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Found 9 results

  1. The motor is sold. Thank you to all those who messaged me. I’m sorry it didn’t work out, best of luck on your search.
  2. With a top- and bottom-side inspection complete, I feel that I have a pretty good idea of what the car needs in the near- and long-terms. Long term: just about everything on the body could use some attention. It's at least 5 distinct shades of gold, not to mention primer and brown in the back. Medium term: suspension bushings are crusty but don't show excessive play, motor smokes on overrun. Short term, the list looked more like this: 1. Strong fuel vapor smell in the cabin 2. Shift linkage/bushings completely shot 3. Speedometer non-functional 4. Gas gauge non-functional / dicey 5. Horn non-functional 6. License plate lamps non-functional / RH housing destroyed 7. Routine fluids / maintenance The vapor smell was high-priority, as it made the car unbearable for more than 15 minutes of driving or so. There is no shortage of cracked rubber and potential leak paths, but I started with the easiest thing - the fuel fill elbow. It was fried. The new one actually made a huge difference - my wife will now ride in the car with me. That's a win. Next up, while it's not on my list and not particularly important, I didn't like the AutoZone special cone filter. I tracked down an original intake on Craigslist in LA and had it shipped. Cool story: after the first couple of emails were exchanged behind the CL relay email service, the seller's next email came from his standard account with his email signature. It read "Jeff Kline - 2x Winner, 24 Hours of Daytona / 3x Winner, 12 Hours of Sebring" with a photo of a MkIV GT40 being hustled around a track. Seriously cool. We exchanged some emails, talking cars, and he sent me a photo of his old tii. Once again, these cars bring me in contact with awesome, passionate people. Anyway... There are two vacuum connections on the OE intake that obviously weren't being used with the cone filter. The larger one goes to the valve cover, the smaller one seems to run to the firewall. Any tips on what that hooks up to? Next up, Jon and I went down the local Pick-N-Pull, hoping to score some parts for our E30s and the tii. This '75 Riviera car was fairly picked-over, but I was able to snag some bits and pieces... the bulb holder for the rear license plate light, the quarter vent glass mechanism (mine doesn't seem to be engaging correctly), odds and ends. I pulled a vintage Sanyo cassette deck from the Fiat parked adjacent and I'm working on getting that wired up. The car came with a big, goofy Momo shift knob that was secured Frankenstein-style to the threaded shift rod with three grub screws. I swapped it for this nice NOS AMCO piece. I didn't get a photo, but I purchased a new tail lamp housing lens from eBay and got it installed. I am still working on getting the wiring set up correctly, but at least it looks better for now. It seems that, with regularly driving, the fuel gauge has gotten its groove back and is working fairly reliably. I have 2 gallons in a jerry can on board just in case, next to the fire extinguisher... Oil, transmission, and diff fluid arrived in the mail this week and I will be doing that job just as soon as I have some free time. The speedometer issue is currently remedied by an iPhone mount running Waze, showing real-time speed (as well as traffic conditions and speed traps). With the car made at least slightly prettier, it was ready for the lawns of Pebble Beach... okay, maybe the dirt general parking lot of Laguna Seca. 100 years of BMW celebration, in the next entry...
  3. Rebuilt Getrag 265/5 for sale. This gearbox has recently undergone a fresh and complete rebuild with all worn parts replaced, including new bearings/synchros/seals/gaskets etc. The gearbox hasn't been used since the rebuild. Looking for offers around £3850. Collection or worldwide shipping available.
  4. Hey guys, I need some help in figuring out which of the following suspension options is more ideal for the 2002 project I am just about to begin. I am very new to 2002s, but have plenty of e30 experience. I am positively going to 5- lug swap my 2002. I enjoy not only the wheel choices and brake upgrades, but also I enjoy putting in the time and thought on the more unusual and challenging projects. I want this 2002 to stand out, and for all the modifications to flow well together. Background information: The chassis is a 1974 2002, no sunroof. The car will be getting an m20b25 temporarily until my s14 can be reworked and built up to one day be swapped in. I’ll be running a Getrag 265/5 dogleg close ratio gearbox behind the m20/s14 (I have both bell housings to make this work). Also being used are both e30 front and rear sub frames modified to bolt onto the 2002 chassis. The sub frame swaps allow for a Z3 steering rack to be installed, engines mounted simply, and of course allows for the 5 lug trailing arms to be bolted up in the back of the car. First swap option: full e30 M3 suspension components. This set up offers 280mm/ 282mm rotor sizes front/ rear. Large wheel bearings are an advantage, and this set up changes track width exactly the same as the standard e30 4x100 trailing arm (this measurement I cannot accurately find, to those who have done it please chime in). 15” wheels are the minimum size using e30 m3 parts Second swap option: full Z3 M suspension components. This set up offers 315mm/ 312mm rotor sizes front/ rear. Also, the wheel bearing is even larger than the e30 m3 equivalent and this trailing arms is braced and reinforced. This set up does change track width even more drastically, increasing the width ~20mm more over the e30 M3 (which is already wider than that of the factory 2002). Another notable item is the weight change; the MZ3 components weight another 12 lbs more per corner than the e30 m3 parts, due mainly to the much larger rotors and calipers. 17” wheels are held as the minimum size to clear the Z3 M brakes, although a handful of 16 inch wheels are reported to fit. So to the enthusiasts and racers out there, which set up sounds more appealing? I’d like to keep this thread on topic with just discussing which 5x120 swap is more “ideal”. Either way, this 2002 will require some fender flares; I am aware of this and have been searching for weeks as to which flares I like best. I enjoy the turbo flares look most of all, but these cannot be utilized if the MZ3 parts are used. I would probably go with the Schnitzer flares, if they could be sourced, if the MZ3 parts are installed. Are the bigger MZ3 brakes a better way to go despite the weight and track width increases? Are Z3M brakes on a 2002 with ultimate power goals of ~200whp from the 4 cylinder s14 overkill? Or are bigger brakes at the end of the day always more ideal on a car that will see much spirited driving. Keep in mind wheel sizes, 17s on a 2002 are large, but they do offer better tire sizes. However, should the 2002’s suspension be as light as possible and thus use the e30 M3 parts to keep the feedback from the car optimized, matching the lightness of the overall chassis? I have the full e30 m3 suspension set up, and the rear Z3 M parts on stand-by in the barn sitting next to the 2002. I just cannot decide if I should run the e30 M3 bits or scoop up the front Z3M/ e36 M3 suspension and go the full blown crazy route with the Z3 M parts. Any insight, comments, concerns or questions appreciated! -Ryan
  5. So I was deep cleaning my door cards at about 2pm today when I get a call from a bmw friend. He tells me he's at the South Coast Auction House going through the lots when he came across some car parts. We then start a FaceTime and he goes through the lots. I was mildly excited because I knew there was some cool parts in there, but I wasn't sure what any of it would cost. Well, I put some real clothes on (because I was going out in public) and drive over the the auction house about 20 minutes before the bidding starts. I check out the lots and sure enough, there were some cool parts. I figured I could pick and choose what I wanted to bid on, but oh boy was I wrong. I just bought way too many Porsche and BMW parts and I have no idea why I did it. Here are the parts. I'm still scratching my head as to why I did this. e30 m3 ecu (and 10 other bmw ECUs) hmm, looks like two or three incomplete upper s14 parts, and 2 s14 blocks with one tii block: Transmissions? The top one looks like a 6 speed with a plate of some sort out front, and the bottom looks like a g245 but I didn't confirm either. Race car stuff? Looks like BMW parts, but could be porsche parts I think these are from a euro e36 m3. There are other euro m3 parts in here but I didn't photograph them. and better photos of all the stuff I bought. There are a bunch of Porsche parts. I saw stuff from a 964, 993, Carrera GT, and who knows what else. I'm not happy about this, but I'm not sad either. I wasn't able to take an intimate look at what I bought, but I will do so tomorrow when I pick it all up. I'll probably have to rent a uhaul for all this stuff. Come buy this stuff. I don't really want it.
  6. Price:: 100-1000 Location: : 18947 Hello, I have bought a parts car to help finish my 2002 project. I will be picking the car up this week and take tons of photos but I wanted to get the ball rolling. Chassis is a 67 1602 that had an S14 put into it. Unfortunately the car wrecked pretty badly so there are a lot of items that are not any good. There are no interior pieces for sale. Gas tank - appears to be a replacement item rear trunk lid - in beautiful shape, a nice silver color roundie tail light assembies rear subframe, control arms, etc bilsteins front and rear, will try and confirm part number performance springs, brand unknown but will confirm (4) 16" 6 spoke wheels, have to confirm brand. The one has a bend in it, not sure how the tires held up. S14 engine parts... Cylinder head/cam trays air plenum throttle bodies camshafts pistons rods crankshaft I will update this ASAP with photos and pricing but feel free to send a message to inquire for more information, etc. Car will be located at PA, 18947. Will ship at buyers expense but local pickup is preferred and will be necessary for larger items. Thanks Josh
  7. Not mine, no affiliation, etc... For those of you who have been breathing high octane fumes and have deep pockets.... https://charlotte.craigslist.org/pts/5935780802.html
  8. Very good condition overall, from my S14 donor motor. Includes everything you see in the pics. $300 USD plus actual shipping
  9. Hello fellow enthusiasts! So I bought this complete S14B23 engine and since I have a touring Im planning on installing this engine at it. I only have my 2002 Touring Tii which had the injection system removed and 45 DCOes added and the S14B23 engine Can you Please provide me a list of parts I need to install run and drive this engine at my 02? Is there a Recipy and Ingredients list for a basic Swap? What parts do I need? What needs to be cut or modified or removed etc. I need all possible assistance. If you already did this swap, know how to do it or what is required or know someone who did it and you have information to share please do so. All assistance will be appreciated there is no small cooperation. All comments welcomed! Cheers!

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