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Found 21 results

  1. Just finished installing a nice little Bluetooth adapter for my Blaupunkt Frankfurt, and thought I'd share it in case anyone else was looking for a good option. I found this ad on the TheSamba.com (a VW community): https://www.thesamba.com/vw/classifieds/detail.php?id=2074171 He makes each one to order, so it took about 3-4 weeks to arrive. Just plug it into the DIN port on the back and you're done. It also comes with a few momentary switches and a microphone to allow for quick switching between playing music and answering a phone call. Super simple, works great. Once your device is paired, all you have to do is start playing music on your phone and it switches from radio to Bluetooth, no need to press any buttons. Much cheaper than eBay options I've seen for sale. It's always nice to support fellow car hobbyists (even VW guys!)
  2. my new exact fitment stereo console... check out the construction planes if you want to inlcude it on your car!... hope it be usefull for you!... Dear '02 followers.... Im new in this site and i didnt have idea that you were writing on my post!.... Im gonna put more photos of the console and about the other questions. I used MDF wood of 10mm thickness.... Covered of syntethic leather, easy to found in my country (ECUADOR). The stereo support is secured to the side panels with two fasteners in each side. If you guys have any question let me know!...
  3. It's been a while since an update, and I'm happy to say we haven't been idle. There's a few new parts I've developed and released, now on the website and into the hands of fellow enthusiasts. Hoping to both share the news and maybe gain some feedback/insight into what else might be needed and desired...as I often times am most inspired to create parts that fill a void in the market both style and function-wise. Here are a few of the recent offerings: replacement under dash panels with accommodation for a deep 5-1/4" coaxial speakers (sold with or without speakers) Center console insert/shifter surround with dual cup holder (works with factory style shift boot, sold with or without leather shift boot) center console gauge/switch/radio panel, houses standard 52mm/2-1/8" gauges (even ones with oversized bezels) that are angled upwards and towards the driver (for LHD) below them is an area for hazard switch/aux function switches (that does not require extending the wire harness) & a lower location for a shaft style factory radio or an aftermarket DIN sized radio. aluminum (brushed, polished or satin black) and wood (or leather) e-brake handle "upgrade kit" with matching leather brake leaver and shifter boots (full details and descriptions/pricing at www.kooglewerks.com)
  4. After much debate, I am now making factory style console sides, both short and long. they are not a quick and easy part to make correctly, in both shape and finished look...most upholstery shops will typically "french seam" a part like this (where the factory uses a dielectric seam) and it can look great (or not so great, depending on the quality) I chose a single sewn seam that is internally bound/recessed. it looks stock-ish and with higher quality wood (MDF, not particle board like OE) and a higher quality matched-grain vinyl, they should stand the test of time. All the right holes are pre-drilled prior to upholstery, (& then marked) and come with hardware/brackets. Now on the website sold as "complete" assemblies, with the gauge panel and cup holder/shift surround & leather shift boot. (everything pictured other than gauges/radio/flasher switch)
  5. Hi, apologies this may well have been covered before but I can't find anything. I am looking to update the radio in my '72 2002 Touring. The original radio is present and fully functional, and I intend to keep it that way to preserve originality. I am hopeless when it comes to electrical stuff, but I was wondering how easy it is to wire in an aux connection or something similar? The car is my daily driver (wouldn't have it any other way) which prompts this post - getting slightly bored of the same/minimal radio channels!! Cheers in advance.
  6. I’m currently working through wiring on my ’72 tii. I’ve found some interesting work from the PO that I’m trying to fix. Two of the most interesting “quick wiring” is the yellow and red wires in the photo below that were sent straight to the fuse bracket vice properly wired. The yellow wire traces back to the radio plug, and the red wire traces back to the fog light relay. I’m not about to put it back together in the same configuration, as it isn’t visually appealing, nor safe. See attached edited wiring diagram for how the wires are routed, and see attached photo for visual on how the wires go straight to the fuse brackets. I also noticed that the double red wire on the no. 8 terminal, and double green wire on the no. 9 terminal are wrong, and should be on the no. 7 and no. 10 terminals, respectively (looking at the Haynes wiring diagram, and the Prospero’s wiring diagram). In the attached edited Prospero’s diagram, the arrows indicate how my car is currently wired. I have a couple questions based on these findings: Why would one switch the terminals at the fuse box for the double red, and double green wires? How should I safely wire in the radio plug wire (yellow)? Can I just remove the connector on the double green, include the yellow wire, and crimp on a new connector? I don’t see a radio listed on the wiring diagram (besides the one I just “drew” in), so where should the wire connect to the fuse box (or where does the radio get power from)? How should I safely wire in the fog light relay? Right now, the fogs are set to only get power when the headlights are on. They are turned on by using the green “dummy” switch that many people use for fog lights, but that switch doesn’t get power unless the headlights are on. I like that aspect of it, but don’t like the whole “wire straight to the fuse bracket” part. I’ve been searching on the forums, and will continue to do so, but this is my first time with getting deep into wiring. I like to ask y’all in addition to searching, because I almost always learn something new. Thanks in advance.
  7. Alright - another brain teaser of sorts for everyone. [1976 CA 2002, 123 Distributor, after market radio and Momo horn button] Recently my engine felt like it was running rough, and I got the sense it was an electrical issue with the cables. I replaced the spark plug cables and redid the connectors to the coil, as well as the butt joints on my 123 Distributor. The car ran for about 200 miles, and then somewhat randomly my temp gauge started jumping all over the place. The gauge goes all the way to red when I use my turn signals and will pulse with the electric fuel pump clicking. It seems to "buzz" and randomly hop around. Additionally when I turn my headlights and radio on at the same time the radio / head-unit turns off, then reboots, in a loop. I also noticed today my horn doesn't work and my door horn buzzer sounds different - higher pitch and more annoying than ever. The horn button is after market, but is connected with a green & yellow wire and a black ground wire. The black ground wire was just jammed down into a tiny hole apparently. I checked for a current across the green wire and ground with the car on, but didn't see anything. I checked the following: Extra ground wiring my mechanic added to the instrument cluster with a ground wire going from the temp gauge to the steel plate the gauge cluster rests against Brown ground cables underneath the steering wheel that bolt up to the transmission tunnel Brown ground cable holding about 5 wires in the engine bay next to the battery. This looked rough, so I trimmed it and added a new and separate ground terminal to each line. The thickest brown wire I butt jointed to the "accessory" wire that comes off my battery. Checked all my fuses, and cleaned their perches. Checked under the fuse box to see that the connections looked snug. Removed the two orange relays and cleaned them at the front towards the battery. My turn signals, headlights, brake lights, brights and fog lights work. The radio will turn on.
  8. Hi All, Like the title says, I'd like to find a stock, period correct (or real close) radio and center console speaker for my 73 2002tii. It had one originally and the power and antenna connections are tucked under the dash just waiting to mate. I'm not partial to Becker or Blaupunkt, just one that operates properly. If you have one PM me or answwer through here. Thanks! Greg
  9. Does anyone have any experience with these retro looking radios? http://bit.ly/1b2A7JH I am thinking of doing something like this with either a single speaker, or something hidden on the Touring
  10. After months of searching for a more period correct radio option, I came across an online photograph of a radio that would fit my console perfectly. I am pretty sure that this is a Blaupunkt am/fm radio. Would anyone know the model name/number? Thanks.
  11. Price:: 425 Location: : CT Becker Grand Prix radio in excellent condition. Everything on the radio works well, this version comes with a remote amp, the whole unit came from a '74 Mercedes S class, and stored protected for years so it has had light use. I couldn't find one in anything close to this nice of condition for less than five hundred anywhere else. $425 shipped CONUS.
  12. Price:: 58.00 Location: : richmond,ca i am selling the original radio antena form a 1976 bmw 2002, its in great condition no cracks or abuse.
  13. Looking for a Audiovox radio for my BMW 1600 1968. Thanks.
  14. Price:: 120.00 Location: : richmond,ca I am selling a center console it was removed from a 1976 BMW , it's in decent shape all the pieces are there and for someone who is missing one , this is a great opportunity the vinyl is in good condition, no tears, or cracked.
  15. Price:: 65.00 Location: : Oregon Well I bought my 2002 and it came with a box of extras. Found this in the box.. I don't have much use for it but I thought someone might want the radio for that Retro Option look and feel. Not sure if it still works. I have not tested. The dial knob still works along with the switch to go from AM/FM. Volume knob turns great along with that seems to be the Trebal I'm assuming. Has a small spot on the right lower part of the display on the radio. It is not a crack but a diss color on the glass it seems. I think it adds to the retroness of it!! $65.00 shipped in the US!!
  16. I have a nice Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio with US spec, it's a X serie with shortwave, AM, and FM. Asking $500
  17. Does anyone have a BMW Bavaria S radio with Aux Input for sale? similar to pic below. Working or non working is fine. Thanks
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