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Found 18 results

  1. I have found a few more of the OEM brackets for mounting the Getrag 245 5-speed. These are NLA. $60 a pair includes shipping in CONUS.
  2. Tesoro was sent out on Friday to a new OEM headliner.... And BAM! Leave it to the professionals to put in a headliner over the weekend! New visors, dome light, e30m3 rearview mirror, and new rear handles will go in shortly to complete the new headliner look! Time to start checking off more items on the checklist! ? I can't believe how remarkably zealous Dr. 2002garagewerks is working as we are coming very close to getting Tesoro on the road home! I have registered Tesoro for Brisbane, however, it was more for supporting the Brisbane Bay Area 02 Swap and Show, and to get a cool t-shirt. So I'll see you all there! I see there are over 100 people attending! I would have liked to have had Tesoro "driveable" to Brisbane... but considering that Tesoro would not have had all the unique and rare items on him, I would rather wait to have Tesoro Done and Ready for Legends of the Autobahn this year! Let's bring Tesoro home for my birthday in July !! We can have an 02P / Tesoro unveiling BBQ/PARTY before Legends! (Pics include my e30m3 rearview maplight, RHD visors from Germany...)
  3. I went back to the original steering wheel in my Euro E21. This is in very nice shape with what I believe to be original leather, and it is holding together impressively well. Looks nice and period, not shiny/new, but no major blemishes and stitching holding together tightly. Comes w/ new horn button. Shroud that goes around hub has been professionally epoxied to the wheel; splines in good shape, too. Horn works and no funny noises when mounted. Pickup available in Warwick, Rhode Island; price is plus shipping and PayPal fees.
  4. I have a brand new set of roundie taillight gaskets up for grabs. They are OEM BMW Tradition originals. Still in original bags with BMW part number stickers. I am asking $100 shipped for the pair. PayPal accepted. Thanks for looking!!!
  5. Nearly flawless. Excellent condition! Zero fading or discoloration. One hairline crack upper right. Two one inch or less in tray. Minor indent on instrument cluster housing. Vinyl is supple and firm. Looks as if new. $2350.00....OR BEST OFFER! https://www.ebay.com/itm/254170634618
  6. Hi! Been looking everywhere for these: https://www.bavauto.com/bmw-strut-housing-31311101129 https://parts.bmwofsouthatlanta.com/products/Classic-BMW/1976/2002-Sedan-Manual/Spring-strut/1287430/31311101129.html But they are SO expensive. Excessively expensive. I was wondering if any of you had extras laying around you could sell. On mine, the lower spring support (the little cup thing) is falling appart due to rust and lack of care from the previous owner. I like the OEM ride comfort, but if I don't find anything I am going to have to go with coilovers or something. Thanks,
  7. was curious if anyone has ever tried the BWD (Borg Warner) Ignition Wires? i recently acquired these for next to nothing, and i going to try them out but i was curious if anyone had ever tried these. or if anyone wants to post about which wires they have used and their experiences with them? love to hear alot of replies and reactions.
  8. Hi Everyone I am just posting an experience I recently had installing new seat-belts in my car. I ordered a brand new Repa seat belt for my 1973 2002 passenger side (right) a few months ago. When it arrived and I went to install it, I realized that it wasn't right, the spike that goes into the car body that keeps the belt box from pivoting was on the wrong side. It was on the side toward the front of the car. It should have been on the back so that the lap belt can pivot. I sent it back and they refunded me my money because their other in stock belt was the wrong one too. I ordered from another place but this time I ordered both left and right because I wanted the set to match. And again the same thing, the right belt pin was wrong. But this this time I had the other side (left driver side) and on this one the pin was on wrong side for the left but the correct side for the right. So I just reversed the two belts left to right and right to left. and they fit perfectly. And before you say maybe I got my sides mixed up, I know I had the correct sides because in the sealed box for the left (driver) side was the latch with the seat-belt sensor cable. There is no sensor for the passenger side latch the sensors are in the seat and retracting box itself (at least originally, the new belt don't have any sensor for the passenger side. I don't know if the are getting mixed up at the manufacturer or what, but I thought I would just share, and offer some advice, when ordering seat-belts make sure that your pin is on the correct side. -Edit After talking with some people more knowledgeable than I, swapping sides could potentially render the seat belts useless unless I am going backwards. These are designed to be used in a certain direction due to the mechanics of the seat belts and inertia. So I am going to look into this and see what I can do, I may have to return them altogether...again Old passenger side Old driver side
  9. Hi guys, I've owned my 2002 for 8 years now. Over the course of that time I've had the lock cylinder of both my passenger and driver door handles physically break about five times now. (Total, not per side). I've been able to purchase passenger side door handles, because the drivers side seem to be very rare, and harvest the lock cylinders as needed but I am rapidly cornering the market on lock-less passenger side door handles. Are there any suppliers out there that we can purchase just a new lock cylinder from? Or, can we use ones from a Porsche or VW instead? I've looked through the forums and found discussions about rekeying or replacing them in the manner I have done in the past but have not seen any suggest a supplier for a new part. Thanks, Mike
  10. Price:: 1000 Location: : San Fernando, CA Help from another BMW2002FAQ user helped me to identifiy these tires better...... 5x13 early OEM alloy rims. Aluminum alloy, cast by Fratelli Pedrini Sarezzo not Campagnolo. These F.P.S. rims weigh around 12-13 lbs. These came off my 73' 2002 tii. Each rim has limited wear and tear. Tires are in great condition. Please e-mail if you have questions. philbertga@gmail.com
  11. Price:: 45 Location: : Montreal, Canada BMW Factory Car Jack & Tire Iron. In very good condition. I don't need them... so maybe someone else can use them.
  12. Hello, In order to finish my 8 year restoration I need help locating the following items. If anyone is even able to point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated as I have run out of avenues locally. GOOD CONDITION Early Grille set with black slats for Euro lights - I believe this means I need a 'deep' set of grilles. 1 x Left Grille (51131808473) 1 x Right Grille (51131808474) NEW 1 x OEM Windshield Gasket (51317440104) The potential seller would need to be happy to post to Australia. Cheers Will
  13. Hello everyone I recently joined this forum because my father is restoring a 2002 and he is horrible with anything computer... He is has long way to go and he want to find and replace the current ratty looking oem steering wheel with 2002 turbo steering wheel. When I searched internet, it seemed like the price range is very wide for this wheel. Could anyone help me determine the average going market price for it? Or even any place we can order it from?? Here is the picture: Thank you soo much is advance!!!
  14. Front seats out of 1969 2002. Seats need restoration but all hardware is there including rails.
  15. Price:: 100 Location: : San Diego Front seats out of 1969 2002. Seats need restoration but all hardware is there including rails.
  16. Does anyone have experience with the linked 02 Wiring harness sold by Sears? http://www.sears.com/usa-auto-harness-usa-auto-harness-sm235552-bmw/p-SPM13629504519#
  17. I'm consolidating the items which haven't yet sold from my other threads. I will mark the other threads as sold to avoid any confusion. All items which are not marked SOLD are still available. I consider myself critical when it comes to the condition of trim (and other items), if by some crazy chance you believe I misrepresented the condition, I'll be more than happy to refund the sale. SOLD: Passenger Door Finisher: $32 (TBH: I bought a new door finisher by "mistake," so this one is for sale ) Photo 1: overview, 2 = back side overview, 3 = very light scratches, 4 = underneath the finisher, there is a thin line of red paint from PO's paint job (which you can pretty easily remove with some time.), 5 = the felt which is also in very good condition 7-8/10 SOLD: Passenger B-Pillar Finisher: $5 Photo 1 = overview, 2 = dent, 3= dent but it's hidden by seal. Thrown in garbage: Passenger Door Trim: $15 Photo1= overview, 2=light dent, 3=dent, 4=small dent, 5=Key scuffs from below the door handle Thrown in garbage: Tail Lower Trim (Square tail): $0 (originally purchased from scoyote) SOLD: NEW: VDO Copper Tubing kit: $9 For mechanical gauges, new. SOLD: Semi-new Meyle Track Rod (center tie-rod): $19 I have the new rubbers as well (but they weren't on when I took the photo), no nuts. I bought this, installed 1 side, on the other side, I striped it a little... so bought another one. Then I remembered one of my wife's friend's father (brother's cousin's friend) owned a machine shop. I asked him to fix the threads. He did but now I don't need it because I was impatient to finish my project and bought another :p. it's Meyle, not Moog. BMW hood emblem (great condition!): $15 OEM spare rim/tire: $29 A couple light surface rust spots. Not sure about tire condition. Steering Universal joint (rubber coupler): $8 in great condition Shipping extra, items are located in Montreal, Canada. All prices are in USD
  18. We've been testing and adjusting this product for a while now, after acquiring an OEM tool and modeling our (slightly beefed up) version. The New material (Nylon SLS) is stronger than the OE tool and should stand the test of time and repeated use. "Used for the installation and adjustment/tuning of drip rail (roof gutter) trim pieces. Eliminating the need for tape wrapped pliers, rubber hammers and sore fingers. We designed this tool with the exact same dimensions and tolerances of the factory supplied (no longer available from BMW) tool. Constructed from Nylon SLS, it is far stronger than a “desktop 3d printed” part & is an essential addition to any 2002 enthusiasts toolbox." http://www.kooglewerks.com/products/bmw-2002-drip-rail-molding-installation-tool
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