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Found 100 results

  1. Does anyone have a UUC sway bar on his or her 2002? Any complaints. The e36 guys don't seem to like them at all. I'm trying to decide between an ST or UUC. Thanks, WillO
  2. So I'm still not clear on the effect of tightening the screw on the box: will that reduce free play in the steering arm or increase resistance at the steering wheel?
  3. Hello all! Having trouble installing new rear H&R Sport Coil springs. Any suggestions would help. Basically, i released rear sway bar link, released hand brake, unbolted bottom of the strut and unhooked it but still not enough space to put in the new springs. Using dual sided spring compressor tool was ok to take out old springs, however, its not so easy to install new ones with them, because rods of the compressing tool get in a way. Was thinking, if I would get a different spring compression tool, that goes inside the coil spring, maybe that would do the trick, but not sure also...
  4. Hi folks, Is there a calculation that I can use to work out what the different degrees of camber will allow in terms of ET fitment of a wheel under a standard arch? Cheers.
  5. Hi, After searching FAQ and not finding an answer, i need some help in removing the steering shaft. I have the shaft separated from the flex coupling. The shaft will pull out about 2" and then stop as if there was a pin or some other type of limiter. When I pull hard into the stop, the sound appears to come from the area of the ignition switch. I confirmed that there is no other obstruction from the engine side of the firewall. The Haynes manual suggests it should just slide out of the column once the shaft is removed from the flex coupling. I will send video/pictures later if it helps. Thanks chris 1976 2002
  6. The next plan for my car is to haul out the long neck diff, and put in a 4.10 open diff, with all the appropriate parts associated. I have had a Tii subframe collecting dust in my garage for some time...but I am wondering about the trailing arm mounts. I know the Tii mounts are wider than my 1600 long neck subframe...but are they also wider than a standard 02 mounts? TIA!
  7. I notice reading the Forum that quite a few Cars have IE Front Sway Bars with ST Engineering Rear Sway Bars, Assuming the ST Rears are from ST Engineering in Germany can anyone give me the ST Part Number for the Bar which works with the IE 22mm Front as ST Germany have no listing for the 2002 !!!
  8. An older friend has an old Miller and Norburn suspension (springs, ASBs and Billy dampers) that he purchased in the 80's but never installed. After searching the forum, it looks like M&N were the importers of Alpina stuff east of the Rockies, raced a bit, and made cool stuff. If they are the right thing for street use, I may buy the M&N and replace the (three year old) ST suspension we put on Sputter during the restoration. Otherwise, I am going to help my friend sell it all (here, on the forum) once I get a chance to take measurements and confirm what all is there. In the meantime: I have seen M&N catalogs for sale in old posts, but no complete images. If you have one laying around, could you send me images of the cover and the relevant suspension pages? If you have the "touring" version of the springs on your car, can you give me some feedback on how you like them? If I am going to buy them from my buddy, what is a fair price? (Yes, I know "whatever you are willing to pay..." yada yada) Here is his note to me about the setup: Dear John, Here are some details. The suspension is a Miller & Norburn sport suspension, circa 1985. They used to compete with Alpina for aftermarket modifications (rallyes, road racing, etc.) and there are a few blogs about their suspension products for BMW 2002. This is the sport suspension package (yellow dots on the springs). The only indication I have for the Bilstein shocks is: B-46-118 on the rear shocks. I would have to open the package to find the similar code of the McPherson struts. There are two anti-roll bars, front and rear. The only reason I did not have it installed is I realized there were cracks in the main body shell (due to salting in up-state New York, 1970-74). I thought a sport suspension might lead to further damage. I hope this is of interest.
  9. hey guys, i have an issue with a very stubborn track rod end, the inner end which attaches to the center piece of the steering setup, i cannot free it for some reason, the outer end did take some persuasion with a ball joint splitter and a hammer, this one however has only budged slighty with some serious hammering taking place... any ideas!! tips from anyone whos had this same problem!! i have 4 to get out and so far only managed 1
  10. The IE spring and sway bar kit and the Blunt street suspension kit - both with Bilstein HD shocks -- are essentially the same in price and the same components. Is there any major difference? The IE kits' rear stabilizer is adjustable, but that's about all I can see unless I am missing something. Any insights here? Thanks all!
  11. I'm looking for the corner weight of a S14 swapped 2002. I know that it won't be exact for my car but I'm looking to get a starting point. Any help would be great!
  12. So I was was looking for a 2002 to fix up and I think Ifound a good car. The only problem is that the top of the strut has become disloged! Was wondering what it would cost to get it fixed/if i could fix it myself.
  13. Evening, has anyone run into issues with not being able to get the nut down far enough to get a cotter key in on the center link (drag link)? I don't have the plastic dust caps that others have issues with. I can only get the top of the nut even with the top of the threads. I've torqued hard enough to strip some nuts (getting close to running out using the old ones, which seem better). The big thick rubber washer is compressed, but still has some squish, so I don't believe its holding up the show. Spent some time measuring the old and new one and measurements seem to be close. thoughts? can they go in backwards? (even if they did, the holes for the tie rods would be in the wrong place but thats it). I've pulled it already and am re-fitted. The old one seems good, I'm going to re-try that one.... thanks Allan
  14. Hi, in process of changing the cv joint boots and wondering if it is recommended to rotate the axles i.e. left on the right, right on the left hand side, thank you.
  15. Morning faq I'll be getting a set of Gaz coilovers sorted this month. I've heard I need to do some strengthening to do so. Do do I just need strut braces front and rear, or is it more complicated than this? cheers
  16. Hi I have had my rear st performance sway bar for couple of months and lo it. The other day I wanted to move t settings to the more agressive setting which is the opening all the way to the front(it sits in the middle now) but I find very hard to move it and the bushings attached to the subframe sits under a weird angle. Any trickery to making this adjustment? Thank you.
  17. There has been much discussion and theorizing here (which I've appreciated for the input) about the stance issues with my Baikal, '72 tii. Several people opined that the front of the car was too high, while JP and I maintained that this was an illusion created by the fact that the rear was sitting way too low. Today, JP swapped out the rear/upper spring pads for some thicker ones and I'm pleased to announce that the stance is looking SO much better! Here are "before and after" shots... COOP
  18. Edit: Renamed thread as it evolved away from Bilstein revalving and toward general track setup advice. Has anyone sent in shocks to Bilstein for revalving? Were you happy with the results? I couldn't find any threads here about revalving but found a few positive posts about their rebuild services. Outside the FAQ, I found a few positive posts on other forums about it. Hoping some folks have experience to share. I just swapped my HDs for Sports last weekend thinking they'd be a better match for the 300lb springs I'm running on GC adjustable perches. There's a massive difference in high speed compression damping. Low speed damping seems much better with the sports than the HDs though. The car would blow through travel on bigger compressions with HDs, but now it feels very well controlled. However, over road chatter, the Sports are very jiggly. I have a track day this weekend and will see if my opinion changes, but I'm thinking I'd like to get the sports softened up a bit to match the springs better. If they feel better on the track, it wouldn't be a huge deal to run HDs for street, Sports for track but it would be nice to find a compromise that's tolerable for both. For what it's worth, I'm running 350lb x 8 inch springs with Rabbit Bilstein Sports in the front. No complaints about this combo. Ride height is 6-1/2 inches in front from the ground to the bottom of the rocker seam and just over 7 inches at the rocker seam in the rear. No bumpstops in the rear.
  19. Hi, I am in the middle of restoring a 71 ti and the rear axle mount area is pretty rusty and I have to rebuild the the rear axle support area. I picked up the W& N support pieces but the stud and bracing was pretty bad as well so I had some parts machined up and got bolts, washers and cap to finish it off. I made som,e extras and was wondering if any one else would be interested in buying them. If so I will work out a price and put it in the parts for sale area. All steel with a grade 12 Allen head bolt with a special double lock aircraft style washer. I got some plastic caps to finish them off. Here are some pictures of the parts all together and the individual parts. Also show them with the W & N repair parts to see how they fit. I have 3 extra sets right now. Let me know Thanks, Rick
  20. Hey guys, late to the party but JUST found this. $75 rebate on purchase of the ST 52000 swaybars kit for our cars. Good with purchases through tomorrow (4/30) Blunt sells the sets for a reasonable price, support those that support us! http://www.stsuspensions.com/rebate/
  21. I am rebuilding my front suspension and am looking at my new center link. The new link's ends came with a a black plastic disk under the nut and under this disk the seal (which is to be soaked in oil per the Hayne's doc). But in the Haynes doc, items 9 (seal) and 10 (seal cap) seem to be in the opposite order with the cap on the bottom and the seal on top of the cap. I just wanted to clarify the proper order. To me it makes sense how the new center link has it with the plastic cap as a cover over the seal. And the new center link comes with this seal/plastic cap pair on each end, while the Hayne's doc only shows a 9/10 seal/cap item on the steering box side. So I looked on my old center link and see that actually the steering box end and idler side end are actually different. The steering box side has a little metal lip and what once appears to be some sort of seal. Anyway, I suppose that the new replacement parts are simpler in design with both ends the same and each having a seal/cap. Thanks as always !! Randy
  22. First auto-cross event last weekend and had a blast! Came in 27 out of 45, and was the only vintage car there other than a '69 mustang. But more importantly, kept dropping my time every run of the course. This was a first full-trial of the suspension work: - 22mm / 19mm swaybars - IE Stage I springs - Bilstein HDs - 185/70s on Octavo's It sure felt like I was getting more body roll than the photos suggest! Overall this setup was reasonable (and it's a blast for everyday driving) but if I tracked it more I'd definitely want to get some more traction on the ground. What would be the next upgrade I should do?
  23. Hi , so I have gone through all 42 pages of the stance thread . Still seeing more 13's and 15's , so who has lowered their 02 onto 14's E30 mesh RZ wheels ? With or with out modified fenders , lowered by how much ? I am thinking 185/55r14 s drives .... Pictures and tech much aprieciated , cheers
  24. Can stock front radius rod bushings be swapped for urethane with the rest of the suspension in place or is there not enough play?

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