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Found 41 results

  1. I am looking for a 2.3 L S14 crank for my engine build, please let me know if you have one out there and price.
  2. for those with M2's or E30 M3's. step by step on doing valve lash adjustment. I will skip the obvious that you have to pull the plug wires, valve cover and spark plugs off.. First you need tools. Feeler gauges, micrometer, bmw valve bucket depressor tool, magnet-on-a-stick, small pick, air pressure source and bicycle pump nozzle, light, paper/pen and magnifying glass. For each set of valves.. Rotate engine so that the lobes are pointing away from the valve shims Measure the gap on both valves using feeler gauge. Write it down. Helps to make a simple chart or spread sheet. Here is my chart. Rotate the shim buckets so the notches are like this (use pick or small screw driver) Insert bmw valve tool between valves. Make sure to use correct end of tool. Fat=intake, thin=exhaust. Depress tool until it hits the valve cover. It will stay there by itself. Buckets are now depressed. Notice how the bucket notches rotated. Use HP air to “blow” the shim out of the bucket. Not shown in pic’s, but place towel over the cam to catch the oil spray! The oil in there makes them stick, the air gets under the shim through the notch and breaks the seal. Blow both out while you are in there, but only remove them one at a time so they don’t get mixed up! Remove with the magnet tool. The size is printed on the back of BMW shims, but measure to make sure. Write down the sizes on your chart. Replace the shims. Make sure they are fully in the buckets. Slowly release the bucket depressor tool. Do not remove this tool with no shims in the buckets. Move on to next set. If they gap is out of spec (.25-.35mm), you will need to change the size of the shim. Too big a gap means you need a thicker shim to take up the slack. Simple math will let you figure out the size. If you have a shim selection available, put the right size shim in while you have them out. If not, calculate all the sizes you need and buy them at bmw or Volvo dealer….or BLUNT of course!!!
  3. In preparation for an upcoming event on the central California coast, Ali Javidan brought his car up to the KoogleWerks facility for some special requests. Bouncing back and forth between filling production parts orders and working on Rick's pig cheek car (another story) in a little over a month we got a lot done. Here are some of the details (all items on Ali's "to-do list" 1: cut out existing seat mount sheet metal structure and fabricate a lower system to mount aftermarket Recaro seat 2: front (engine sump) skid pan 3: in-trunk "spill-proof" fuel filler system 4: cover LED tail lamps for protection and cosmetics 5: swap out external fuel pump for in-tank unit 6:driving light tie-in brackets to eliminate vibration 7: under dash panel to accommodate electric power steering 8: center console cup holder 9: better trunk mounted battery tray/rack ...and a dozen other little things associated or otherwise! (the reality of a "simple list" can often be complicated) the result was, we got a lot done and had a good time doing it. Some new production parts were birthed as a side effect as well!
  4. I heard from a buddy that he heard my car was being blasted the past couple days and was to be EP'd (epoxy primed) today. Last I saw it looked like this. I figured I had better see this for myself, primarily because I was considering going elsewhere since there had been no progress in about a month. I show up and this is what I see. Needless to say, I was happy as anything. So I shot a couple pics. JULY 10thth, 2013 So I visited the body shop today, July 10, 2013 and I felt like a Loomis or Brinks truck doing weekly drop offs of cash. Anyway, the dings and dents of 39 years have been banged out, and new life is breathed into the old girl. First coat of prime is on and needs to be blocked and some pits need to be tidied up. I see some #022 paint in the future, it'll be like a sunrise of sorts. Anyway some shots from today's visit. UPDATE July 24th 2013 So July 24th I head over to the shop and see this out back by the hedge, with no one in sight resembling a worker........ but I did seize the chance to snap a couple pictures of it since it was nice and sunny, so no flash etc.... I was a little disappointed with the standby that my car had been put on, but what can I do right? UPDATE August 1st, 2013 Today, I was scheduled to drop off some cash to get current with the progress. I stopped in around 10 this morning to not see my car anywhere inside, and thankfully not in the rain. I bumped into the paint guy and he said I got there in the nick of time as they were about to re prime it and he wanted to show the seam sealing and so on. I peaked into the booth and this is what I got to see and snap a couple pics of. Then the painters headed in to start priming. The window was pretty grimey .... so this is the best I could do capturing the action. When the first guy came out, I asked if they would get to some orange today. Well he said go grab a coffee and we'll be done orange and clear by lunch. I came back at 12:30 and they were cleaning their guns.
  5. So from May 1st onwards there has been some progress worthy of documenting, if for no one else but me. The concepts is tidy, not flashy (other than original Inka orange) and good handling. Old Progress blog shows a little of the cage and some of the trim and corner marker deletes. I had the rear parcel tray and rear firewall replaced. Previous damage and speaker holes etc were unsightly to say the least. The factory seat mounts were deleted and replace with lower supports to bolt different seats to. The mechanical handbrake was deleted and is being replaced with a hydraulic handbrake with a porportioning valve inline. As seen in the pic above. The bottom of the front valance was removed due to rot and an aftermarket Air dam is to be installed. The front bumper is deleted. In the end the ride will be set lower than factory and the air dam will give a tidy look to the front and to give the rear a tidy look from the outside I had a stainless exhaust tip made to be relocated to the centre. With it sitting lower I opted to have a custom fuel cell made, which regretfully intrudes in the trunk space, but will not rub on the ground and look hideous. That is how it all looked as it left for blasting and priming on May 9th....... looking at parts - I have a 318ti diff that is to donate the guts to convert my existing diff to an LSD The engine of course Edis from a ford escort A cracked engine mount.... to be repaired next week with a 3/16 plate
  6. This blog is merely the patch over from the old project blog section to the new blog section. Below are some of the progress pics over the last long while, when progress was slow and sporatic. So much has happened, some of which was covered in another section, but here are some of the pics from way back. A little re-enforcement went in
  7. This is how it started off a number of years ago. I bought it from Sacramento, had it shipped to Boston, and drove down from Canada to get it. It did not run at the time I picked it up, and the whole plan was to do a powerplant transplant. As it sat in my old tight garage.
  8. Wanted e30 S14 crankshaft let me know if you have one for sale.
  9. Rebuilt Getrag 265/5 for sale. This gearbox has recently undergone a fresh and complete rebuild with all worn parts replaced, including new bearings/synchros/seals/gaskets etc. The gearbox hasn't been used since the rebuild. Looking for offers around £3850. Collection or worldwide shipping available.
  10. I bought this on the FAQ som time ago to do an S14 conversion. I plan to go in another direction at this point so selling this. Great manual.
  11. Price:: 8100 Location: : Salt Lake City, UT I had the aspirations of building of an M2, but am going to use the original engine from my 2002 instead and just do a performance rebuild modeled after the S14 2.3l. Comes with: Engine block/head Wire Harness ECU w/ dinan chip Radiator Fan Alternator AC Compressor Throttle Bodies/Airbox & MAF Anything else as pictured - with exception of the Getrag 265 transmission. I'll be keeping that and rebuilding it for my E30 M3. I'm not the worlds greatest mechanic so if you want to know what comes with it that I may not have listed, hopefully it's in the pictures. I also have an E30 M3 gauge cluster that I intended on including in my dashboard along with the M2 build for sale. These easily go for $550+ on R3Vlimited and S14.net. Asking $500. I have a fuse box on the way as well. $100 If interested, I also have have E30 M3 seats that need re-upholstering. $250 I was really going to do a true M2 build - with as many parts from an E30 M3 as I could. Everything was plugged and prepped for storage by a BMW Mechanic in Kentucky who pulled the engine from a running E30 M3 for someone who was dead set on doing an S52 swap (blasphemy I know...) The owner sold it to the mechanic, and then he sold it to me. Engine was pulled last year. Engine had extra oil prepped in each cylinder, was given all the necessary steps to sit for a year or two. Has been stored in a temperature controlled garage along with my garage queens. Shipping should be $400 - $700 depending where you live. Salt Lake has plenty of national freight shipping company. I can drop off at one of the facilities on behalf of the seller.
  12. I came across a used and damaged s14 crank in 2.3L. It's visibly damaged, but is it fixable? I ask, because I do not know. Photos for the visually impaired: If fixable, would make for a fun stroker motor. -RD
  13. I've acquired a pretty straight '76 that I'm going to motor swap and build into a hot streetcar. I'm having a hard time deciding what I want to throw into it for a power plant. I have a complete and running, but terminally rusty '91 318is that I recently purchased to use the drivetrain out of. It has higher mileage at ~200k so a refresh would be required. Thoughts are with this is to strap on a supercharger or turbo to see ~250hp. My friend recently mentioned to me that he was thinking of selling his spare S14 with tranny. The motor is a full drop in from radiator to the dme. Figuratively I believe I could build out the m42 and be into the drivetrain ~3k. The s14 is roughly twice that. Is a hot NA motor the way to go with these cars? I had a e30 m3 and while it was fun the motor was pretty uninspiring under 5k. Is the extra money up front for the S14 the way to go when/if it comes time for resale? I haven't seen a M2 trade recently so in pretty unfamiliar with the market
  14. Longshot here, but looking to see if any of the other M2 folks might have an S14 valve cover laying about. Missed out on one on eBay by mere seconds a month ago. Would love to have one to help move my project along. Thanks for your time. Bob
  15. Hi all, This past weekend I found out that I think I need to replace my starter (74 2002). I was surprised to find this out as I replaced the starter just 3 years ago. It is a stock, M10 starter. My questions to everyone here are: -shouldn't the starter last longer than 3 years? -Is there something I should check to make sure I am not "killing" my starter quicker than normal? -What is the lifespan of starters for stock m10 engines? Cheers, B
  16. 1974 BMW 2002-S14 for Sale $19,500 in Denver For Sale is my 1974 BMW 2002tii that is now powered by a 1988 e30 M3 engine, (the S14 engine). It has the matching 5 speed transmission with a short shift kit. The engine and transmission are in superb condition and need nothing. Installation was done with great care and craftsmanship. The car also has a custom stainless steel exhaust from the header pipe back, custom TIG welded, and ending with a stainless steel performance Magnaflow exhaust. I left the Cat and the resonator on as they do not really affect performance, but they do a lot to make the exhaust tone street-able (it was really too loud without). The suspension (shocks -Bilstein, springs - Suspension Techniques, and torsion bars) have all been upgraded to support the M3 drivetrain. It has disc brakes in front with Carbotech pads. Rears are upgraded (528) drums with near newer shoes. It handles awesome and stops great. The History: I have owned this car for about 7 years. I bought it already converted with an s14 engine. Unfortunately, that engine was soon to expire. I was already committed to the car so I had Autosport Werks of Broomfield, CO source and install another S14 engine in 2010. If any of you know Autosport Werks, they are one of the premier Colorado BMW and Audi car shops. The engine came from a wrecked 1988 e30 M3 in El Cajon, CA and had approximately 100k miles on it. I have only put about 2,000 miles on the car since I have owned it. That is why I am selling...I just do not drive the car enough. It’s time to get back the garage space and let it go. I do not know much about the history, but before me, the car came from California to Wisconsin and I brought it to Colorado. I do not know the actual mileage of the car. The Present: Within the last 300 miles the car received a complete tune up at Hotchkiss Automotive in Denver which included changing all fluids, H4 headlight upgrade, Installation of a new Legacy GPS speedometer, New horn and switch, new high beam switch, New Rota RB 15x7 wheels and Faulken asymmetrical tread tires, and alignment. Hotchkiss is a great shop and I know they would be happy to provide feedback on the car. The car runs great. The body is good, but not great and needs some attention, not rust attention, but a good paint job. The battery has been relocated to the trunk with a rear brace installed between the strut towers. I have 2 additional sets of wheels that come with the car, one set BMW 14” bottle caps with xxx tires and the other set are 13” BMW gold basket weaves with Bridgestone Potenza tires. The extra wheels and tires are not new. The heater does not work; never did when I bought it and still doesn’t. The windshield squirts do not work. The reservoir, pump, and hoses were removed by the previous owner and it appears there is not room for the reservoir with the current engine configuration. Two speed wipers work great though, as do all lights, blinkers, hi-lo beams, horn and gauges. The center rearview mirror is from and e30 and has the integral map lights (which work well). Tan carpet is in great shape. Headliner is in good shape. Back window deck lid could use replacement. Has the Italian flush front blinkers (those are going for $600 a pair themselves right now, if you can find them). Dash has a few cracks but looks nice. Original tii clock is there but does not work. As I mentioned Tires are new (< 300 miles on them), brakes are probably at 75%, clutch has just been checked and is in great shape. The stance of the car is perfect, lowered about 1" with 15x7 Rota wheels. This car starts right up, settles into a nice hum, and then rips. The car is essentially rust free. I would say completely rust free except there is some paint bubbling along the chrome trim at the base of the windows in both doors, primarily the drivers side. This is not the usual rust one sees on 2002s and must be from a poor paint preparation at some point in the past. The floors, rockers, shock towers front and rear, are rust free and solid. The gas tank is in great shape. The car is burgundy (Malaga) in color with a tan interior. The interior is generally quite good, with performance seats (vinyl), five point harnesses from RJS Racing Equip., and an ok stereo. Regular seat belts are also there for everyday use. There is a little wear showing on the drivers seat, speaker grilles are missing on doors, and the horsehair padding on the rear seat is worn out. The rear seat looks fine, just don't plan to ride comfortably back there. The bumpers, while the 74 style, have been moved in, close to the body, vastly improving the looks of these bumpers. The doors close nicely. However the rubber seals on door and quarter windows should be replaced; they are a little tired. As I mentioned before, a paint job is in order; trunk, quarters, and roof look to be original paint, but doors fenders and hood have definitely been re-coated at some point, and not done so well. A good paint job would make this a show stopper more than it already is. Even as it is, this car gets lots of attention. Trim is in decent shape all around, but not perfect. The windshield has a small rock chip but I have a new rubber gasket and aluminum lock strip for a new windshield. If you are looking for great fun with no hassles, this is your chance. It’s fun, it’s a piece of history, Its cool, and I’ll be sad to see it go. I have tried to describe the car as accurately. The car needs nothing to be great fun car and with some attention to paint and body, could be a real gem. As it is, it is absolutely a blast to drive. Feel free to call with any questions 303 - two five three - 5 four seven 5, or [email protected] $19,500 in Denver. Thanks, Martin
  17. I have finally decided to pass on my S14. I just don't have the time to devote to the project now that I have 3 x Tii's and two kids (not sure which takes up more time...) Complete and crated up and ready to load onto your truck.
  18. Hello Guys Im having troubles with oil pan for my M2 I want to use stock S14 oil pump and S14 Oil Pan anyone knows the modification required to be done to this Oil Pan to fit the 2002 I remember seeing some pictures here of someone who cut and weld a corner but I was unable to find the info so all help is highly appreciated In the other hand If you have a good Oil Pan for the M2 at a good price im Looking forward to buy it CHeers! Aaron
  19. Just wanted to thank everyone involved with the Texas Trifecta HPDE event, especially my instructor Tim. It was a fantastic couple of days on the track and everyone was really nice. Here is some video of the track from my 2002 with an s14. Eric
  20. my job this weekend was chief instructor for the advanced driver group at an SCCA driving school. part of that meant i had to be on track with them every session to watch their behavior, critique skills, be video chase car for debriefing, lead/follow exercises, etc. lots of video. lots of fun. this particular clip was entertaining for 2002's. advanced student in a Carrera S...the p-car obviously has a ton more power, but the image of a museum relic running with it is funny.
  21. Spent last weekend instructing for the New Jersey Chapter BMWCCA at Summit Point Main track. two of us in the instructor group had 2002's with S14's. oh boy! Wade Wilson brought his Golf colored 1800lb 2002 race car...flares, fiberglass body parts, hoosier 23x8.5in slicks, S14 with 284/276 cams, side exhaust, willwoods all around. sweet! I ran my Cinnabar 2400lb street legal 02....no flares, all steel, full interior, stereo, hankook 214 r-comps, S14 with 276/276 cams, 2.5in rear exit exhaust, bigger wilwoods all around. we met up in one session on saturday afternoon. what a hoot having two ancient cars run through the instructor run group for a few laps. Loved going by the new corvette. yeee haaa! squaretails rule! I may need to put my car on a weight loss program... [sharedmedia=videos:videos:79]
  22. So I was deep cleaning my door cards at about 2pm today when I get a call from a bmw friend. He tells me he's at the South Coast Auction House going through the lots when he came across some car parts. We then start a FaceTime and he goes through the lots. I was mildly excited because I knew there was some cool parts in there, but I wasn't sure what any of it would cost. Well, I put some real clothes on (because I was going out in public) and drive over the the auction house about 20 minutes before the bidding starts. I check out the lots and sure enough, there were some cool parts. I figured I could pick and choose what I wanted to bid on, but oh boy was I wrong. I just bought way too many Porsche and BMW parts and I have no idea why I did it. Here are the parts. I'm still scratching my head as to why I did this. e30 m3 ecu (and 10 other bmw ECUs) hmm, looks like two or three incomplete upper s14 parts, and 2 s14 blocks with one tii block: Transmissions? The top one looks like a 6 speed with a plate of some sort out front, and the bottom looks like a g245 but I didn't confirm either. Race car stuff? Looks like BMW parts, but could be porsche parts I think these are from a euro e36 m3. There are other euro m3 parts in here but I didn't photograph them. and better photos of all the stuff I bought. There are a bunch of Porsche parts. I saw stuff from a 964, 993, Carrera GT, and who knows what else. I'm not happy about this, but I'm not sad either. I wasn't able to take an intimate look at what I bought, but I will do so tomorrow when I pick it all up. I'll probably have to rent a uhaul for all this stuff. Come buy this stuff. I don't really want it.
  23. Price:: 100-1000 Location: : 18947 Hello, I have bought a parts car to help finish my 2002 project. I will be picking the car up this week and take tons of photos but I wanted to get the ball rolling. Chassis is a 67 1602 that had an S14 put into it. Unfortunately the car wrecked pretty badly so there are a lot of items that are not any good. There are no interior pieces for sale. Gas tank - appears to be a replacement item rear trunk lid - in beautiful shape, a nice silver color roundie tail light assembies rear subframe, control arms, etc bilsteins front and rear, will try and confirm part number performance springs, brand unknown but will confirm (4) 16" 6 spoke wheels, have to confirm brand. The one has a bend in it, not sure how the tires held up. S14 engine parts... Cylinder head/cam trays air plenum throttle bodies camshafts pistons rods crankshaft I will update this ASAP with photos and pricing but feel free to send a message to inquire for more information, etc. Car will be located at PA, 18947. Will ship at buyers expense but local pickup is preferred and will be necessary for larger items. Thanks Josh

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