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Found 10 results

  1. Fall Drives 2017

    For those of us with seasons, the last drives of the year before winter comes are always a treat. Thought it would be fun to see if others out there had pictures to share from the last few drives of the year! I think the Fall colors are very complimentary to the 02 color spectrum. Last weekend the Chicago 02 Group did a Fall drive through Southern Wisconsin. Great roads, people and 02's! Cherry picked a few pictures that were shared.
  2. For some strange reason, I cannot copy any pictures onto my posts. I just tried copying the same picture to a post using several different methods but none will work. See here for test post
  3. There are times when you can add to an existing FAQ thread, then others that make you want to share your good fortune. Last weekend, I brought my 69 to the local cars and coffee at Hollin Hall off Fort Hunt Road in Alexandria. Local 02 owners Pete and Carrie Hagan were there. Carrie just sent me these pictures she took. I'm amazed by these pictures. This lady has some real talent! Another local gearhead/photographer is Laura Hatcher. She took some pics of the 69 at the same event. See halfway down in this link http://www.laurahatcherphotography.com/Classic-Cars/Cars-Coffee-Hollin-Hall-17-Jul/
  4. Here are a few pictures from the BMW corral this past weekend from Amelia.
  5. Hey Gang, I finally got my pictures from the Brisbane show done. You can view the set at: Facebook.com/BobYeeImages Click Photos, then Albums, then navigate to the Brisbane 2015 Album. Enjoy! Bob
  6. The mighty 2002 makes it again to another picture gallery... http://thethrottle.thechive.com/2014/06/12/never-a-clean-dirty-friday-72-hq-photos/random-t-06_13_14-920-31/ http://thethrottle.thechive.com/2014/06/12/never-a-clean-dirty-friday-72-hq-photos/random-t-06_13_14-920-62/ Enjoy!
  7. Houston Get Together - Sunday, May 4Th

    Howdy - I just put our next GTG onto the events page. I will be bringing Sputter, fresh off of a full resto, and a bunch of pictures from MidAm. I hope to see you there. J
  8. Well here it is. I am taking a commercial photography class in my Sophmore year of highschool and we did a assignment about things we love. I right away was thinking **2002, E30's, driving** so i run home whip out my dads Cannon Rebel XSI and start taking pictures. I liked this one the best and heard about a art show for highschool photography classes. I entered it and it got accepted. The "2002" is also off my car. Proably should have just downloaded one but whats the fun in that well it was a pain but still. Great learing expreience. Thought I would share the story of me tryna promote the '02 passon lol.
  9. the driver side front shock blew in my 73 2002. I also needed to replace the ball joint under that shock as well as my driver side caliper due to a stuck caliper piston... all of my bushings on my suspension were pretty much toast as well so I picked up an entire subframe complete with calipers, shocks, rotors....everything. I already swapped the calipers from the new subframe to the car to make sure they worked properly, they perform great!! Im planning to suspend the engine and swap the whole thing in one swoop. I want to change the fluid and adjust my steering box. I also bought a steering coupler from ireland http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/2002-suspension-steering/02steercoupler.html is there anything else that I should pay attention to while changing out the subframe? thanks in advance!!!!! -PInkey- Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/83996136@N05/9412214276/ http://web.stagram.com/p/468261986769408462_184023427 http://www.flickr.com/photos/83996136@N05/
  10. Here's a six step tutorial. It's a breeze. 1. Go to Photobucket.com and start an account.. its free and easy. Photobucket the cleanest and simplest, purpose built site for this type of work. 2. Create a "new album". Hit the big green upload button and select the pics on your computer that you want to up upload. 3. Once they are uploaded, add names if you like and click save.. 4. Hover on the image (or click it for a larger view), and click on the "IMG" line at the bottom.. It will tell you it copied the link. 5. Hit Control-T (Command-T for Apple users) on your keyboard to open another tab in your browser and start a post here on the tasty FAQ. Paste the link into the body of the message. Navigate between tabs to retrieve more IMG links and plug them in. 6. Use the preview button before submitting to be sure you didn't use the same image twice, etc. And then hit submit. Done and Done. **And For you mobile tekkies (like me), or those new to the smart phone action, this is all doable via the Photbucket app. Get it here: http://photobucket.com/mobile/apps/iphone/#iphone You can upload pics straight from your phone, and then you can follow the same steps as above. Just pull the code from the app by tapping the little i button in the bottom right corner (iPhone) of the picture you want.