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Found 17 results

  1. I live in the Bay area, which means that two weekends ago was the highlight of my 2016 automotive schedule - Monterey car week. For the past three years I've gone to the historic races on Saturday and Sunday, but since this was BMW's 100th birthday I talked my dad into coming out and we added Friday's Legends of the Autobahn to the itinerary. Of course, I had kept this new car secret from my dad since purchase... I wanted to see the look on his face when I picked him up from the airport in this old thing. No photos this time, but all he could do was laugh and shake his head. Needless to say, he's a fan. We woke up super early Friday morning and drove down to Legends, where I was displaying my M3. It's a driver, and under normal circumstances I wouldn't 'show' it at anything beyond cars and coffee type events, but they were keen on getting E30Ms for the 30th anniversary of the car, so I jumped in. I took quite a few photos that you can view here, below are some highlights. Huge showing of E9s, 2002s, and E30 M3s. I've never seen so many significant BMWs in one place! I guess that is kind of the point. The show was excellent - met some really nice folks whose names I forgot, spoke with some of the BMW Classic reps and got a cool license plate frame, took notes from the fully-restored 02s. There were probably 50 Neue Klasse cars there, every variety - standard, tii, touring, convertible, targa, turbo - but no Ceylon! I guess it's rare after all. As Legends wound down, my dad and I drove into Monterey to check out the Supercars on Cannery Row event. No doubt, there were some amazing cars in attendance, but it wasn't really my style of car event. It was packed to the gills, and a bit heavy on flat bills, instagram handles, vinyl wraps, and aspiring YouTube celebrities. The photos I was able to shoot around all the crowds are here, highlights below. Saturday and Sunday were the real meat of the weekend, the historic races at Laguna Seca. In three years I've never even considered going to the Pebble Beach concours, paying $300 to see primped and polished one-offs sitting idly on the grass. The historic races are absolutely mind-blowing and BMW's presence made this year extra-special. I took a TON of photos, available here, below are my highlights. Words and photos don't do it justice. Make plans now to attend next August. (but seriously, I think you do actually have to book a hotel almost a year in advance) My dad and I didn't get a hotel in the area, instead we drove the 1.5 hours back and forth each day. The Brass Rat was more than up to the task, and we had no issues. It was a great car for the event!
  2. The departure of my '71 Chamonix left the M3 as the focus of my attention. I spent a year or so bringing the car back into fighting shape, as all of the rubber in the car was original, worn out and dry rotted. Every suspension bushing, engine mount, intake gasket, you name it. The car still has needs, but overall it's running very well and is driven often. It's pretty close to stock, with a chip, suspension, and wheels. There's a link to my progress thread on s14.net down in my signature if you want to see more. Recently I moved house, and a bigger garage and driveway were key criteria. The upgrade from an extremely narrow 1-car garage to a 2-car garage and large driveway was just the excuse I needed to start considering another car. I found myself missing my old '02, and watching Craigslist daily for the right car to come along. I wanted a car that was decently close to stock, in good running order, preferably not pristine so that I could do some mild modifications and not feel guilty about it. I looked at a few normal 02s, as well as one Malaga tii that had decent cosmetics but was mechanically on death's doorstep. On a Thursday three weeks ago, I found this Ceylon '73 tii on my local Craiglist. I wasn't able to see the car that weekend, but I watched along and told myself that I would call on Monday if the car was still available. To my horror, on Monday morning I found that the car had been posted to BringATrailer, exposing my local secret to an enormous audience. I called the seller, who had been inundated with calls from all over the country and had an agreement pending with a guy in Texas. By Thursday the car was still posted for sale, and I received a message from the seller - Texas guy flaked, want to see the car? That night I drove the car, which was true to the seller's claims - ugly, but mechanically sound - and on Friday I made an offer that was accepted. The thing that I found amazing was that, despite one week passing from initial posting to my test drive, with the car's national exposure on BaT, I was the first and only person to actually come out and see the car in person. I thought BaT was a magic sales elixir, but that was not the case this time. I picked up the car on Saturday and, with a big smile on my face, started driving around town, picking up friends. I was having a blast until it stalled and would not restart - turns out the fuel gauge is dodgy. Whoops. Just add it to the to-do list... With the car in my driveway, I started trying to learn more about the history of the car. More on that in the next entry.
  3. achman

    1997 M3/4/5

    From the album: Other cars

    1997 M3/4/5 Artic Silver/Black Turner Motorsports Stage 3+ with 24lb injectors, Shrick cams, M50 manifold, etc.

    © ©brian ach

  4. I currently have a 265/5 E30 M3 dogleg gearbox for sale is surplus to requirements. This gearbox has recently undergone a fresh and complete rebuild with all worn parts replaced, including new bearings/synchros/seals/gaskets etc. The gearbox hasn't been used since the rebuild, so has covered 0 miles. For this I'm looking for £3850 I also have available a standard non-rebuilt low mileage Getrag 265/5 dogleg close ratio gearbox in perfect working condition. For this I'm looking for £3250 Both gearboxes are ideal for anyone carrying out an S14 swap into a 2002 or wanting a close ratio dogleg gearbox to fit to their M10 engine. Bellhousing available if required. Worldwide shipping available and happy to provide quotes on request. Please see pictures below of the rebuilt gearbox.
  5. Just helped my Vintage race co-conspirator get his M3 painted and back together in time for the Mitty next week here at Road Atlanta. Looks pretty good for a nearly 30 year old racecar. We'll be running in Group 3 with this M3 and my E-Production 325. Once we get past the Mitty I might see about cleaning up and painting the E-Prod car.
  6. First off, apologies to readers because I know this is not a 2002 post. However, I am not sure where this kind of post should should reside, plus I think 02ers would enjoy an E30 M3 story. Plus, M10 and S14 cars share the same yadda yadda yadda... My name is Beck and I am freelance photojournalist and wedding photographer in San Francisco. I also have a '74 2002 Tii which is how I got connected to Rich (rlobdill), fellow Tii owner and current seller of this beauty, an all original, high mileage, but thoroughly cared for, E30 M3 in black on black. Although I never work in product or advertising photography, I agreed to shoot Rich's chariot for the Bring a Trailer listing. No matter how the shoot went, I'd get to hang out with another 02er and ride in an E30 M3! Right off the bat, I felt a little out of my element. I am used to photojournalism where adaptation matters more than imagination. My natural instinct is not to direct, it is to observe and process. But direction is exactly what was needed. We started off by driving through out the Marin Headlands, making some nice portrait and detail work. This isn't a typical advertising shoot since these types of listings require much more detail work and little to no lifestyle imagery. So later we went to Rich's house where we did more technical photography, documenting important aspects of E30 M3's as well as every matching vin sticker (this car has all the originals vin stickers, including on the head). Despite taking several hours longer than I expected, the shoot was a an great experience. I wouldn't mind doing more, but would probably try to push the lifestyle part a bit more. What makes an E30 M3 owner's life special or unique? How is an E30 M3 used differently than a regular E30? Those kind of things. The completed Bring a Trailer listing can be found here: http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1989-bmw-m3-5/ For reference, my editorial work can be found here: http://beckdiefenbach.com Weddings: http://beckdiefenbach.com/weddings/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thedief/
  7. While driving home today from work, I spotted a black Mercedes C63 AMG (C-class sedan with 6.3 litre V8) moving along quite rapidly. VA personalized tag: LOL M3 He darted between two vehicles in front of me and the exhaust note was pretty darn amazing (I had my windows up in the Pilot)....
  8. Price:: 100-1000 Location: : 18947 Hello, I have bought a parts car to help finish my 2002 project. I will be picking the car up this week and take tons of photos but I wanted to get the ball rolling. Chassis is a 67 1602 that had an S14 put into it. Unfortunately the car wrecked pretty badly so there are a lot of items that are not any good. There are no interior pieces for sale. Gas tank - appears to be a replacement item rear trunk lid - in beautiful shape, a nice silver color roundie tail light assembies rear subframe, control arms, etc bilsteins front and rear, will try and confirm part number performance springs, brand unknown but will confirm (4) 16" 6 spoke wheels, have to confirm brand. The one has a bend in it, not sure how the tires held up. S14 engine parts... Cylinder head/cam trays air plenum throttle bodies camshafts pistons rods crankshaft I will update this ASAP with photos and pricing but feel free to send a message to inquire for more information, etc. Car will be located at PA, 18947. Will ship at buyers expense but local pickup is preferred and will be necessary for larger items. Thanks Josh
  9. Hello All, Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but I'm looking to get ahold of a '75 '02 and had an idea. I'm curious to find out if anyone has tried or knows if it's possible to put the engine from an M3 (any year) into a 2002. If it is possible, what exactly would need to be done and what do you think it would cost? As of now it isn't something I would do, but a friend joked about it in passing and piqued my curiosity.
  10. Hello everyone. I'm new to bmw2002faq so forgive me in advance for any dumb questions. I bought a 76 2002 project car last October and it came with a full set of extra parts including a complete s14 engine, transmission , wiring harness, ECU / everything in the enclosed picture from a 1989 E30 M3. I have everything you see in the attached photos. My issue is I'm not sure if I want to go the S14 engine swap route ..... car came with a perfectly good m10 engine. I see lot's of misc s14 parts on ebay etc but never the complete package like I have. My question is what is this engine/ tranny worth? Anyone interested in this for their project? Right now it is just taking up space in my garage.
  11. mlytle

    M3 on a lift

    Scope creep sets in once again.... so my 97 M3 is 20years old this month. I have had it since new, and after 20 years, 98k miles, and some track time...it is time to refresh a bunch of bits, including most of the rubber. I had trashed the PFZ brake pads overdriving them, just a little, at the last track event, so i started with the front brakes. up, up and away! front calipers rebuilt and painted, new brake lines, new rotors and sway bar adjusted. i had already redone all the bushings up front two years ago. and then the back of the car fell off..piece by piece. first the diff e-brake assemblies trailing arm....at which point i found out the upper and lower outer control arm bushings were shot. argh. they are a pita to press. then the rear subframe. the four subframe bushings are the things you need to change at 100k on E36's....when they crack the flex causes the subframe mounts to rip out of the bottom of the car. creative use of tool chest and jack...the high lift tranny jack has not arrived yet. enough for one day. the shop is definitely starting to look....used!
  12. Hi guys, As I'm preparing for the s14 swap, I am going through checklists, making sure I have what I need where I need it. I've been looking through most m2 swaps on this forum, and have noticed that US s14 engines have exhaust headers with "air ports" coming off from every primary tube. I haven't had a chance to measure the primaries and secondaries yet, but my guess is that this is a "Euro" header of some sort. I would almost go as far as to say that these are a bit beefier and possibly have larger primaries than a US exhaust manifold. Those who have done this swap, what are your opinions on this? I want to document this swap correctly, using the right parts. After a quick google search, I was brought to this link. It has a lot of useful information that I will try and clarify dimensions within the next two days. http://www.e30m3project.com/e30m3performance/myths/more_myths1/headers/index.htm Here is what I have going on. Notice the header in these photos.
  13. Drive posted an interesting video about the skyrocketing price of the E30 M3. They question they try to answer is if the recent jump in price is warranted or just a bubble. http://drive.jalopnik.com/is-the-e30-bmw-m3-the-most-overhyped-classic-of-our-gen-498919111 What are you thoughts? *I know this isn't directly '02 related but since there are so many M2 buildes on here I figured it was good info.
  14. From the album: Cars & Coffee

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