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Found 16 results

  1. Im not the first guy to do this, and there are other DIY write ups out there on how to do this, but I thought I would throw it up here. Built a GoPro camera mount that bolts to my head rest. Square bar aluminum tubing, two U bolts, two square black plastic furniture end caps (bulk hardware section), and some paint. Ill use a GoPro sticky mount, but if you have a different camera you could also buy a super cheap tripod camera base and screw it onto the aluminum bar. If you would like to use a regular camera you can get one of these for about $7 (with Prime shipping options) on Amazon, or just go to your local Walmart/Walgreens and buy a super cheap tripod so you can scavenge the mounting hardwear off of the top of it. http://www.amazon.com/CMP227-Motorcycle-Bicycle-Handle-Cameras/dp/B00585CLVS/ref=sr_1_2?s=photo&ie=UTF8&qid=1375751762&sr=1-2&keywords=camera+tripod
  2. new & original OEM 5-speed mounting brackets Part number 41121808830 NLA message if interested
  3. I use to work at a rack shop where we carried both Thule and Yakima, When I first got the job, I had a set of Yakima round bars with their raingutter towers, a 4 set of bike racks, bars that were way to wide but worked great. I then switched to Thule as I had never tried out their products and thought it would be a good way to help me sell the products if I used them more. I swapped all my bike racks and roof racks for a Thule square bar rain gutter setup and quite enjoyed it more. The Thule brand seems to look more upper class on certain cars, just as Yakima's look right at home on a subaru. I had a good time setting up those load bars with the fairing and all the accessories I could get my hands on, until I found out that Yakima's Whispbar brand had a rain gutter mount (K324) that not only fits, but is the widest footprint, and by far the best looking and most sophisticated one. I've been happy with the added rooftop protection (I park under trees that like to shed) and see no mpg loss or terrible wind noise with these bars. Recently I took them off to do a thorough wash, and while they were off, I threw together a decal set for them that would make anybody unsuspecting wonder;
  4. Hey, So when I was installing the 5 speed transmission 'something' happened. As you know, the rear of the transmission has two tabs which receives the top of the rubber mount (threaded rod, washers, and locking nut) and lower half of the rubber mount goes into the transmissions support mount which is attached to the body. Anyways...the outer tab was broken (picture 1). Ideas to reattach the broken tab included JB Weld, and drilling/tapping and JB Weld. A few nights ago I was thinking about the purpose of those tabs and it struck me that it is primarily for controlling side to side movement. So why not devise a 'washer' that does that (picture 2). It is likely better than leaving it or trying to drill and tap the broken tab and tranny housing or pulling and welding (yikes!). Making and installation was simple. The factory tab keeps the tranny from moving too much to the passenger side and the washer+stop keep the tranny from moving too much to the drivers side (picture 3). I am not concerned with the additional 3/16" spacing lifting the transmission. Oh yes...there is plenty of room for guibo, and nuts and bolt heads on output flange. What are some fellow FAQers thoughts and comments? Have any of you fixed a broken tab like this before? How? Regards, Bill P.
  5. Howdy Intrepid 2002'ers So we finally had a bit of rain recently, and I realized that I desperately needed new blades. I dropped into the local Autozone and got some 15" BOSCH SUPERMEGA-RAINBLASTERS and walked out. When I went to change them in the rain I noticed the attachment bit wasn't the standard c-shaped hanger on every car I've ever owned. Instead I noticed some sort of cheap black plastic tip on my metal wiper arms that mounted to the BOSCH wiper-blades the PO had installed. In my absolute genius I seemed to crack this mounting bracket that was on the tip of the metal wiper arms. It looked like it was joined via a hole that the tip popped into. Does anyone know if that is a BOSCH part, or if that was actually part of the wiper-arm assembly itself? I looked at RealOEM and didn't notice anything marked as such. What wiper blades are you using? The originals look to be Bosch 380's which are now defunct.
  6. Ok first and foremost, I have a clone, I am not sure what feelings this arouses in actual 2002 turbo owners. I apologize in advance if I offend anyone. I have a great deal of respect for the performance and novel nature of the Original Turbo 2002's and in no way want to take away from the immense investment in time, love and dedication it takes to keep one going . Maybe in my life I will be lucky enough to own one. I am however in need of advice as to how the front plate is mounted on the air dam. I see a lot that are bolted directly to the front. I am thinking of trying to mount it in a way that doesn't require me to ruin the beautiful look of the car. Has anyone experience in this? I was thinking of something like this, with the mount running through the front opening. http://www.cjponyparts.com/license-plate-bracket-sto-n-sho-st-focus-2013/p/LPB31/ Thanking you in advance. M
  7. I recently purchased a center console that is missing the metal shift boot mount. I assume it screws into the console somehow, right? Does anyone have one of these? See attached photo (credit to FAQ member ClassDavid):
  8. Can anyone tell what cars these sub-frame mounts are for? We will not be requiring anymore cores to make these, they will be sold outright. For those with dedicated track cars...
  9. Got an Ireland Engineering urethane transmission mount a couple months ago. Decided to stick with OE rubber mounts all round. Never used it, still in the bubble wrapping from when I received it. Looking to get $30 for it, PM if interested. Thanks
  10. I have an M10 build with ITB's. The TPS sits on the front end of the first TB and will interfere with the alternator. The alt I am trying to use is a re-wound E30 with the tension adjuster. It mounts up high and the internal regulator hits the TPS. Does anyone have a solution for clearance? One way around this is to use the E21 alt mount and put the alt lower on the engine. This leaves little contact with the belt and the crank pulley. If you think this is ok, I'll roll with this. Thanks all. Jeff
  11. I know this has been asked in various forms, but I want to get some opinions on how to proceed. I ordered a remanufactured AL41X alternator, but didn't notice it has solid mounts until after I bought it. See attached image: So I have three options: 1) Leave it solid mounted. 2) Machine the holes to fit urethane bushings. 3) Return it and get one with bushings. Will the vibrations from the engine somehow damage the alternator, or is it okay to run it as is? Thanks!
  12. I'm starting to get to the point where I've got to think more about fitting the m20 and e21 323i 5 speed in my 02. I'm hoping to get some feedback to see if using some new commercially available 5 speed swap bracketry makes any sense. Seems to me that the only difference between the 323i 5 speed and the 320i 5speed is the bellhousing. Also seems that installing the 323i transmission should be pretty similar to installing a 320i 5speed. Thus is there any reason trying to use any of the items below wouldn't work? Does the whole set up sit different due to the bellhousing or different motor? Thoughts? http://vintagebmwsource.com/performance-parts/bmw-1600-2002/rear-cross-member-for-5-speed-conversion.html http://2002haus.com/store/products/5-speed-conversion-bracket-1 http://2002haus.com/store/products/5-speed-conversion-bracket-2 http://www.classicdaily.net/products-page/bmw/bmw-2002-5-speed-bracket/
  13. I am wondering if there is any interest in a license plate mount that hooks onto your air dam. All that needs to be done is two small holes drilled into the bottom lip for bolts to run through. Basically it would make it so your car is legal and leaves minimal damage to the dam. The design is super simple. Any interest? Will put up photos later. Thanks.
  14. Anyone do a DIY mounting solution for early rear bumpers? I have the pieces of a short bumper, but no mounting hardware/brackets. Any photos, measurements, and advice would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I was looking through the various mounts possible for the wideband gauge I'm about to put in my car and am trying to visualize the various mounts that people have done. If you've got a picture of your setup that you could post that would be much appreciated.
  16. tii fuel pump expansion jar bracket + rubber dampener mounts 3 mounts are brand new $225 shipped Retails for $281.47 (see last pic)

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