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Found 38 results

  1. HORN BUTTON EXCLUDED! Genuine Momo Alpina, size 380 mm. Leather isn't dry, has some patina and a small cut at 2 o'clock. Stitches are intact. Well used steering wheel, needs some TLC. BRAND NEW Momo padding and Momo Alpina horn button. EDIT: HORN BUTTON SOLD! Hub fits all 02 models. Price: 400 FIRM, world wide shipping included. EDIT: PRICE DROP, NOW $ 250
  2. This vintage wooden Nardi steering wheel is in excellent condition - really, really nice. Possibly better than an NOS with typical shelf wear, but that's likely a stretch. Anyway, its about 360mm diameter, or 14 1/4" - maybe a touch larger, but I don't think they listed a 365mm? Slight dish. Nardi uses the Personal hub flange, slightly different than Momo, but lots of adapters to go back and forth between those patterns if you already have a Momo adapter or can't find a Nardi specific one for your car. Wood is in excellent condition - no defects found. Spokes are really nicely polished. A few smaller scratches I tried to photo but definitely not significant, IMO. Get a true vintage wheel instead of a modern one. $550 obo
  3. I know its a long shot, but I always figure its best to leave no stone unturned. Looking for a 3-spoke, 38cm, black, Momo Alpina (Prototipo style) steering wheel that was a standard on the e9 CSL. Willing to pay cash and/or I have some very cool and unique wheels that I could potentially offer for trade/partial trade. Please PM me with any questions, leads or potential deals. Pictures are examples of what I am looking for:
  4. Hi Folks, I don’t post here much but some of you may know me from the e9 forum. I recently restored a vintage momo prototipo. The wheel has the original foam but all new period correct leather and stitching. The work was done in Europe by a skilled craftsman that is able to closely and accurately reproduce the complex momo stitch pattern. The work is absolutely stunning. Also included is a very rare silver ring period correct momo horn button. The only other for sale at the moment is $300 on eBay. It is one of my prized bits but it completes the package. The hub is an equally unobtanium solid hub #153. I also have a replacement horn plunger in order from ECS tuning, which I will install before shipping. I have the wheel mounted to an accordian hub in the pics, but it is not included (unless you prefer a collapsible hub instead). This wheel is for someone looking for a like-new period piece. With that said it is over 40 years old. There are a few dings on the wheel, and the horn button has minor scuffs. The Prototipo logo has long since vanished. A little context about the wheel. This one has a standard logo with no date. It had a square stitch on the spoke wrap as well. The stacked momo logo ended around 1973. The date code started in the late ‘70’s. The square stitch ended around 1981. This wheels is from the mid 70’s and age appropriate for the 2002.
  5. I have three very cool 13x6 MOMO wheels for sale. Was going to search for a fourth and make a set to use but have moved in another direction and these are just sitting as "cool parts" in my shop. I don't know what the offset is but do know there were on a hot rodded 74 Tii for years and years. Time to move on! Asking 200$ plus shipping.
  6. $200 + shipping
  7. eBay Listing MOMO Cavallino Steering wheel. Has the original center pad and authentic (not modern) MOMO horn button. Also comes with MOMO hub. Leather and stitching is in very good shape. This steering wheel is very comfortable. Size is 35cm. Asking $300 $225 obo one eBay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/323474681265
  8. This was a SCCA Track night in america event at Portland International Raceway. There was three 20 min sessions and this is from the last. I was pushing my car harder during the last race, and I had a lot of fun. My 2nd gear is going out so I tried not to shift down, but every so often I'd shove it in there. It needs a few more tuning sessions as the new carbs were very recently installed. I am driving my daily 1974 BMW 2002 that has a dual Weber 40 DCOE, long tube 4-1 headers, stainless exhaust, and a few other things that you can find out on my wheelwell page.
  9. Not sure how popular this is but I have for sale 'prototipo' decals in both Black & White: $10/ea including shipping PayPal: [email protected] (please specify black or white in notes) I will confirm payment + shipping for buyer(s) Thanks, Mo
  10. I sell my rare Momo GT (code M20340 GT/Prototipo) . Condition of the wheel is good, with a few rough spots. it has a mark in the lower spoke and on the backside of the wheel there is a rough spot in the leather, visible on the pictures. The Wheel is badass and looks spot on in the interior of a BMW 02. The size is aprox. 35cm. Hard to find this wheel, but because of the few rough spots I offer this ons for $315,- usd ex shipping. it comes complete with hub and horn button. Best Regards and cheers, Bouke
  11. Some of you may have noticed I have been collecting steering wheels for awhile. And every once in a while I find some nice deals to pass on for cool wheels that work well in our 2002, especially the larger size ones. If you’re looking for a nice 380mm vintage wheel this is a pretty badass option. Here I have up for sale is a gorgeous possibly NOS 38cm leather Momo Steering Wheel. The front is perfect condition, I would have thought it was unused if there weren’t very slight mounting marks on the back where the hub attaches. It’s in 10/10 condition. This rare classic Ferrari Testarossa wheel is date stamped ‘84 likely a first production run issue, but looks great in a 2002! There is one other one on eBay right now from some vulture selling for $1,300, but I am selling my nicer one for $375+ shipping. Happy to answer any questions For reference only- an Identical Wheel in a 1600:
  12. Good condition Momo Italy steering comes with adapter Has horn button Came off a 1976 BMW 2002 Steering wheel is $300 new just looking to get something out of it, friend went back to factory wheel Willing to ship Call or text 217-653-8566
  13. Unique chance to buy an original black old Momo Prototipo in good condition. The leather is smooth and not dry. It has some marks of usage/ storage (?) in the leather, please have a close look at the pictures. The spokes have the original anodized black color and the Prototipo marking is also in very good condition. Stitching is all there, original and good. The wheel is very solid and a pleasure to drive with. Momo did not date their wheels up to 1976. I know my wheels, so I can date this one back to a second series Prototipo 1973 - 1975 Original series marking M20340. The black spoked ones are even more rare then the silver spoked ones feel free to ask any questions. Asking price: $ 650,- ex shipping, including the hub and horn button Paypal accepted item location in the Netherlands Shipping cost world wide $40,-
  14. I had to try one of the "new" MOMO Heritage wheels after looking over their website. I have a 1983 MOMO Veloce wheel which is great but wanted to change the view from black to chrome. The new California wheel is nice but not quite the quality from 1983 IMHO. Leather edge at wheel spokes has a rough cut and wheel grip diameter feels tiny (~1") compare to the Veloce 1 1/8". Overall a nice looking wheel and I'll see if we become better friends on the 10 hour drive to Asheville.
  15. Just wanted to share with forum a couple of original 38cm Momo Alpina Steering wheels I have been able to acquire through some degree of concerted effort. The silver one I obtained from Germany over a year ago from a collector. He is mostly a Porsche guy so was willing to let this one go. Although, I was made aware that Alpina wheels were in fact marketed to Porsche owners back in the day (see the fine print on the ad below in the top right corner). I never thought I would see another one, at least not anytime soon but a few weeks ago an e9 owner posted the black one on a steering wheel thread, and well, I couldn’t resist to pair it up with my other. These are 1st generation Alpina wheels commissioned by Alpina for Gianpiero Moretti’s fairly young company at the time MoMo (an acronym for the first two lettters of Moretti and Monza). The straight line MOMO stamping on the back indicates these were manufactured around ‘66-‘67. While a later more coveted nowadays 38cm version came standard issue on carbed e9 CSL’s, these earlier 38cm Momo Alpina wheels were designed for and used on 2002’s - making them much more badass . Well, at least certainly more rare. The leather on the black one is about toast, but they are overall both in great condition and I am beyond thrilled to have found them. And hey, they are in pretty good condition for being over 50 years old! Enjoy the pictures! J
  16. Hi Folks, Markos from e9Coupe here. I’m raising capital for my project car and attempting to make space. I like to operate transparently so apologies in advance for the long winded email. I bought this Jackie Stewart momo signature wheel a few months ago. An impulse purchase because it was cheap, just under $150! I actually planned on keeping it, but I’m distracted by the next absolutely-must-have e9 item. I added a period correct momo 155 hub with a 2002 horn plunger. The hub was sanded smooth, texture painted, and hit with a satin top coat. I also added a period correct “silver ringed” momo button. I have three of these buttons and this is my best one. I like to take them apart and clean the silver ring and button face, but this one I didn’t touch. History and info: The wheel 350mm, and it is from 1978. This is right around when *most “square stitch” momos ended (back side of spoke leather), and a few years into the date stamped momos. The Jackie Stewart wheel had a really long run, and it is the only signature wheel that you can also find in early form with a “stacked logo”. There was one other rare Jackie Stewart wheel which I also have (based on the Prototipo S), but it needs leather. Condition: 40 year’s old, you know the drill. No major dents, bends, or scratches. Typical scuffing, minor scratches, dings and what not. The seam on the leather is solid, but is opened about 2mm. It looks like at some point (long ago) the leather was dyed, because the stitches are no longer white. Overall the wheel is in good shape, but it is no instagram beauty queen. This wheel is for a driver, and the Jackie Stewart has a fat comfy grip that is great for spirited driving. Momo 155 Hub: You can search through the 2002faq and find references to this hub, with prices referenced below. It is a “solid hub”, all aluminum. At some point momo had a version where the bottom piece was sheet metal, secured to the aluminum with three screws, but as mentioned this hub is one piece cast aluminum. This hub was from another signature momo that I got from the Island of Misfit Toys. All six screws were seized to the hub, but heat and patience removed 5. the last one was beyond stuck, dissimilar metals kind of stuck. I had to drill out the screw, and sadly my bit wandered into the soft aluminum. I filled the area that wandered, tapped the hole well past the bad area, and chased the threads on the five other holes. The hub is threaded a good 25mm (aka 1 inch), and a momo screw only has about 8mm of engagement. I will be including longer screws to ensure that you are threading into unscathed aluminum. See pics below for a visual on the fix. Although the existing short screw threads tight, keep in mind that grant wheels have five screws and some wheels like Ifalvolanti have 3 (albeit larger diameter). Momo 2003 Hub: Just in case the 155 hub fix makes you queasy, I’m including a coarse spline collapsible hub with 2002/e21 etc. fitment. Breakdown: If I sold the horn button stand alone, I would list for $150. Some folks are trying to sell these for $200 now but I think that is a bit excessive. In good condition I would sell the hub for $100, but it is often listed for more. The wheel is worth what I paid for it, which again was around $150. I threw all of these items together simply to facilitate a quick sale. Hopefully someone is interested! Longer screws: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Black-S-S-Taper-Steering-Wheel-Screw-Bolt-Kit-Nardi-Personal-Sparco-OMP-Momo/232307449147?hash=item36169a5d3b:g:sDIAAOSwBOtY9~UD:sc:USPSFirstClass!98020!US!-1 I’m asking $300 plus shipping. I’m guessing I can get this thing across the country for under $25. PM or reply for more info or pics. My Competition: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m4084.l1313.TR4.TRC0.A0.H0.Xmomo+j.TRS0&_nkw=momo+jackie+stewart Thanks!
  17. Very nice vintage Momo Sprint 350mm steering wheel. There is no date on it which leads me to believe it is a period correct wheel for an 02 since most of the Momo wheels post '76 have dates on them. The leather and threads are nice and tight with a nice patina. There are two small scrapes on the wheel, one on the front and one on the back, very shallow and barely noticeable. Please look at the pics closely. The wheel has a very nice thick diameter grip similar to a Jackie Stewart. $125 + shipping.
  18. Dear FAQ, I'd like to start a lasting discussion about boss kits, steering hub adaptors, indicator/turn signal cancelling, horn contacts and anything else to do with putting nicer looking steering wheels in our cars. As you probably know, Nardi/Personal use a 6x74mm PCD, while Momo/Italvolanti/OMP and others use a 6x70mm PCD. For maximum adaptability, a lot of aftermarket hub's are drilled for both PCD's - which is great - but the vast majority of them suck in one way or another, lacking proper horn contacts, indicator cancelling tabs, or both. I have been using a Nardi Classic 390mm for a few years on a Luisi boss kit (model 1502) which was working okay (just okay...) until I pulled it out to modify it and ruined it. This hub included a proper tab for cancelling the indicators, albeit too small a one, until i snapped it off. I currently have two adaptors, one marked 1501, one marked 1502. They differ slightly and in a rather annoying way (On the left is 1502, which used to have a horn tab, which I modified, then dropped and snapped off) I wasn't happy with how much rotation I needed to cancel the indicators, so I was widening the tab to hit the cancelling tab earlier. So now I'm facing modifying one of the bosses to include some indicator cancelling posts, which need to be non-conductive or well insulated because of how close they are to the column so that the horn doesn't stay grounded. Either that, or find a good replacement that will do everything it should properly! BTW, my car is a RHD '76 and has the indicator stalk on the left What boss kits have you had good experiences with? Is there any standard steering wheel parts that can work with any aftermarket adaptors? Can you easily cancel the indicators by hand, like in a more modern car? My indicator stalk unit doesn't like to be forcibly cancelled at all, and i'm wondering if it's faulty or worn out, of if they're all like that.
  19. Getting rid of a few things collecting dust. 1. New passenger side door handle with two keys (51216442101). These go for $90-$95 from most retailers. How's $80 shipped? OBO. SOLD! 2. Early solid MOMO hub. Missing brass pin. Rarely do these come up for sale. I searched the FAQ for sale section for comps, but came up empty. I'll let it go for $80 shipped. SOLD! Paypal preferred. You choose, send payment as gift for asking price, or send for goods/service for asking price plus paypal fees. Regards, Jason
  20. exactly what it says. looking for one and any oither pieces ill need to make horn and turn signal turn off.
  21. Price:: 60.00 Location: : Marin County, CA This has been on a nail in my garage for too long. Foam grip is firm, some material top and to the left has sun damage. It is just under 14 inches in diameter. Please Pmail if interested, I can ship if needed for cost of shipping.
  22. Looking for 6 bolt Momo/Personal hub for my '73. PM please if you have a spare laying around. Thanks!
  23. Price:: 400 Location: : Canoga Park Bought these intentions of using. Decided not to. They are not new comes as you see, no rails. make me an offer.. I do not want to ship. I am in SoCal. call me at 818 426 1423
  24. Price:: 180.00 Location: : richmond, ca i am selling an original momo steering wheel its in great condition no rips, creases, rubber is in good condition, hardware included.

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