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  1. Test from Bear -- Markdown?

    First experiences with the 1975 Granatrot 2002 Hi all! My ’75 2002 came on Monday, and I’ve a bunch of first thoughts and impressions… thanks in advance for entertaining a long post... My first old car While I've been around old cars a bit (hell, even I'm getting old now), I'm working to set my expectation dials to match the reality of the experience. So far, the most fun is when I'm driving it around -- a lot of grins/mile. And, it's kinda amusing to be dusted by so many Priuses and Corollas. So, I'm another Bay Area 2002 owner now, and my drives have been around on the Peninsula. Turns out there's not heat in the car, so it's good we've mild weather (even if we've crisp mornings!), or I wouldn't be out so much. There's a post from back in May when I first bought the car (http://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/180178-newbie-upgrades-to-75-2002-as-its-prepared-as-a-fun-street-car/). I got good advice in response to that post. I bought the car without planning, and I've totally made some decisions I'd do differently along the way over the last 7 months. I had a little bit of work done in a shop in Wilkesboro, NC, with a guy my Uncle uses. He wasn't comfortable working on the engine/drivetrain, which was out of his usual wheelhouse (muscle cars), so I had the car moved to a shop in Matthews, NC near Charlotte. I had the suspension refreshed, the brakes rebuilt, the shifter rebuilt, the and engine checked out. The engine had good compression and leak-down. The oil smoke wasn't apparently bad valves, but oil diluted by gas from the engine running way too rich, and probably too thin an oil to begin with. It's not blowing smoke now at all like it was. "Fixed." My uncle fixed the sunroof (thanks RL!), which is great to have on the sunny afternoons here, and which is wired into my thinking of a 2002. The first sunroof cars I ever were around were 2002s, back when I was in high school. One of the coolest things. The car had pretty rusted-through floor pans. And it turns out, not such good fiberglass repairs on the rear shock towers, and some cancer in the spare-tire well. Josh at the shop in Matthews (Touring Car) did a lot of elegant and careful metal work. There are some photos of his work on the FAQ: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/gallery/image/5131-left-front-floor-pan/ So now the car's in really solid shape, and the drivetrain works well, with gobs of torque on hand, brakes that stop the car, suspension that's supple and predictable and true. --- I have a bunch of observations... Whoa, it's been a long time since my last no-power-steering car. Whoa, it's also a long time since I've had an old car, and had to press this hard on the brakes, this far in advance. But they work, and pull true. Drivetrain is really quite good -- thanks to Delia Wolfe and Dan at Touring Car for encouraging me to stick with it as is as I get to work on other projects of the car (there are a lot of those). Definitely great to have done the suspension refresh and the brakes. The suspension is supple, and well suited to the car as is for me right now. The ride is actually a lot more supple than my 2014 S4. I attribute that to having 13" wheels and non-rubber-band tires! The speedo is off by a LOT. Like it reads almost 10 miles per hour faster than I'm going when at 70, and even 6-7 mph faster when I'm at 40ish. The car has a Weber 32/36 DGAV. The car has a capacitive discharge spark thing -- something called a “Mark Ten B” by Delta Products The ODO reads about 66500, but how is that possible for a 41 year old car? The carpets read about that much mileage, perhaps The pedal covers similarly Seats need re-do, including mechanical repair to have them fold forward for backseat access (even to just keep a sweatshirt back there, or to get back there to clean the windows on the inside!). And they're not sufficiently supportive as is, after a very cursory re-stuff service. I didn't want these seats to be reworked unless they would come out well, and they didn't. There was a fair amount of structural rust repair to do on the car, and it ain't a show car now. But it seems pretty solid. My little to-dos so far My first little project? I RTV'd together the shift knob (leather BMW knob) back onto the threaded receiver. Is the shifter shaft supposed to rotate? Cibie H4 headlamps, nice. Passenger side needs a new bulb. My wife got me a gift -- coco mats. They're on order. Black and Grey checkered. We've come a long way in 40 years. My 2014 Audi S4 Prestige is a supercar Holy crap, if I didn't get into that car with its robotic-double-clutch automatic transmission and 333HP supercharged engine and alcantara-clad sport buckets and thick leather steering wheel and silent (relatively) operation and feel like I was piloting a spacecraft. Whoa. And that was before slipping it into sport mode, which is my usual immediate go-to as I pull out of my driveway.