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Found 31 results

  1. Steeletj


    I have little to no storage space so these bits and bobs need to go to someone who can use them or at least tuck them away. I removed the air condintioning system this summer. All the parts are there I believe. I have the console as well, but would need a replacement to let it go. Free for pick up. Tim
  2. It looks like there is some issue with my blower switch on my Behr AC. My AC is going through a complete overhaul with parallel condenser, sanden compressor, hobie dave bracket etc. Apparently my blower switch has croaked. I have posted on WTB looking for a replacement. Beginning to think I may be up the creek. So, without having to scrap my overhaul which included a heater box refurb etc. What the hell do I do If I cannot find that goofball 4 terminal switch? Would it be possible for one of you electrically inclined individuals to create a new one? (via some electrical supply company) It would be a help for all the other Behr owners to at least have a viable option if theirs gives out. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers! Vic
  3. So I have recently been working on my white 1973 2002tii (i should probably change my name soon), I live in the valley just north of LA, specifically Sherman Oaks so it gets even hotter here than LA sometimes if that reference is needed. I have been wondering: What is more like hell on earth? going through the process of taking AC from a donor car, converting the refrigerant type, possibly repairing parts, and putting it in my car (mostly done by me, myself, and I)... or just not having AC, accepting that it will get hot and use my white car with a blue interior to its light color advantage along with a windshield shade? Cost isn't much of a factor here as I already have the donor car with the AC. Thanks for the advice!
  4. Not sure of functionality. Fan shaft spins freely but with a bit of squeaking. $25 + shipping anywhere in the states. Thanks!
  5. After having to garage my car for 4 months last year due to +90' weather I decided to install A/C. I tracked down a clean Behr unit and a HobbyDave compressor bracket and then bought Rob's Guide to Vintage Air. After some research I decided I really wanted a Clardy since it pushes more Air CFM's so I decided to bite the bullet and sell my bits for $350 and put that towards a new ICEAC complete kit. I was told to figure on 25 hrs. without Project Creep, yea like that's not going to happen. So here's the story: Beautiful Kooglewerks Long console out and off to Jovis's car, don't worry I addressed that Rat's Nest of wires New Clardy Clone (http://iceautoair.com/index.html) Condenser in place Since I was used to 3 gauges and cup holders I gave Forrest a call at Kooglewerks to get his updated 2 gauge face with cupholders, because all Euro's know we Americans LOVE cup holders I added some closed cell foam in back to seal up CFM pressure leaks I also added a 6 mini flag fuse block for my basic interior options and then completely re-wired all of the things I've added over the last 4 years (7 hours project creep) The glove box was being blocked by the new console plastic so I added this 2-1/2" aluminum bracket to pull it in 3/16" With the cabin done I drilled and pulled the harness, plugged it all in and ran the A/C Blower fan without issue. It blows VERY hard, like a modern car. With that done I was ready to move to the compressor, I pulled out the ICEAC bracket to test fit and found my block had the hardpoint but it was not drilled. Drilling and tapping this in place was above my Pay Grade so I gave BluntTech a call and ordered a new Bracket from them, only hitch was the Compressor was a different style so another member was able to repurpose my mount and brand new Sanden for his A/C project (2.5 hours more creep) with some time to kill I followed Rob Siegel's guidance and machined out my lower Tii timing cover for belt clearance With all this in place now all I needed was to attach the belt, witch was designated for a Carbed car, which of course didn't fit a Tii, 2 trips to Autozone and 5 belts later I got it dialed! After that I moved up front to tackle the Condenser and Dryer, of course my Oil Cooler wasn't going to fit and the Air Horns had to be relocated. Since I was already in the nose I cleaned up more harness woes and added plugs for my driving lights (+2 hrs creep), otherwise the Condenser, Dryer and fan went in easy. I also added a new clean fan and sourced a Radiator Cowling (+1.5 hrs emails and calls) to help out All happy here I went for the Hoses now, first I tried them the ICEAC way but thought they were too close to the Tri-Y Headers so I spun the one line 180' to face forwards. A new shorter hose would be good in the future but my A/C guy is booked out for 18 days, after seeing my photo's he did offer me a job 🤩 Now with it all done and pressurized without any leaks I got a happy 51' drop in ambient air temp during road use Now just a USB charger plug and all done A/C is not for everyone but for me I can now drive to a business appointment and show up Un-Soggy
  6. My name is Owen and I’m currently working on a 2002 318is restoration and swap. We recently bought another 2002 off a guy down south and I happen to receive these. I didn’t know how much they go for until the great people on BMW 2002 FAQ enlightened me. Everything you see is in great condition. Minimal cracks, no missing pieces, no bullshit. However, they are a little sun damaged and might need a coat of black, and the back of the dash fan holes are a little cracked, but that doesn’t affect fit to the AC unit at all. I tried my best using interior cleaner and only could manage getting some dirt off. I don’t really know how to determine whether a AC unit is good still (without spending more money) so it comes as is, although being the simpleton I am, it looks to be in great shape; wires, hoses, and all. It was taken really good care of by a car collector, and he clearly knew what he had. I’m asking 600 obo. You can contact me via email at owenstew7@gmail.com , or call/text me at 209-662-3092. Feel free to ask me any questions!!
  7. Location: : Bozeman MT SOLD - PM me about any parts in the photo you're interested in. (Sorry the block and crankshaft just sold) I can send close-up photos if you want to see more detail. The Victor Reinz gasket is still new in package. I recall some of the parts are A/C specific and hard to find, but I couldn't find diagrams on RealOem to identify them. If you're in need them, you'll know better than I do. The 3 pistons are piano tops. Not sure of their condition, but they look good to my naked eye.
  8. Year:: 1974 Make:: BMW Model:: 2002 Tii Price:: 7250.00 Location: : San Diego My brother and I have made the difficult decision to let one of our three 02 projects go. We've decided to let the 74 Tii go and keep our 69 & 72 standard Roundies. This car was disassembled with all body and paint done by its previous owner a few years ago, and there it sat with no further progress. We picked the car up with plans to put it back together stock with minor upgrades. However we have focused on our earlier cars and have left it sitting covered with no further progress. The car is a 74 Tii manufactured in July of 74. It is a matching SN's, Car, Engine, Steering Trim. The car has AC & Sunroof as well. The car is 85% complete, missing are the Tranmission and front & rear Windshields along with a few bits and pieces.. The motor has been out of the car for several years. All the Original Injection componets are here. This is great way to get a Tii at a reasonable price with body & paint done. Now you can pick how to finish the build & restoration yourself. Contact me for further details and pics. We are open to Reasonable OFFERS, NO LOW BALLS , this car needs to get to a good home, put back together to be enjoyed and loved. Please, Please SERIOUS Inquires Only. Do not send a long list of questions, ask for a parts inventory if you a NOT READY to Buy this car now. The car is available to been seen in North San Diego County Thank You for your time. Don PS I've added another pic of the right side view, due to a strange reflection that looked like possible damage.
  9. Price:: 325.00 Location: : richmond,ca i am selling a behr heater box it's complete and i am also including the heater control faces with knobs, the fan turns, the heater core is intact no leaks, holes or cracks, it can be used but i would recommend a good cleaning. Its getting colder out there and i do believe this is an important item to enjoy your classic ride in a warm enviroment. The blower was tested and it works without a problem!
  10. Hello everybody, I just purchased a 73' 2002 after a 20 year hiatus. Excited to say the least, to get it dialed in and running smooth. Previous owner installed a Clardy A/C system about 2 years ago. I checked the refrigerant levels and the compressor seems to be engaging just fine. I'm completely lost when it comes to A/C. I have tried to find some threads on the topic but I'm not having any luck with diagnostics. Could anyone give me some advice on what to check or how to proceed? I didn't want to run it down to a repair shop if it was something easy that I overlooked. Much appreciated.
  11. Anyone with a HobieDave bracket they decided not to use? I have tried to contact Hobiedave (please answer) and I guess he is a bit busy with the Holidays. Need to replace my water-pump and upgrading the cooling and AC system. Sort of stalled right now, would like to take advantage of having to remove the current York compressor and bracket to replace the water pump and would like to just replace it with the awesome HobieDave Sanden Compressor Bracket. Anyone that decided to go in a different direction or removed their AC and don't need their bracket anymore? Thank you, Vic.
  12. I'm selling my 1975 BMW 2002. This car is a blast from the past that reminds you how much fun driving used to be. It's light, grippy, revvy, and turns heads everywhere. This one has a few choice modifications to set it apart from the pack. Serial Number 2362303. If you are interested email at skutscha@gmail.com or call/text 804-512-0171. The Good: - 30,XXX miles!!! - Weber DCOE 40 Carburetor upgrade - Tubular headers with custom exhaust for pleasant, sporty engine note - MSD Ignition - Air Conditioning (needs to be recharged) - Hand crank sun roof - 4 speed manual transmission - Haynes Manual - I drive it weekly to maintain running condition - Interior is clean with some wear to and tear - Inspection good through August 2016 The Bad: - Sizable scratch on drivers door - Rough idle I've had a number of comments about the mileage, so I wanted to make some clarifications. I know the mileage on 2002s can be a real challenge to nail down. My understanding of the low mileage comes from the title and the opinion of mechanics I've had work on it. The discolored carpet and cracked dash are caused by time in the sun, not necessarily miles driven. All that being said, unless I get someone more knowledgeable to take a look at the car and determine otherwise, to me it's a 30K car and priced accordingly. I encourage anyone who is interested to come take a look, give it a drive, take it to your mechanic and make an offer based on what you think it's worth. I'm open to offers, but not until you come and take a look. Please let me know if you have any other questions. I'm a fan of these cars and I'm looking for a good home for this one!
  13. The decals are finally ready and I would like to post the installation guide(s) for all three (3) options: 1) BEHR A/C (stencil) 2) Shift pattern (decal) 3) Instrument lettering (stencil) For purchasing info, please visit the classifieds section: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/174999-behr-ac-dash-lettering-shift-patterns/ The steps are straightforward & I hope this will serve as the definitive reference thread for all who have expressed interest. Best wishes, Mo Faraz
  14. I have created a new series of decals/stencils for interested owners. You may reference the installation guide here: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/175000-decalsstencils-installation-guide/ Each stencil costs $16/shipped worldwide. Each 4 speed (special) shift pattern decal costs $10/shipped worldwide. The price for any second set of decal or stencil is an additional $10. My Paypal is mofaraz [at] uw [dot] edu Please include your preferred shipping address & the type of decal/stencil you would like to purchase. You will receive from me: 1) Payment confirmation 2) Shipping confirmation with USPS tracking # Please pm me or post a reply if you have any questions & I will get back to you. Thanks for looking, Mo Faraz Instruments stencil kit: $20/shipped A/C Stencil kit: $20/shipped Special shift pattern decal: $18/shipped
  15. $60 + actual shipping - Alternator (for a early 70's Bravera, 3.0 CS or early M6) Just rebuilt 6 months ago and it works just fine. It is the wrong one for my 2002 tii and it doesn't have internal rubber mounts that the tii's have/need. It is in great shape. TAKEN - Clardy A/C Blower unit. What you see is what you get, no metal dash bracket, no compressor. When I pulled this out of my car the blower fan worked great. I can try and answer any questions you have Also I am open to trades too Let me know what you have. Thanks for looking Nick
  16. I have a york compressor with a Behr evaporator and (I assume) condenser. I would like to move to a Sanden compressor and keep the rest of the components in place. I would like to keep it R12 if possible but there is Red Tek R12a which will let me use any oil and keep R12 components. (which may save me some time and $$) I know I need the following: Sanden SD508 compressor Hobiedave bracket OR York to Sanden bracket (flat or claw?-If no Hobiedave) Sanden R12 fittings Ester Oil Red Tek recharge kit (I think I need to request R12 hose) Or am I making this too difficult and use R134 fittings with the Red Tek ? 1. Has anyone tried this? 2. Do I need anything else?
  17. Longtime faq fanatic from the Bay Area, all parts located in Los Gatos, Ca. All parts are sold "as is". Willing to ship but buyer assumes complete shipping costs but prefer local pickup. Paypal or cash in person only. If you need any detailed images please let me know. Wish to sell the complete retrofit as a whole not parting until further notice... SALE PENDING! Whats included: 1. A/C Compressor 2. High / low hoses 3. Auxiliary Fan with switch 4. Condensor 5. Behr Three piece center console with ashtray and jbl cd player 6. Blower assembly 7. Evaporator Everything looks to be in decent shape although I cannot guarantee full functionality, $250 Thanks for looking, Edgar
  18. Looking for parts 13, 14 & 15. Vent items for AC Behr. Please let me know if anyone has any for sale. Thanks
  19. Looking for parts 13, 14 & 15. Vent items for AC Behr. Please let me know if anyone has any for sale. Thanks
  20. I have re-made BEHR AC lettering sets-- this is a great way to restore your console. $10/ea set including tracked shipping PayPal: mofaraz@uw.edu Please ask me for installation instructions (identical to shift decals)-- see picture installed Best, Mo
  21. For sale is a Bher AC center console unit from a '76 late production run 2002, VIN 2744488. I'm not sure of the functionality of the unit. The fans within the unit have never moved but are not seized. Both switches pictured are not for sale. I'm asking $200 shipped within the continental US from 30269. Local pickup within the Atlanta perimeter and it's yours for $150. Not included in the above price is the Bher face plate. Cosmetically in 7/10 condition, but all mounting holes are stripped or broken as pictured. Purchase it with the AC unit and I'll ask for $10, without, $40 shipped to the continental US from 30269. Shift boot and mounting plate are not included, just the face plate. Please refer to photos for more details or ask me the same. Thanks for looking! EDIT: Face plate sold. AC Unit still for sale.
  22. Looking to get the dimensions on the 02 heaterbox. If you have one out and don't mind measuring it I would really appreciate it. Need full dimensions length, depth without the fan just the box itself, and height.
  23. As the title states, I'm looking for a shop to install a universal AC kit for me, I have an m42 swap so compressor and bracket will be stock m42 parts, all other components (hoses, condenser, evap drier etc), will be aftermarket, if you know a shop in socal that you can reccomend I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  24. I found a wrecked 318is for an m42 swap to my 02 and have decided to pursue that route. Over the last few years I have collected parts for the m10 some aftermarket and OE. Its time to sell it all as I wil not be needing it with the M42, all proceeds will go to fund my m42 swap. Below is a list of the parts I have available: - 121ti cylinder head in used condition, unknown miles removed from a running engine $100 - e21 2.0 cylinder head that looks to have been rebuilt and then used briefly. $150 - Getrag 245 5 speed with 120k confirmed miles, no wines, crunches, or other scary noises. It has the 3 bolt output flange. E21 shifter plate included and slave cylinder is attached. $250 - Second getrag 245 5 speed swap out of my 02 with unknown miles but always drove fine with no bad noises 3 bolt output flange. It could use a new output shaft seal. $225 - E30 318 EFI manifold, fuel rail with injectors and regulator, throttle body, coolant neck and bypass pipe, other misc stuff included $100 - Crane XR3000 ignition system used but in working condition with optical trigger installed in a vacuum advance dizzy with bosch wires, cap & rotor used less than 5k miles $125 - 2 used e21 320is radiators no cracks or leaks in decent shape $40ea - Used M10 mechanical fuel pump blockoff plate $10 - M10 2.0 bottom end with unknown miles but running when removed from a 72 02 $100 - E30 Battery relocation cable with junction box and possibly the cover, $40 - New Ebay Turbo TBC-T04E-T $50 - 2 New OE+ Oil Filters for the M10 $2.50/ea - 6 NOS Bosch W8DC Plugs $2/ea - Other stuff I am forgetting and will add later Pictures are available via email, PM, or this photo bucket link: http://s1120.photobucket.com/user/selbstsalesinc/library/BMW2002%20Stuff Willing to ship anywhere in the continental US on your dime, all prices are or best offer. Local pick up in Lexington or Louisville is welcome. PM me here or email me at turboinduction at gmail dot com Andrew Location: Lexington, KY
  25. I'm in the process of putting my Clardy AC back in my car which the PO ripped out everything including the wiring. I've searched and found very little information. Does anyone out there have an AC wiring diagram that might help the effort? I have a Trinary Hi/Low switch that will control the compressor and electric fan if that makes a difference. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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