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Found 29 results

  1. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/cto/d/1974-bmw-2002/6668615197.html
  2. Hello all! Been quite some time. Despite being MIA, I haven't stopped loving 02s. I'll be brief: I've had a 74 Grey market euro car for a couple of years now and was gearing up to send it over to California where I currently reside. Car has been registered legally in NY for quite some time and has some federally mandated changes (ugly side markers added, mph speedo) already, done by the PO. Now, the law on the subject is a bit vague, but I want to know if I will run into any trouble trying to register it at the CA dmv. A Vin decoder will reveal its a European market car, but I highly doubly any dmv system will be able to decode the 7 digits to anything meaningful. The car is very original and I have a full restoration planned, but I wanted to hear from some other owners on the subject first. Thoughts?
  3. It was 6 years ago today that the car carrier showed up with my Nevada 69. From humble beginnings: $ 2,750.00 as purchased + $ 900 for freight to VA. The "entrails" of the complete wiring harness. The replacement Inka driver's door from a 76 My assistant in all things BMW related To a freshened state ready for more enjoyment. Lothar posing next to it. Happy motoring. I'm ready to do it all over again. The process is the best satisfaction.
  4. Year:: 1974 Make:: BMW Model:: 2002 Tii Price:: 7250.00 Location: : San Diego My brother and I have made the difficult decision to let one of our three 02 projects go. We've decided to let the 74 Tii go and keep our 69 & 72 standard Roundies. This car was disassembled with all body and paint done by its previous owner a few years ago, and there it sat with no further progress. We picked the car up with plans to put it back together stock with minor upgrades. However we have focused on our earlier cars and have left it sitting covered with no further progress. The car is a 74 Tii manufactured in July of 74. It is a matching SN's, Car, Engine, Steering Trim. The car has AC & Sunroof as well. The car is 85% complete, missing are the Tranmission and front & rear Windshields along with a few bits and pieces.. The motor has been out of the car for several years. All the Original Injection componets are here. This is great way to get a Tii at a reasonable price with body & paint done. Now you can pick how to finish the build & restoration yourself. Contact me for further details and pics. We are open to Reasonable OFFERS, NO LOW BALLS , this car needs to get to a good home, put back together to be enjoyed and loved. Please, Please SERIOUS Inquires Only. Do not send a long list of questions, ask for a parts inventory if you a NOT READY to Buy this car now. The car is available to been seen in North San Diego County Thank You for your time. Don PS I've added another pic of the right side view, due to a strange reflection that looked like possible damage.
  5. All you CA folks with '76 '02s--there's a bill to exempt pre-1981 cars to be considered in the CA legislature. Here's the scoop. Might want to contact your representative.... http://semasan.com/page.asp?content=aa2016CA4&g=SEMAGA&utm_source=ET&utm_medium=email&utm_content=50887467&utm_campaign=DrivingForce+Version+2 Worth a shot to get out from under those biennial emissions testing. cheers and good luck mike
  6. California requires a visual inspection and an actual test to pass smog. I have the smog gear still (although it is currently removed), but would like to keep my car in a state to where I could still possibly pass smog by throwing my old 32/36 back on come smog time. I am a novice when it comes to smog abatement, but would a car running larger manifolds, hotter cam, new exhaust, but with the smog equipment attached with a weak jetted 32/36 still be able to pass a CA smog check? How tough is it to differentiate a larger ported manifold vs a stock one? The visual inspector is looking at the carb, air filter and smog equipment (EGR, return hose, etc.) which could all be hooked up in a day fairly easily I imagine. Thoughts?
  7. Hi FAQ, A brief announcement for my new set of exterior decals. You can get them in the classifieds section: Regards, Mo Faraz
  8. Year:: 1975 Make:: BMW Model:: 2002 Price:: 8800.00 Location: : San Gabriel 1975 BMW 2002 for sale on Craigslist http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sgv/cto/5440912709.html VIN 2365343
  9. Howdy - so I am looking at a 1976 2002 CA car. It comes with all the EPA gear (which is nice in a way since I live in California) and it passed smog back in October. I've read that the 76' CA is the same as the 75' and is therefore the "least desirable model." This would be my first 2002, and I wanted to due all my due diligence. I don't really have the time to modify the car - no maintenance garage you see - and was curious if getting a 76' was even worth it, or if I should wait for a 74 or earlier. Are 75' / CA 76' really that bad? Is there a clear difference that spoils a lot of the 2002 pep? Or would a novice / first time owner like myself even notice? Thanks!
  10. So I know we can't register old blue plates on our 2002s in California, but has anyone ever done the following: 1) Found two matching blue plates somewhere that are no longer registered to any car 2) Got new personalized plates from DMV with the exact same combination of numbers/letters on your blue plates 3) Put your blue plates on your 02 instead of the personalized modern white plates you paid the DMV for I'm thinking of trying, but wanted to ask in case anyone has tried this, or if I'm missing something major that would prevent this idea from working.
  11. Hello all, I've been following this page for over 10 years now(at some points religiously) and I'm excited to announce I have finally bought a 2002 of my own! A dream come true. My dad daily drove and raced a 72 tii from new until 96. Unfortunately oxidation got the better of that car. Either way it lead to an obsession for me, an almost primal urge to own one... so happy day! Now the fun part. I live in Chicago and the car is in San Francisco. I'm flying out with my girlfriend on Friday and driving it back. What tools should I be bringing? So far the list is: zip ties, duck tape. Also California people any suggestions for must drive roads while I'm out there. Any meets going on? Would love to see some of these cars I've been following for so long. I feel as if a good portion of you guys are in California. Bring on the advice and warnings not to do it Best, Pierce
  12. 1976 BMW 2002 One family owned from CALIFORNIA with 132,000 miles. Excellent service records over the years and the original paperwork when she bought the car new. Was not ordered with a radio and never has had one installed. Very original car with one nice repaint in 1997 on all the original sheet metal. The paint is a basecoat/clearcoat that has held up good but does have a few small chips that have been touched up. The only change over the years is the factory carburetor was replaced with a Weber but still have the original and the air cleaner too. The interior is nice except for the bottom of the drivers seat and one very small crack in the dash pad. Also have over 100 other photos that I can email. 502 964 8473 If you have any other questions. 14500.00
  13. Hey folks! I'm Mike, professional photographer, Orange County resident, donut enthusiast. Last week I picked up my first-ever vintage car: A 1972 2002 with a 5-speed swap. It has a bit of rust in the spare tire well, sketchy rear brakes, a totally shot center tie rod, and could probably use some new brushings, but the body looks straight (as far as I can tell) and everything seems to work pretty well. It made the 90-mile trek from San Diego to Orange County in 95º heat and rush hour traffic with no problems, so that seems to be a good start. Anyway, being my first vintage car, I have no wrenching experience, but I'd like to get it up to daily-driver snuff and then some. I have no problem paying folks to help out, but I figure I should start learning so I can get a handle on the easier stuff. With that said, if anyone in my area needs a hand with their cars, or would like to walk me through mine, I'd appreciate it! Also, I know there's Independent down in La Jolla, but are there any other solid '02 shops in the SoCal area? I'm sure you can expect plenty of dumb questions from me in the future, so just a heads up on that! Thanks folks! -Mike
  14. Ive searched as much as i can stand and i still have not found an answer. I have a 1976 2002 and because i live in silly california it a smog tested vehicle. Ive had a stumbling issue and recently an odd grinding noise coming from the engine bay. After fully inspecting the ignition system i noticed the rotor on the distributor has some deep scratches on it and the contacts inside the cap have some pretty deep scratches and marks in them. I think the grinding noise i have been hearing is the rotor striking the contact points and its causing my stumbling issue. The shaft of the distributor seems fairly loose (1/8 inch of movement up/down and right/left) and I'm sure the bushings inside are shot. I was looking for a rebuild kit without any luck and my next option was the IE Tii distributor with electronic ignition but because my distributor Bosch 0 231 176 059 is a vacuum advanced model i wasn't sure if I would still pass smog with it. Does anyone have an answer for me?
  15. Hi All, First time posting. First and foremost Thanks to all of those who posted to this forum; all great information that has helped me become familiar with a car that I've wanted for so long. This is my first 2002 and I plan to make this into a daily driver, but it needs to be smogged (familiar subject on this forum). I believe I have all of the smog required parts; air pump, EGR valve, etc (big assumption)....and more. I've scoured the forums to see "how" the smog equipment is configured/installed in the 1976 models and I've found nothing. I've read the diagrams and they're helpful, but if someone has photo(s) of their '76 with the smog equipment installed or point me to a URL with the same I'd really appreciate it. It'll help me understand how the belts and pumps are supposed to be correctly installed and configured. Also, if anyone has pictures of their factory air conditioning pump installed (engine compartment) I'd appreciate it as well. Thx! Here's what I know about the car; -New crate motor -New clutch and flywheel -Came with new 32/36 Weber carb -has factory airconditioning (pump not installed) Here's what I've done so far: -Adjusted all of the valves, rechecked head bolts -New valve cover gasket -New alternator (to be installed today) -replaced rear tail light (cracked) -Installed new license plate lights. -Installed a used Bosch distributor with new o-ring, coil, points, rotor, cap, plugs and wires. -Installed an electric fuel pump w/relay and kill switch -replaced most of the vacuum hoses in engine compartment. -Installing new HID lights ....and more on the project list.
  16. I'm all set- please disregard. Thank you- James
  17. Like the title says. Is it in bad taste to put a California black plate that was typically issued from 1963-1969 on a 1973 BMW 2002tii. They have become iconic to car collectors as a period appropriate detail that makes the car look complete. It used to be that if you could find a set of old black plate you could have them reissued to your car if it was of the appropriate year. Cars from 1969 - 1982 were issued a blue plate. Then legislators introduced the California Legacy License Plate program offering vehicle owners the opportunity to purchase replicas of California license plates similar to those issued in the 1950s (yellow), 1960s (black), and 1970s (blue). Only the 1960s plate (black) reached the required 7,500 orders before January 1, 2015 to be put into production. I would do the blue plate if I could, but short of painting a black plate blue and hoping cops dont care (which isn't necessarily out of the question) there aren't a lot of options for license plates other than the modern white ones. So I ask you knowledgable people what would you do? And before you ask the black plate can now go on any year car.
  18. Year:: 1976 Make:: BMW Model:: 2002 Price:: 6000 Location: : Bedford, MA, 01730 For sale I have my 1976 BMW 2002. I bought it in hopes of fully restoring it, but don't have the money or time to do the paint. The car was shipped over from California in 2013, and has no rust whatsoever - only a few surface rust spots that get sanded off during the painting process. I've invested a lot of time, money, effort and love into this car. I work at a BMW mechanic shop where we work on 2002s every once in a while, so all the work is quality. Here are some things that I've done to it. -new distributor cap, spark plugs and wires, starter coil -RARE vintage Momo Rims (still have steelies as well) -new Falken tires -routine oil changes -E21 Sport Wheel (still have original) -motor mounts -a few new hoses -rear shock bushings -new battery -updated alternator -RARE Ansa sport exhaust -Weber 32/36 carburetor Significant Things I have for it -5 speed swap with new clutch/pressure plate/drive shaft/etc (Over $1000 in parts) -"New-old Stock" Brake hoses -motor mounts -lots more I have so many rare and hard to find parts for this car just waiting to be installed (I've made a spreadsheet and tracked every dime I spent on the car). Due to a sudden change of events I have to sell the car relatively quickly. Don't hesitate to text me and we can set up a time for you to check it out and buy the car! You can see a video of the car running on my YouTube channel: youtube.com/c/AustinLeonardAutomotive Thanks for looking! -Austin
  19. Hi folks! With the head currently off my car and being inspected, I figure it's time to start looking at how to get a bit more fun in my car via cam. Ken at Vintage BMW Racing has recommended I run a 284T (tall) regrind vs the more popular 292. I trust his judgement quite a bit, but I figured that now would be a great time to ask for some ride alongs just in case. My car is a bit of everything. Commuter, canyons, and every so often a bit of autocross, so I don't want anything too crazy. It needs to be able to sit in traffic if needed. The eventual plan is a full-on engine swap (maybe 5 years down the road), so I'd like to avoid any big buck upgrades (much would prefer a regrind vs a Schrick) unless they're REALLY worth it. My car is pretty mild - mostly suspension work + a 38/38, 5-speed, and Pertronix Ignition. Maybe header/exhaust in the future. Running a 121 head and Ken said he'll put in some flat-top valves which should get me somewhere around 8.5:1 compression. I've read plenty of the cam threads here, so I think I have the head knowledge, just want to see some in action. But still, you're all welcome to post your recommendations here of course. If you're in SoCal (I'm located in Santa Ana) and have a similar car + cam, I'd love to hitch a ride!
  20. Hi all, Looking for a '70-'74 BMW 2002 that runs well, preferably not too far away. Cosmetic and paint work OK, but no major compression issues, valves, frame, major rust, etc. Looking to buy something in the next month, so if you have a lead on one of these, please let me know. Location: Bay Area, CA. Really interested in Colorado orange and fjord..... Thanks Mike
  21. BMW 2002, 1976, Automatic, Fjord Metallic Blue, 65,000 miles. Elegant and Super Clean; unmolested rare original sunroof, original California car. Many mechanical upgrades; new brakes, bottle cap rims and tires, 320mm Nardy custom wood steering wheel; professional recent transmission rebuild still under two years warranty, original engine and solid Solex carb; runs smoothly, handles well, and has good pickup. Spotless blue matching interior. Late model radio/CD/MP3 & speakers. Excellent 5 speed upgrade candidate (larger transmission tunnel for easy swap). Overall very solid condition with the exception of a few paint dings that need some attention. Close friend is downsizing and car has to go. Asking $11,500 obo Craigslist ad Baltimore: http://baltimore.craigslist.org/cto/5783153580.html CHECK OUT AN AWESOME TOUR OF THIS CAR DRIVER CHAZ REIGN
  22. Hello everyone, I am selling my 2002 after a serious love affair. I am moving out of state, and wont have time to bring it with me and continue my slow project. This BMW is a restoration candidate if someone is willing to take it on. I have cared well for this vehicle and am looking to place it in a good home. His name is "Snow". Current Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/iwh302v0n0qpw4n/AAAEcBlvUfDZW1d1qwaszcVpa?dl=0 The pictures below are from when I first purchased the car @ 2002 Haus in San Luis Obispo, CA. Please PM me with any questions, thanks! Exterior: White, has been repainted prior to my ownership but will (obviously) need more paint and bodywork. As far as I can tell, all rust spots do not penetrate through, and should clean up nicely for restoration. No accidents, all original. Wheels are aftermarket, I do have the original if you want/request them. Interior: Tan, front seats have tears and carpet is destroyed. Will need full restoration on seats and carpet. Dash is cracked, big surprise. Comes with Nardi steeling wheel as pictured, I do not have the original wheel. Drivetrain: Original engine and transmission. Engine was rebuilt prior to my ownership, and is very clean. I have started to notice some oil leaks at the valve cover and timing cover. Currently the engine is running rough and likely needs a small tune up in the form of sparks, wires, and maybe a new coil. I installed a Tii mechanical distributer when I purchased. I recently replaced the original Solex carb with a Weber K909 single barrel. The Solex started to leak fuel, and the Weber is just a stop gap until the Solex can be repaired. Car will come with both carbs. Transmission works well, no issue. Documentation: I have all records of this car dating back to its original owner and sticker in 1970. Has original black plates (not the new fakes one in CA). I also have a lot of extra parts and would be willing to sell them at an extra cost if interested.
  23. $11,000 or best offer 1974 BMW 2002 Tii VIN 2782636 Registered in California, assumed California original because of the original period blue license plates. Mileage: unknown, Odometer reads ~22200. Driven less than 16,000 miles since purchase in 2011 Non-matching engine number: 367170 Paint color: Malaga Fully stock drivetrain, modified suspension and brakes Comes with binder with history of last 6 years (entirety of my ownership) Full Service History from last 6 years: http://bit.ly/2kZAih9 Full extra parts list (nearly 70 new and used parts): http://bit.ly/2kO56Q6 Photos of every part listed: https://goo.gl/photos/1CQbVp63cNMBkFZ17 More photos of the car: https://goo.gl/photos/Y7RjPYCM52Jy3bCZ7 Summary: I am selling my beloved Tii. I hate to be separated from it before finishing the project. However, I have been offered the opportunity to purchase the Porsche I was raised in, so I have to move on. It is the only reason I am selling the car. I have loved this car and taken the best care of it that I can. For the last 6 years I have focused entirely on the mechanical aspects of the car, believing that an unattractive car that runs well is better than a pretty car that doesn’t. Oil was changed every 6 months no matter the mileage In 2011, I purchased the car from Greg Winter of Auburn, California, Since then, it has resided with me in San Francisco, always garaged. I have very little documentation for the car prior to my ownership. I have full service logs and parts list for the vehicle which can be found at the above links. Most work was done by myself or Sean Casey and Tom Jones at Sean Casey Motorsports. The car drives very well with a completely rebuilt suspension (new rubber all around, re-powdercoated parts, strengthened front subframe, new HR springs and Bilstein shocks). The drivetrain has been kept stock and aggressively maintained/replaced. The brakes are very strong with stock Tii’s up front and a rear disc conversion from Aardvark racing in the back. Wheels are painted E30 steelies wrapped in fresh Dunlop Direzza ZII’s. Build date (from Hoffman Motors in New York, NY): The BMW 2002 tii US VIN 2782636 was manufactured on July 31st, 1974 and delivered on August 22nd, 1974 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. The original colour was Malaga, paint code 021. The Good (replaced within the last 6 years): H&R Sport Springs Bilstein HD Shocks Rebuilt steering linkage Refreshed steering box Every single suspension bushing replaced Front subframe reinforced engine mount Powder Coated front and rear subframes, control arms, sway bars, disc brake covers New K-Pump linkage New (red) ignition coil, plugs, wires and distributor New Exhaust from downpipe to back Exhaust manifold blasted and recoated New clutch master and slave cylinder New shifter linkage New pedal box foam padding New antenna New Accelerator pedal linkage New 4 Pioneer speakers Used Momo 15” wheel + hub + BMW horn button New trunk carpet and kickplate carpet New custom parcel shelf with speaker covers New Rocker Trim Moulding (Driver’s side) Repainted roof and sunroof in stock malaga color Powder Coated air box and replace rubber bushings Replaced Hood gaskets (3) and heat shields (3) New (used windshield) and gaskets New Headliner New sunroof felt strips New rear windshield gasket Rebuilt Golde Power Sunroof with new endlinks. New door brakes New oil pan gasket Rear Disc brake conversion from Aardvark Racing New timing chain, sprockets, tensioner, guides and gaskets. Refreshed, used differential Refreshed, used transmission New clutch pressure plate, disc, throw-out bearing and pilot bearing Heater box rebuild with used electric fan E30 Steelies painted in aluminum Euro bumper conversion begun (see photos) The Bad Mild squeak from rear brakes Pilot bearing squeaks occasionally Paint - pretty much a 30 foot paint job Car was tapped in 2014. Quarter panel replaced, but still has dent by the headlight Electric fan squeals above low setting. Rear euro bumper needs alignment No front bumper Missing 1 license plate light Electric sunroof is unreliable Clock doesn’t keep time Seat belts don’t retract well Typical 2002 gas smell Pre-purchase inspection done by Sean Casey Motorsports Driveline vibration Notch in steering box Temperature reads high when lights are one - bad grounding Aim headlights Rear wheel bearings squeak at speed Driver’s rocker trim falls off Clock noisy and not working properly, doesn’t keep time. Turn signal relay doesn’t tick Turn signal doesn’t cancel properly Diff mount mounting ears bent Diff right side seal leaking Engine oil leak Oil dipstick tube hose leaking Oil hose, injection pump return hose leaking Radiator cap very old, seal bad Red coil needs 1.8ohm resistor
  24. Hello, I will be taken the supposedly large risk of attacking a 1500-mile journey with a few buddies (3 total, including myself) in my 2002 down the entire west coast along Highway 101 from Portland to Los Angeles - last week of March, which is usually promising for perfect temperature weather in California. We are in the beginning stages of planning, we need all the suggestions we can get from things to bring along to people to meet - most of all, locations and stops that must happen along the route. We are looking to make this primary a trip all along the west coast with occasional dips into the city like San Francisco, Los Angeles. We are looking to cut hotel costs and escape the city for tent camps along the beaches and forests somewhere. Any suggestions for places that allow campfires would be convenient too. What I most importantly need: people and homes who are willing to help along the way in the case of an emergency. I definitely am wishing for the best, but unplanned emergencies may happen in 40 year old cars; and place to stay or lending mechanical hand will definitely be needed and required from my 2002 community. In addition, if you're able to or free - join us on cruises along the route to whatever extent your schedule allows. If you are willing to except with open arms in case of an issue or question regarding the area or whatnot or simply for company - please drop a comment below letting me know! If you don't feel comfortable dropping your number down into a public forum, please drop a comment with your location. I will PM you for your number and/or contact information, I'd like to organize a list of numbers according to the locations along the route. I really appreciate all the help that I can receive with this trip through the west coast! Looking forward to meeting awesome folks!
  25. Hello 2002ers ! Wanted to pass this on- I didn't see anyone else post about it yet. CA DMV is offering the classic black, yellow and blue license plates for advance purchase. Looks like its 50 bucks. Anyone interested follow the link below: http://www.dmv.ca.gov/legacyplates/index.htm Happy Driving - Grizzly

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