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Found 93 results

  1. I'm doing the all BMW solution for adding vented front rotors. Tii struts are installed, with rebuilt large bearing (used) E21 hubs. First I noticed the front hubs each use a different size rotor hold down screw. With the rotors installed, the caliper touches the outer surface of the rotor, like the caliper is too far in. This is true for the driver and passenger sides. I've read some articles here on FAQ saying to use washers as spacers. If i used any spacers betweem the caliper and strut, it qould being the caliper even further in. Do I not have the hubs installed correctly? What am I missing here?
  2. Getting this message upon posting. Assuming it is site-wide as I see many duplicate posts. No idea if its relevant at all but found this link Its back from April but seems others are or have had similar issues. Possibly software/firmware security patch or update recently? I received the error message on a W10x64 PC using Chrome Version: 51.0.2704.79 m however when I went to check what version of Chrome I was running it updated to Version 51.0.2704.84 m Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX4096 Seems after I updated Chrome I cannot duplicate the error message I (and looks like others) were getting. What was happening was that you hit submit on a new post and you would be presented with that error message/page. If you then hit the back button on your browser you'd go back to your post (and not lose the content) and then copy the text so you don't lose it --and try to re-submit (hence all of the duplicate posts).
  3. When I try to edit my own post, This message pops up and won't let me save my edited post. I did not removed the post and was posted 2mins ago.. Thanks
  4. Howdy, Steve, I was about to cut and paste a link to the Tii Clock repair article in Interior section... all of the pics are gone... bummer. This was a very good article, but without the pics, it's much more difficult to understand. Any chance they can be resurrected? Thanks as always, Ed Z
  5. What am I doing wrong? I'm pretty sure I have always used the 'direct link' in Photobucket for the images, and the new site automagically converts them to images once they are pasted in.. It worked earlier today in a brake booster thread, but not when I tried to add a big update to my project blog..? And yet it works here... ? Thoughts?
  6. I'm sure you know what to do with this... Thanks for all you do, Ed Z
  7. i can't read my private messages...all i see is this..when i open a message, it flashes then i get the above full screen
  8. EDIT: Apparently there was a problem with me double posting this. Sorry. THe problem I am having seems intermittent, since I was just able to load photos into a PM. It seems to be hit-or-miss lately. I have been getting this message, when trying to upload photos. "There was a problem uploading the file" I really appreciate that we no longer need to use PhotoBucket and can simply pull them off our computers; however it is not working for me currently. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  9. Is this happening to anyone else? Forum isn't as much fun without pictures.... Pictures don't work in a lot of the classified adds and in General Discussion. Links seem to be dead.
  10. For some strange reason, I cannot copy any pictures onto my posts. I just tried copying the same picture to a post using several different methods but none will work. See here for test post
  11. Can not upload any PDF files that are in the "service information bulletin" folder
  12. I find I get this semi randomly when trying to 'like' individuals posts. Perhaps they have blocked me in some way and asking questions draws attention to this?
  13. Why do I always have to double click the return arrow to get back to the original page? Never happened prior to the last major update!
  14. I can edit a post I have made from win 10 no problem. No can do from either of my android devices. Can get into edit screen and make edits, but cannot save. Hit save button and nothing happens except a red "required" word appears above the edit area. No indication of what is "required".
  15. I usually use Comodo Dragon web browser which uses Comodo DNS servers. I have no problems going to other sites, only 2002faq when I get this; I believe it has something to do with recursive site access. In order to get around this irritation, only for the faq, I use a different web browser, Opera and use my ISP, talktalks's DNS servers.
  16. Getting this message upon posting. Assuming it is site-wide as I see many duplicate posts. No idea if its relevant at all but found this link Its back from April but seems others are or have had similar issues. Possibly software/firmware security patch or update recently? I received the error message on a W10x64 PC using Chrome Version: 51.0.2704.79 m however when I went to check what version of Chrome I was running it updated to Version 51.0.2704.84 m Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX4096
  17. All I want to do is find a topic I started last year. Can I??? No, it asks me to enter tags, enter search terms, enter your bank account details and give free access to your credit cards. How in the love of God do you get a list of topics up that you either started or contributed to? It never used to be this convoluted.
  18. I tried to copy and paste an address link from the Article section to a post but it would not go through. All that came up was an endless spinning wheel like it was thinking. I have seen other post where this was happening. Is this a new feature?
  19. I've been getting email notifications of posts for topics i've never looked at or subscribed to. Probably 5-10 a week, but a few times i've had 5 in a day. Any ideas on what's going on? Anyone else having the same issue?
  20. My first post since the upgrade (yes I see there are some WIP areas). Have there been changes to the way we should post pictures? I used the standard copy method from PB but nothing shows up.
  21. Hey, Steve, The search function does not seem to be working. Hope you are having a happy holiday. Thanks! Scott
  22. Screen layout on iPad is wonky - the headers scale fine, but the text areas expand off the edge of the screen to the right. I wind up having to do a lot of left-right scrolling, or zooming out. Otherwise really appreciate the new format, and all the work that went into it. Thanks for all you do!
  23. Howdy, Steve, I just posted this in Off Topic, but the navigation references Mid Atlantic group, etc.. and says I can't reply to it? Thought you'd want to know. Ed Z
  24. After typing a response (I was logged on), hitting the preview button resulted in "sorry - you don't have permission for that" message then I noticed I wasn't logged on anymore. When I hit the browser (Google Chrome) back arrow, I was logged on. My response was gone. I tried again just typing 1 simple sentence and it never saved nor posted the response. Very frustrating.
  25. Tried opening the forum on my PC running Firefox v44.0. the page requested will display, but after a few seconds, Firefox redisplays the previous window (e.g. the Duckduckgo search results page). This is being typed from an Android tablet. Does FF need to be specially configured fo this forum?