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Found 21 results

  1. Stolen from Colorado Springs, CO on Saturaday, Sept 22. 1965 BMW 1800tisa race car and enclosed trailer. Car vin 995013, trailer vin 40LAB2227RP025131 Trailer plate : OQI513 Please keep your eyes open. Car was restored and used for vintage racing. The trailer is a 23' white box trailer. On the front an RPMMotorsports logo. On the side the BMW Motorsport Historic logo. The car, of course is shown here. Please share this post wherever appropriate across the Southwest
  2. Unique chance to buy an original black old Momo Prototipo in good condition. The leather is smooth and not dry. It has some marks of usage/ storage (?) in the leather, please have a close look at the pictures. The spokes have the original anodized black color and the Prototipo marking is also in very good condition. Stitching is all there, original and good. The wheel is very solid and a pleasure to drive with. Momo did not date their wheels up to 1976. I know my wheels, so I can date this one back to a second series Prototipo 1973 - 1975 Original series marking M20340. The black spoked ones are even more rare then the silver spoked ones feel free to ask any questions. Asking price: $ 650,- ex shipping, including the hub and horn button Paypal accepted item location in the Netherlands Shipping cost world wide $40,-
  3. BMW 2002 tii 1971 “Max” Logbook: VSCDA, SVRA Condition: Excellent Best known 2002 in the Midwest if not the country. Documented racing history goes back to early 1970's and includes Paul Masank's SCCA national wins. Car is often featured in vintage racing publications (most recently in the Vintage Motorsports 2008 Annual). Many VSCDA and SVRA class wins. Brought to Monterrey, Mexico and after a full restoration by Jaime Williams, Max raced in the Vintage Series, being the regional Champion in the B Category (Up to 2,000 cc), winning 10 races out of 10, and 9 pole positions. The car has the best components for its class, including parts from Korman Autoworks and Ireland Engineering. Max has raced in numerous other races and always finished in the Podium. Extremely fast and reliable car. Papers: - Legally imported into Mexico - All rights and taxes paid in full - SCCA Log Book - Eligible for VSCDA and SVRA - Group 8 - Racing Log Book with all the specs and settings - Maintenance Log Book as well. Engine: BMW M10 2,000 cc - Arias Custom Pistons (Short, Dome with Fly-cuts) - Pauter connecting rods (Long) - Large Stainless Steel Ireland Engineering (IE) Intake and Exahust Valves - Balanced Crank shaft - Stage 3 Ireland Engineering (IE) Headers - Short lateral exahust 3" - Racing Camshaft Stage 3, (IE-314) - Double Racing High Tension Valve Springs - Aluminum spring spacers - BMW Steel Racing rocker arms - 2 Weber 45 DCOE Horizontal Carburetors Red Line (Full Race) - Aluminum Intake Manifold Oil Cooling System - Extra large alluminum oil radiator - All Steel braided atainless stell hoses and AN Fittings - Accusump oil recovery pressure system - Remote Oil filter - High capacity oil Sump with wave breaker Transmission - 5 Speed BMW M3 E30 Close Ratio - Balanced Cardan Transmission Shaft of BMW 320i with rollers and dampers to avoid vibrations. - Quaife Limited Slip Differential, ratio 3.90:1 installed plus 3 other Differentials - Tilton Clutch, Double disk, rigid, syntherized with aluminum light weight plate - Hydraulic actuated Tilton Clutch - JBR Alluminum Flywheel - Transmission and Engine Racing mounts Ignition - Electronic Ignition Crane XR700 - Distributor with Petronix induction system - Adjustable Rev Limiter - Lucas Racing Coil - Nology Spark plug wires - Totally new electric system with independent fuses - Optima GEL Battery - External Battery connector - Quick Access fuse box Brakes - BMW 5 Series double ventilated discs in front - Front BMW 4 piston Calipers - Single BMW Discs rear - Rear 2 piston calipers Porsche 356b - Steel lines and fittings - Tilton precisión brake balance - Brake front and rear cooling vents - Racing Hawk KF3 yellow compound high temperature brake pads in all 4 corners Wheels - 13" Wide Aluminum light weight 3 Piece Revolution Wheels - 6 wheels in total all balanced - Aluminum spacers in 4 wheels - Large high strength competition studs Suspension - Front McPherson with Carrera Custom coil over shocks with racing valving - Adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars - Adjustable front Camber Plates - Racing AFCO coils rear and front - Height adjustment in rear suspension, NASCAR type (External) - Rear Shocks Bilstein Nordschleife (Nurburgring) - Rear "A Arms" with adjustable Toe and Camber - Inferior front spacers to reduce Bump-steer Steering - Original BMW - Adjustable steering arms - Racing Sparco Wheel - Reinforced and extended steering Wheel column - Quick-disconnect steering Wheel couple Body - Light weight fiber glass Schnitzer body kit, - Front adjusted spoiler - Light weight fiber glass Boot and Bonnet - Windscreen, rear, and Windows made of custom anti-scratch - Front and rear Strut Bars Security Equipment - Full SCCA Compliat Roll Cage with 6 support points - Reinforced plates to anchor roll cage to chassis, extra safe - 2 Recaro Racing Seats - 2 Schroth 5 point safety harness with "Quick Release" - 2 Safety window nets - Halon Fire extinguisher with aluminum pipes installed and quick release valve Instrumentation - Complete Autometer Instrumentation (6 instruments) alluminum bessels - All aluminum custom made dashboard - Oxygen sensor included Fuel System - Racing Fuel Cell - Double independent electric gas pumps - Double gas filters - Gas pressure regulator - All hoses Aeroquip AN Spares and extras: - BMW differential 3.64:1 Ratio Weld - BMW differential 4.11:1 Ratio LSD - 2 extra Revolution 13” Competition wheels - Cardan shaft - Hawk Yellow compound brake pads, several sets of new spark plugs, Engine gaskets, etc. - Suppliers, addresses, specs, etc. ready
  4. I have a single Black Recaro SE seat in good condition. Some wear on the outer bolster (was mounted as a driver's seat) and two holes in the fabric because it had a Brey Krause seat back brace mounted. I also have a Porsche 944 Seat bracket with factory seat belt receiver, and Real Recaro sliders (not sure anyone here would want that but...) Also the Brey-Krause seat brace. Recaro Seat - $400 944 Mount and Sliders - $185 Brey-Krause Brace - $80
  5. Price:: 400 Location: : Colorado Springs, CO Great seat, in great condition. Not perfect, but very good, esp considering age. Very similar to the Recaro LS-B seat, but the foam seems to hold up better, while being a little firmer. Aluminum plates on base will be removed before shipping. $400
  6. Anyone going to Lime Rock Historics this weekend? I'm flying in Thursday, Leaving '02 home this time. Long Drive from North Carolina
  7. Who on the forum has a race or track car ? 2002, other model BMW , other than BMW ? Just curious as to how many of us actually have track toys versus street driven vehicles. I'll start: 71 2002 race car with cage, sidedraft engine, Alpina pig cheeks, C/R trans, coilovers, GT3 front subframe, fuel cell, etc. 84 BMW 325 SCCA E-Production car, 2.5 litre, 12.0 C/R, five lug wheels, Electromotive ignition, aftermarket injection, C/R trans, Blanton diff, Penske shocks, etc.
  8. Just a little fun on a Friday for you.
  9. came upon a lonely E36 SCCA race car that needed a new home badly as the owner's wife was evicting it from the garage. it had not been raced since 2010. JGerock and i drove 3.5hrs to pick it up on friday, then drove to Summit Point race track for SCCA race weekend. It needs some love...and a bunch of suspension tuning..but it lasted the weekend! with its teammates. it even came with the 18ft aluminum trailer underneath it in this pic. like i needed another car, race or otherwise. ooops!
  10. This isn't our beloved 02 but man, it sure is music for the ears, beauty for the eyes and a charge for the soul. Enjoy!
  11. this one was a bit close.....another instructor was driving an unfamiliar car and locked up a rear brake in a dangerous part of the track at Summit Point. thankfully he knew to keep "both feet in" which locks the cars trajectory to a predictable line, even though it was spinning. also helps that i could see it happening and the M2 has great brakes....
  12. If you are interested and do not receive info from our local group, pm me. I will be happy to keep you informed. http://www.hsrrace.com/2014_Events/Daytona/2014Daytona.html The plan is to park as a group in the infield. Bring food and drink. A pop-up shade tent if you have one.
  13. While running with HSR last weekend at Sebring we had these CSL's parked next to us. The 42 car was a street CSL rebuilt into a LeMans race replica, even has the original Motorsport doors from the works car, runs an S38 and a lot of other neat bits. The other runs an M30 with triple Webers. They both were classed in Group 5 which is the fast Mustangs and Porsches that still bear some resemblance to a production vehicle.
  14. This Saturday is the FactoryTwoFour drive on Angeles Crest! Our 1970 '02 will be there, so if you are in the Los Angeles region join us for a spirited drive up the mountain roads and brunch at the Grizzly Cafe! Details here: http://www.factorytwofour.com/angeles-crest-drive/ Can't wait for the Ireland Run next week with So Cal Vintage BMW!
  15. Price:: 400 Location: : Canoga Park Bought these intentions of using. Decided not to. They are not new comes as you see, no rails. make me an offer.. I do not want to ship. I am in SoCal. call me at 818 426 1423
  16. Price:: 750 Location: : Colorado Springs, CO These are rare sport seats, made by Wolfrace out of the UK. They are in great overall condition, with some minor wrinkling of fabric that should come out with heat and massaging. They do smell of cigarette smoke a bit - I would wash them before installing in my car. Mild sport bolstering, along the lines of a Recaro LX or Scheel 401 I think. I also have the Porsche 911/912 seat brackets and sliders available that they were used with in a 1973 911. They are certainly available but not included. Light weight - weigh right around 22-23 lbs. $750
  17. Price:: 250 Location: : Colorado Springs, CO Set of 4 - look almost new. $250
  18. We're looking for a 2002 to vintage race. Our preference is a 73 model year or earlier. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks.
  19. For those of you with a mountain commute who are anxious to get home to the little lady(ies).
  20. American Racing Carbon Fiber Hood. this is the product listed as $850 new https://www.americaninternationalracing.com/product/front-hood-4/ new...never mounted. 1/3 the weight of stock hood. light and strong. black gel coat that can be painted to match car. when AIR made this one, they goofed up the stock mounting points so it will not just bolt up to the factory hardware. it would be perfect for race car or to use hood pins to attach to street car......or if you are want to put some effort into realigning the mount points. i was keeping it as a spare to the one i have in the pictures, but really don't need it and it is taking up space. WILL NOT SHIP. Pick up in Alexandria, VA or I can deliver to the Vintage in May. $400 $300

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