 30BMW 2002 long console panels - 20BMW 2002 brown rear interior panel ash trays - 20BMW 2002 m10 timing cover - 30
  20. The "glossy" top coating has some wear. I would suggest a respray or leave it like it is. The horn button has a small repair in the lower left corner. The emblem has a tiny crack. Both spokes have a tiny crack, see photos. The chrome horn button ring is in very good condition. PRICE INCLUDES WORLD WIDE SHIPPING. PayPal accepted.
  21. I have an excellent Petri 838 steering wheel, 380mm, that comes with a rare 1126 hub (02 fitment) for sale. I recently purchased a this for my 02, but unfortunately need the funds for other repairs in my 02, so I am just going to stay with the stock steering wheel for now. I paid $375 for it myself so I am only asking what I paid for it just recently. The wheel is complete in excellent condition and comes with the 1126 hub and documentation. $375 + shipping
  22. Price:: 75. Location: : PNW Stock Steering Wheel - '71-'73 2002 Not perfect, (several small cracks where spokes meet hub, some minor scrapes), but probably better than 90% out there. $75. + actual shipping. PayPal preferred. Please email: hanksj@hotmail.com to Inquire or purchase
  23. Chronical of the bespoke wheel For years I’ve dreamed of having a nice period looking aftermarket steering wheel. “Nice” is clearly subjective and I fully recognize that the very characteristics I would look for in a wheel, might be what turns others off. I’ve always been a fan of the larger diameter wheels in the 385MM – 400MM range. This criteria alone rules out the majority of aftermarket wheel options. Stylistically I’ve always been a big fan of wheels that have holes drilled out of the spokes (something akin to Momo’s Prototipo, or Petri). The problem with those wheels is that they are both too rare and expensive, or for the modern versions are too small in diameter and too thick in the handle. Why Momo hasn’t come out with a 390MM Prototipo has both confused and bewildered the cerebral matter which resides between my ears. To complicate things even more, I’m also a fan of wood handled wheels for their classic aesthetic. Lastly and perhaps the most damming attribute or characteristic which I’ve looked for is a wheel with a dark wood finish. My 2002 is a 72 so it has the black dash cluster. I also have a black interior. While the Nardi wood wheels are very beautiful, and come in a 390MM size, the hue is too light and brown in for my taste and would be better suited in the E9. So in the perfect world, if I were king, this would be my wish-list of wheel attributes: Wheel diameter 385-400MM range Wheel thickness less than 1” Spokes with holes drilled Handle would be made of wood in a very dark stain Flat spokes (not dished) Black spokes Well fast forward the space-time continuum, and what the heck, I’ve decided to build my dream wheel from scratch. The project all started at my desk with a compass and a sheet of paper. Surprisingly it only took a couple of iterations before I arrived at the “perfect” design. (I recall that perfection is subjective). Behold the drawing. See photo "Origional Steering Wheel Drawing" I knew that my carpentry skills would be up to the task but machining the spokes would be the biggest challenge. After doing a little interwebing, I found a nice gentleman in the Seattle area who takes on low-run bespoke machining and CAD mockup projects. I sent him my drawings and together we got to work creating and refining CAD files of my vision. As it stands today, I’m waiting for the spokes to get CNC machined. Once completed, I’ll be able to weld them on to a ring which will recess within the wood handle. See photo. Also I’m machining my spokes so they’ll mount up to the Momo hub. See photos "render 1" and "render 2" The other photos are for context and fun I’ll be sure to update you all from this thread as I progress further into completion of my wheel. The plan is to mill out a few extra sets just for giggles. So far I can’t say that this has been the cheapest way to get a new wheel, given the $125/hour fee for the CAD and machining work, but I’ve sure enjoyed the process. More to come. Cheers
  24. (Photo from forum member dlhoovler. Thank you, Dave) These leather-rimmed, metal-spoked wheels are best known here in the U.S. from their appearance on many 1970 model year '02s, something to do with a fire or labor strike at a steering wheel factory. What IS the metal finish on the 3 small trim pieces, applied where the spokes meet the rim (bottom photo below)? I have two of these rims -- in "core" condition -- and both have dull, pitted trim pieces. I don't want to restore the rims without restoring these trim pieces. None of my 6 trim pieces exhibits an actual "brushed" appearance but they are all dull and pitted, and thus may not reveal an accurate image of their original finish. How much of the present finish is due to deterioration and how much represents the original finish? Of less pressing importance, is the factory fire or strike the whole story behind these rims? My wheels are clearly dated '71 and '72. Were they simply replacement wheels for '70 cars with bad wheels? It seems to me that the (imitation) leather rims are a clear upgrade over the more common hard-plastic rims. But I don't believe for a second you could get one of these as a factory option on a U.S. car (Hoffman Motors' importing process wouldn't facilitate it) -- apart from the '70 cars that just "came" with them. Could they have been a dealer accessory? What further complicates things in my mind is that they are identical to the leather-rimmed, metal-spoked wheels seen on European models EXCEPT the spoke indentation on the U.S. (?) model is represented by a cut-out on the Euro (?) model. In my mind, I've speculated that U.S. DOT requirements did not permit the cut-outs so BMW modified the design to an indentation when they were forced to install the wheels on U.S. '70 cars, presumably due to wheel supply problems. And then they started selling the wheels here as a dealer accessory, since they were actually, and finally, U.S. legal. But I'm pretty much making this up as I go along, and surely we have more group knowledge about these wheels! Here's the parts schematic, showing the European version of this wheel, the only difference I note being the cut-out rather than indented spokes. http://realoem.com/bmw/showparts.do?model=2583&mospid=47141&btnr=32_0978&hg=32&fg=35 So here's my entirely conjectural timeline: 1. "Euro" leather-rimmed wheel with cut-outs is introduced as an option and accessory for the European market. 2. "Oh s**t: the steering wheel factory burned down!" "No problem: we can install leather-rimmed wheels temporarily," 3. "Oh s**t: U.S. DOT says our European leather-rimmed wheels don't meet their requirements because of the spoke perforations!" "No problem: make them comply!" 4. "U.S." version of leather-rimmed wheel with indentations is introduced to solve the supply issue. 5. Smart BMW business-school type says, "Hey, now that these things are U.S. legal, let's sell all we can through the dealer network." Later becomes CEO. Thanks and regards, Steve

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