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Found 9 results

  1. SORRY FOR THE LONG POST Hi 02faq, I'm new to 2002's and I recently found a 1970 2002 on craigslist that piqued my interest. I emailed the seller and set up an appointment and we met up. This was my first time driving a manual BMW. I currently own a 1987 325i (auto-tragic) and a 2009 Honda Civic Si (manual). Well let me describe what I saw visually first. Overall it looked like a well maintained 02 but there was some rust spots and they were more severe than just surface rust. There was rust around the bottom of the front windshield, drivers side rocker panel, and drivers rear fender, that's what I could see clearly but I'm sure there was more elsewhere. It was repainted a few owners ago and the paints not bad but there are cracks on the drivers door that the owner said was "stress cracks" but inside the cracked paint was white which kind of worried me. As for the engine bay, it was very very clean and it looked well maintained mechanically, and she said it's been sent to a few different shops around the area and she has some service records. My driving experience was scary to say the least. I couldn't really feel where the clutch engaged but I know with smaller engines it's a little hard to feel but again this was my first time driving a manual BMW and my first time driving a manual direct connect vehicle (not drive by wire). I didn't stall on the initial move and I got the car to move but it felt weak and if I didn't gas it pretty hard it would almost stall. The owner said that it was normal and just to give it a lot of gas. Maybe it's just the way I was taught to drive manual but I am not a fan of gassing it and letting the clutch eat away and do all the work, my Civic is at 90k miles on the factory clutch and still going strong and I'd like to think it's because of the way I drive, but correct my if I'm wrong (by all means please do). The steering was fine other than no power steering which I'd just have to get used to which shouldn't be hard since 02's don't weigh much. But my main concern is the clutch and if that's normal to have to give it a lot of gas to get moving. My other concern was it was hard to put the car into reverse, I couldn't get it and the owner did it and just really SHOVED it in there and it finally went into reverse, (possible bad tranny?) And the owner said the shifter bushings could get replaced to give the shifter a more crisp feel. All in all it seemed like a good car for the price but after some research, the biggest concern for me became the rust because the major rust spots I saw were bubbles already so that means it's a pretty good amount of rust under the paint and I'm a big DIY person and rust kind of scares me but I wouldn't mind sending it to a shop and getting it repaired as much as I'd hate to miss out on the learning experience. So based off of this information do you guys have any input that can help push me over the edge or pull me back from the edge. Any and all input would be greatly, GREATLY appreciated. Thank you guys again of the 02faq and I hope to have nice chats with all of you. Oh and the add for the car: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/cto/5280786404.html
  2. I have '76 with a non-usable carburetor, and right now I'm leaning towards buying this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-2002-1968-1976-Weber-Carburetor-Conversion-Kit-BMW-1600-1602-2000-/330938627035 Do you guys have any advice for me, like personal experience with these things? Should I buy this one or go on a different route?
  3. Hi everyone, Someone has approached me to buy my '02. It is in a unique condition given that it is my project car, and I am not sure what price would be reasonable to accept. Below is a rundown of the current state of the car. It is mid way through an M42 swap. The body is in fairly good condition. The engine is not yet properly mounted as I need to swap out the current lower oil sump for a different version which I have, in order for it to fit correctly. The engine going in it is in good working condition and was running well on the car it was removed from. I also have the transmission and driveshaft to go with it (required for the swap), as well as the electrical harness and fuel pump. I do not have the original engine as it was in bad condition. I also do not have the original transmission for the same reason. The interior of the car is currently filled with spare parts including spare grille, spare front and brake lights. The condition of the interior isn't great, but is original. Most of the seats were unbolted to inspect the internal condition and they remain this way. I live in Australia, where these cars are fairly rare I believe. Any advice on price would be greatly appreciated. I've attached all the photos I have of the car, in case that helps.
  4. Hi, I'm in the process of looking at a 1976 2002. Does anyone have any advice? I do realize that that's a very general question but, I'm not sure where to start. Thanks, Tommy
  5. So I have my engine along with alternator, ECU and ignition...now I'm looking at getting a transmission (5 speed manual) to go with it. I've read some blogs and apparently I can get the transmission and drive shaft from the same donor car (E36) and with Jakobs custom mounts it will fit nicely into the 2002. So do I just go down to a wreckers looking for a transmission and drive shaft?
  6. Intro ...before winter I brought the 2002 to a paint shop (which I've known to be inexpensive) for a quote to fix up my rust issues and re-spray the entire thing. They quoted me $4k and that's because I said I'd remove and re-install all trim, windows and engine myself, to save a few pennies (plus I enjoy doing these things). I was hoping for a quote of like $3k, no dice. After leaving that paint shop I started to think, how much will this thing cost me? Do I really want to get into spending all this money on an old car? I was doubting my 2002 ownership, I even posted the car "for sale" on a local car enthusiast website (not kijiji or other classified sites because I wasn't truly sold on the idea). I a lot of lip from a couple of friends, who themselves are also trying to buy “3rd, for fun" cars. I say "trying" because lovely wives are always a factor . I received an email from a guy who was interested in purchasing the 02, I felt bad about informing him I had decided to keep it. It’s def not a ‘smart decision’ but smart decisions are never fun. I told him if he was in the market for an 02 he could swing by and take a look and we could 'shoot the shit.' There aren't many 2002s in Montreal (especially ones that are for sale), so at least it would give him an idea of what the car is all about and what to look for..etc. My 2 buddies said they'd give me a hand dissembling the car (their reliability might be in question, remains to be seen), which is great, I'm sure we'll have a good time in the process. I enjoy working on things but at the end of the day, I’m paying for it. /long intro Going to start taking apart the 2002 on Saturday... I am worried that this will take years to complete but am trying to stay positive, I really hope I can drive it towards the end of the summer but realistically doubt it. I plan on doing a compression test to know where I stand with the motor before removing the battery and starting the tear down. What things should I be thinking about during the dismantling/rebuilding? Any advice? I will be taking tons of photos, labeling everything and bagging all smaller parts. I figure now would also be a good time to do some upgrades, refreshers, etc... I want the car to look good but also perform well for some fun, quick driving maybe even a few laps (which I’d love to do, not so sure though). I already have a rear-strut (with battery slot) to be installed, I will also get a front strut bar. I’d like to add a front/rear sway I want to buy a throttle linkage which doesn’t look like it was “thrown together.” All the seals need changing, I already got a quote on those from the always helpful blunt. Plan on redoing fuel lines and will reseal fuel tank. The fuel small kills me. Suspension bushings? I’ll be posting my progress on here and as usual, doing a lot or search button clicking. So that’s my story... I welcome any advice you guys might have. Thanks, Anthony 2002 Background: I bought the ’76 2002 in January 2014 from Smitty in Toronto. Here are the engine specs from what he told me... It doesn’t feel like it has the 130 or so hp (I read) it should be producing... but maybe I’ve just become accustom to more power. - 1969 M10 block w/ 121ti head - Weber DCOE 45 - Warnforn Manifold - Crane ignition - Ireland 292 cam - 10:1 compression ratio - E12 valves w/ 1800TiSA valve springs - Mechanical timing chain tensioner - 2000ti-style air-box - Ireland step header - E30 M3 starter - Electric aux fan - Upgraded fuel system with FPR and Bavaria pump
  7. Hello FAQ My name is Brian and I recently acquired a mostly original 1971 roundie (manufactured late 1970 so has 6 fuse box, etc..). I am trying to avoid running to a shop and decided to do work myself with research and moderate confidence as I want to increase my skills with my passion of owner an older driver enthusiasts car. I am a new dad, stationed at Travis AFB and live on base with my wife, daughter and golden retriever. It seems however that I have gotten in over my head and humbly request assistance from a local member in the area. A few weeks ago I was cruising around and notice an increasingly difficult time switching gears even though pedal seemed to be working fine. A grind if I force it or just not going in gear from neutral at all. About 15 minutes later I lost all ability to change gears an had to start the car in second an limp the few blocks home without stopping as it was clear the clutch was no longer engaging (or disengaging the pressure plate). I did notice my brake warning light come on so after looking in my Mechanics manual I checked reservoir (empty) and my clutch slave/master cylinders. The pedal box was empty but my slave was soaked and rubber ripped. Ordered a new diaphragm type(same on the car) and rear wheel cylinders, shoes and drums from Ireland Engineering. Figure I might as well refresh the rear brake system that passenger rear wheel cylinder since it had a small leak as well and I would be bleeding the brake/clutch system anyway. Front was all new from previous owner so all good there. Reviewed the manual and forum before beginning the tasks. I have successfully swaps all rear brake components with new ones but require further sanding on the shoes as the drums are way to tight and the shoes won't adjust in anymore. The clutch slave cylinder though just won't come off. I removed the metal ring and sprayed some wd40 but still no dice.... getting frustrated and honestly I don't want to break something of find out that I was missing a part/step once I get her back on the road. I am really just looking for some guidance. Words and pictures are great but I am looking for someone how can come by and show me what I am doing wrong or ensure that I am doing all this right. Please feel free to call 240 304 1703, thank you.
  8. Picture Gallery I've been looking at some vintage 2002's for a while and have the opportunity to check out this car. This is my first 'old' car search and want to learn as much as possible before going any further. I notice some rust on some on the panels, but from the pictures it doesn't really look structural. Any thoughts on the extent? I'm also not sure what the spots on the paint are - just rain spots or is it something worse? Any other thoughts or opinions? Also, this seemed like the best place to post but if there is another subforum that's better, please let me know.
  9. Hey all, I'm selling some red center roundie tail lights and I'm wondering If I have them listed on Ebay for too much $$. They've been on there for 6 days with no bids! I also put them under the market section on here but they just got buried right away under new listings. I think $150 is fair considering that they're in good shape with only minor flaws that I covered thoroughly in the description. I figured they would get a lot more attention than they are getting! If they don't sell on Ebay then I might re-list them on here. Do you think the price is too high? And if anybody is interested, they'll be on for another 4 days. http://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-VINTAGE-ROUND-TAIL-LIGHTS-fits-all-1600-and-2002-models-up-to-1973-/121282324018?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item1c3cfd6632&vxp=mtr

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