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Found 23 results

  1. message if interested
  2. Hi So after a nice summer the headlights have stopped working, the parking lights & turn signals work as do the tail lights/brake lights. SO some FAQ guys have re-wired the head lights? Need recommendations of where to start...thanks
  3. Tested and working. Single horn 335Hz from pre 74 02 Asking $25 including the shipping to lower 48 US only.
  4. Hi I was curious if anyone knows any solutions for stopping the horn from going off after turning left. My horn will not honk manually, but whenever I turn it about 30 degrees to the left it goes off. Is there any diy solutions or ways to just completely stop the horn from going off?
  5. Found this on Amazon, very similar to the air horns we used back in the 70’s too easy not to do , no drilling . Simply attach the compressor where the oem horn was and use the same spade connections to power ( I choose the drivers side). the Horns attach to the head light stud bolts nearest the radiator .bend the supplied brackets to point forward.
  6. Hello Folks After a long search I can not seem to find my answer. I have a 74 base model that had an awesome working horn, but a faulty turn signal Hi-low switch. I was able to source and swap the turn signal lever that works great, but now the horn beeps whenever the key is turned on I have a Momo wheel and hub, I have tried to ensure that the ring is centered but as soon as the spring "button" extending from the hub comes in contact with the ring... BEEP! Anyone have a clue as to what I could be missing or doing wrong? Thank you in advance. Dan.
  7. 2k2tii


    message if interested
  8. 35cm *original hub *original horn button *original horn contact *original hub cover (not broken) *original grip (firm grip, not loose) $900 + shipping
  9. Alright - another brain teaser of sorts for everyone. [1976 CA 2002, 123 Distributor, after market radio and Momo horn button] Recently my engine felt like it was running rough, and I got the sense it was an electrical issue with the cables. I replaced the spark plug cables and redid the connectors to the coil, as well as the butt joints on my 123 Distributor. The car ran for about 200 miles, and then somewhat randomly my temp gauge started jumping all over the place. The gauge goes all the way to red when I use my turn signals and will pulse with the electric fuel pump clicking. It seems to "buzz" and randomly hop around. Additionally when I turn my headlights and radio on at the same time the radio / head-unit turns off, then reboots, in a loop. I also noticed today my horn doesn't work and my door horn buzzer sounds different - higher pitch and more annoying than ever. The horn button is after market, but is connected with a green & yellow wire and a black ground wire. The black ground wire was just jammed down into a tiny hole apparently. I checked for a current across the green wire and ground with the car on, but didn't see anything. I checked the following: Extra ground wiring my mechanic added to the instrument cluster with a ground wire going from the temp gauge to the steel plate the gauge cluster rests against Brown ground cables underneath the steering wheel that bolt up to the transmission tunnel Brown ground cable holding about 5 wires in the engine bay next to the battery. This looked rough, so I trimmed it and added a new and separate ground terminal to each line. The thickest brown wire I butt jointed to the "accessory" wire that comes off my battery. Checked all my fuses, and cleaned their perches. Checked under the fuse box to see that the connections looked snug. Removed the two orange relays and cleaned them at the front towards the battery. My turn signals, headlights, brake lights, brights and fog lights work. The radio will turn on.
  10. Need this part which looks NLA from usual online stores... SKU: 32331112222 Please help!!
  11. I've got an aftermarket steering wheel and my horn ring just kind of jiggles around, not really contacting anything. I tried searching, but didn't come up with anything. Steering wheel is Luisi brand. Is there some kind of adapter? My steering wheel does have a button which wires to a pin. The pin should make contact with the ring, but don't know how to mount it in order for electrical contact. Advice on this issue would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Hi Guys, Just wanted to share this info in case someone needs it... I searched around but only found incomplete answers to my questions. Something simple, but it was bothering me. brief intro: Bought an 02 with a Moto-Lita steering wheel, horn didn't work. Took it apart, noticed the contact from back of horn button to steering column "ring-contact" was not present. To make the constant contact with the steering column ring, I was originally going to use a bolt through a spring, surronded by a rubber sleeve (to insulate it from the hub). Did some searching, didn't know what the contact would be called. Turns out it was called a "horn brush." I tracked one down at blunttech.com. They had stock ones in-stock ~$15 (not listed on the site). From my searches I read that this works with Nardi wheels (but not confirmed). ...but before placing the order i contacted Moto-Lita by phone (had originally emailed them), turns out they have a solution, and will be sending me a pencil contact. £5.00 hope this helps some. Anthony
  13. Thanks to the forum I was able to successfully search and find a good "how to" to access, remove and replace/repair the worn out turn signal/high beam switch. I have the replacement switch in, tested it, put the relay back in that I removed years ago so I won't flash the oncoming cars when I hit a little bump in the road. This will be nice! Unfortunately, when I took it apart I somehow have managed to create 2 different issues. 1. I believe I have assembled it correctly, but when I tighten down the steering wheel nut, turn the key on, the horn goes beep, and doesn't stop. So now, I have my horn relay out until I sort this. 2. The detent on the steering hub isn't tripping the blinker shut-off. Has to be something stupid obvious that I am missing here. I have attached some photos of what I am working with. Can someone let me know if they see something glaringly incorrect? Appreciate the guidance. The photo below is what I believe to be the correct position for the horn ring. However, I do not remember the ring being on the outside like this when I removed the wheel. I think it was actually, somehow, pushed inside the column surround. This current position in the photo made sense to me as the notches and grooves all align nicely. The horn did work before as it should, even with the ring possibly installed inside the column surround. There was one caveat here… If I took a hard, fast turn, the horn would would sometimes give a subtle chirp. Probably related to the PO incorrect reinstall. It was a rare enough occurrence to just leave it alone. Until now, of course. This second photo is the back of the steering wheel hub. Looks fine to me. Anything missing? This thread here mentions that the turn cancellation ring can be rotated. My ring seems pretty snug so I can't imagine it moved after removing the wheel. It also looks like it needs to be up against the white plastic switch when the wheel is slide back on, correct? I followed the below note from the above mentioned thread. "I put the tab in the 9 o'clock position on my '74tii with the turn signal on the left hand side. On my '73 the tab is at 3 o'clock position because the turn signal is on the right hand side. When you rotate the tab into position, you need to push the white plastic piece outward slightly so that it rests against the metal tab." And last, this photo below is of the replaced switch in place—plastic white switch is at 3 o'clock (straight) The blue book says the distance is supposed to .003" to the canceler tab (for an early model) I have a '74. Is that not correct? The steering wheel is not tripping the blinker to cancel so I must have it wrong. Anything look strange here?
  14. Hi guys, A quick background. My car has been standing for the past 4 weeks, during which time I did a 5-speed swop. After completion I drove around with no problems, except that the basic electrical components don't work. The indicators, brake lights, horn and windscreen wipers have stopped working. However I can engage the parking side lights as well as the emergency flasher, so I know power is getting through on other circuits. I've checked the fuses and the battery voltage and they're all A ok. Any thoughts on what the obvious thing may be that I'm missing here ? Are these components linked in some way ? Would a bad grounding affect them ? Many thanks for your responses in advance. cheers >G<
  15. i have no idea what horns came stock on 2002's. each of the 02's i have owned had a different configuration and model of horn(s). i pulled a couple of hella trumpet style horns off one of my other cars and have been using them in the M2. well...seems they got old and just didn't work anymore. i popped the cover off them and there was a little corrosion in there which was probably causing the issue. could have cleaned them up, but instead decided to try some new horns. got a set of Hella Supertone horns. about $55 from amazon. compared to the old hellas the install is not even a one beer job. on a stock 2002 that came with two horns, it is a two bolt and 4 wire deal. the positive wires go to the terminal labeled '13", ground goes to terminal "08". my car is a little different due to some radiator and intake changes i have done. before, passenger side mount behind headlight after drivers side after. had to make a shorter tab for back to clear air filter much better. and louder. hard to tell volume in this vid clip, but you get the idea.
  16. Hey All, I have a Personal(Nardi) steering wheel that came with my car and was trying to figure out the best way to hook up a horn button. The button is one of those plastic ones with two wires on the back and my wheel has the hole in the back for the wires to pass thru to the steering column, but is there a horn ring or something that I'm missing? Otherwise, if you try to hook the wires up directly, they would just pull loose if you turned the wheel too far. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Greg
  17. I bought a '69 02 a few years ago and have sorted out most of the major operating issues it had when I first bought it. While the car is parked for the cold Canadian winter, I have decided to plug away and clean up some of the more minor irritants I noted while driving it last summer. I was able to find a used 320i 3 spoke sport steering wheel online locally, and recently began removal of the old steering wheel, and install of the upgrade. Before starting I printed off the general install article from Bay area 02 and found it mostly helpful. I've run into a road block however, because the previous owner didn't have a horn attached to whatever generic steering wheel he had installed. The horn consisted of 2 loose wires attached to a button you'd depress with your thumb to activate if needed. The button was/is dangling just below the steering column. Where I run into the issue is I don't have the contact pin that would have been found originally on the 02. I do though have the brass ring that was just left neglected on the column by the last owner. What I'm wondering is, would it be easier to pick up another contact pin, or grab a horn contact adaptor like the one discussed in other postings? I guess it depends on how the horn is wired currently, but I thought I'd ask if anyone had some suggestions before I dig too deep. Thanks in advance...
  18. I'm stumped. My horns decided not to work, so I went a troubleshooting. Figured it was the relay so swapped it out for a known good relay. No good. So I delved further. Here's what I've checked so far: * relay terminals 30/51 (power source) & 86 (trigger) are both hot with the ignition on * terminal 85 (ground) shows continuity when I ground the horn slip ring (on the steering column) to the steering column shaft, which is grounded to the body. Thus the wire connecting the horn push on the steering wheel to the relay is good. 2002s have a grounding system for the horn--the steering wheel horn button (or push) grounds the relay, thus completing the circuit and causing the horns to blow. * running a lead directly from the battery to the green/yellow wire at the relay (that goes to the horns) causes 'em to blow, so the horns themselves are good * there's continuity between the horn button and ground when you press the button. * tried several different tested and known good relays * with all the terminals connected to the relay except the ground wire, I grounded terminal 85 to the battery. That should have completed the circuit and caused the horns to blow. It didn't. * with all terminals connected at the relay, I manually closed the points on the relay (I have the cover off). No spark at the points (which would indicate current flow), and not a peep from the horns. * I have 12 volts on both sides of fuse 8, which contains the horn circuit. And the fuse itself is nice and clean. I'm outa ideas. What have I missed? TIA mike
  19. Tested and working. Off of a 68 1602Cleaned and painted with bracket.Ready to install and use.Terminals are flat spade. Price includes priority shipping to conus w paypal friends
  20. Hello all, I'm slowly trying to get a 2002 back on the road. The PO had started to strip the car in plans to restore it and than lost interest...hence I stepped in. This weeks project is to put in the horns. But since they were missing I'm having a problem figuring out where they mount. The one on the drivers side seems obvious but I'm not sure about the passage side. I haven't found a good pic. Can someone post a pic of how their horns are mounted? -Ken
  21. See below
  22. 51111816421 51111816422 51119558125 x 2 $330 shipped

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