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Found 88 results

  1. Cracked (see last pics) OEM NLA Fuel pump push rod hole has never been machined from the factory Later in time, where a mechanical fuel pump would install, holes were drilled and tapped ...no idea why $100 + shipping Message if interested
  2. Here is the prototype of the customer console my Dad created. I am currently sending the CAD drawings out for the face plate to get laser cut from aluminum. Eventually I plan to make a few of these if I can if anyone is interested in a custom upgraded console.
  3. Hello FAQ'ers! Its been a very long time yet again but Im here and happy to announce that my swap is still going and moving forward! Ive moved my tii to a local 2002 expert , terry sayther, and they have been busy while I have been away winning races in the IMSA Conti series ! They have finished most of the assymbly of the motor, and just today finished mounting the 323i trans and shortened driveshaft (pics of that later). My REAL life goal is to have this car running and driving before the end of 2016!!!!!!!!!!!! The shop is going to get the car as far along as they can for my budget, and the rest will be up to me. The main things they will be working on are - wiring the new engine, fixing the chassis harness, getting the engine almost running (ill be building the exhaust, rad and oil cooler mounts among final pedal box and brake projects) Anyways, here some pictures from today My car is in good company!
  4. After many inquiries and requests for a wider version of our Aluminum air dams, I finally found the time (and a good car to work from) to make a prototype. There were a lot a variables to consider. It needed to mount up high, covering the bead detail in the valence (nose panel). It needed to fit and look good both with and without a front bumper (early and late) it also needed to wrap all the way to the fender arch/wheel well....yet fit the average banged up and repainted 45 year old car. This is what I came up with. It looks low but it in fact allows for 3/8" more ground clearance than my original long/low mount version (shown in pic, for comparison) Happy with the results, I know it won't work on every flared and modified race car, but with very little effort it fit up nicely to the four different cars I cross-referenced the shape to. I've made a short run of these and they are available to purchase @ www.kooglewerks.com
  5. One major thing I've needed to sort since purchasing is being able to lock the thing. PO fitted a keyless entry/alarm system that works fine, it's just that the hazards start flashing about a minute after locking. Checked all the wiring, looked for backup batteries etc, can't seem to solve this issue. So plan B is to fit some working door locks. Seems the drivers side is completely missing a lock and is blocked up with a rubber bung: ...while the passenger door does have a lock, only I don't have a key that opens it. So I picked up a spare set of handles and locks, dropped then off to my local locksmith and had them rekeyed to match my ignition key. Presto: Installation time. Took off the passenger trim. RHD don't forget. Sadly, at some point the plastic water proof film has been removed, so the door cards are horrible. Currently sourcing some replacements. Remote locking actuators can be seen bottom left. Fitting the new locks very straight forward, just a matter to removing the old and reinstalling the new. Waiting on some rubber seals, passenger side was missing these entirely. Door has been (badly) repainted at some point, with the handles still fitted. Good news is that the door itself is solid. I had been worried about this door being very rusty on account of some flaking bog around the hinges. When I had the interior trim off I was able to take a good look inside and all seems ok. Front edge of the door is a little beaten up (accident damage?) and appears to have been smoothed over with copious bog. No rust though. Drivers door. Same story, no water proofing and shot door cards. Interior vinyl is still ok, hopefully this can be saved. So now it has working door locks. Bonus is that the keyless entry system is wired up to have drivers door as a master, so when I lock/unlock the drivers door with the key, the passenger door also locks/unlocks.
  6. After taking my gauges apart for a clean I realised quite a few bulbs had blown and the bulb behind the big red warning light was missing altogether. So I got myself some goodies in the mail from superbrightleds 1x WLED-x6: 194 LED Bulb - 6 LED Wedge Base, WLED-G6: Green 1x WLED-x6: 194 LED Bulb - 6 LED Wedge Base, WLED-A6: Amber 2x WLED-x6: 194 LED Bulb - 6 LED Wedge Base, WLED-R6: Red 1x WLED-x6: 194 LED Bulb - 6 LED Wedge Base, WLED-B6: Blue 4x WLED-x5: 194 LED Bulb - 5 LED Wide Angle Wedge Base, WLED-NW5: Natural White Coloured bulbs look like this. Each 'bulb' has 6-LEDs set at a narrow angle to direct light straight out of the cluster: For the four natural white 'bulbs' I chose to use wide angle versions to cast the background gauge lighting. These have 5-LEDs, one bulb directing light vertically, with four others casting wide light: Fitting is very simple once you have the cluster out. Though I found that after taking everything apart to clean the gauges and glass and then putting it all back together again that the LEDs for the tacho background lighting didn't fit through the holes. As you can see, the 'bulb' is bigger than hole. So apart it came and I fitted the 'bulbs' from the reverse side. All sorted and small wiring harness reinstalled. I am missing one bulb holder (bottom right), will source one of these later when I do a full cluster restore. All installed and tested. Lights are much brighter - though not too much so. Red warning light lights up properly when the handbrake is on, though it never quite extinguishes when the car is running. Very dim, yet still there. Thinking it could be a bad ground or something, another thing on the list to check later.
  7. When I received the tii, the engine and gearbox were coated in oil and muck. After a thorough degreasing I found that while there didn't seem to be any serious leaks, there was some muck above the starter motor and on the breather hose between valve cover and air intake. After taking off the breather hose, I discovered this: At first I thought the hose had sprung a leak. Lots of fresh and old oil around this area, clearly coming from this little hole. After much research it turns out this hole is supposed to be used for a small nipple for a vacuum host that connects up to the throttle body. A quick look under the intake tubes reveals that this inlet has been blocked off with a red blanking piece: Consulting realoem, the bits are supposed to look like so. Parts 3 and 4 are the ones I'm missing. Not referenced on realoem therefore would assume they're NLA. A quick trip to the parts store and I have these: Test fit, I subsequently recut the hose nice and square: Had to trim the connector so it would fit properly: Here's the hose information, if anyone is interested. Left the hose quite long as I wasn't sure how hard it was going to be to fit without removing the intake runners. A pain to fit the hose onto the throttle body in such tight confines, leaving the hose long made it a little easier. The vacuum connecter used is not ideal. The fit is a too loose for my liking though had little other option. Would more than likely be a better fit if I was using a new breather hose (part #11151252665). If anyone has a source for the original connector/nipple piece - I'd be very interested. Verdict: No more oil in the general area after a good 1hr drive last night. Downside is that the car now seems much more reluctant to start. Before fitting it always started first time, whereas now there is more of a stutter and actually failed to fire a few times. Lots of (black) oil and muck sprayed out the exhaust in the garage the first time I started up, not since giving her a good run. Engine idle and performance through the rev range seems unchanged. - More photos and info (my2002tii.com) - Part numbers and diagram (realoem)
  8. Using the SH02 Shifter Housing Bushing Set for BMW 2002 from AKG Motorsport. AKG website mentions that they're made from Delrin, though they are in fact Polyurethane 75D spec. AKG have a page explaining the pros/cons of Delrin vs 75D. Jacked the car up at the front and put her onto axle stands. Crawled underneath and removed the rod (part 25111201238) that supports the shifting arm (the large pressed metal plate that extends out from the gearbox to the shifter location). Rod is held by two bolts. One long bolt on the lower/transmission end where the bushings will be installed. Another short nut/bolt on the higher end furthest from the transmission. Both bolts are 13mm, I used a pair of ring spanners to undo everything. ⬆photo.1: Rod covered in oil and grime, looks wet as I just sprayed it with some degreaser. Spot the original bushing in place, metal-rubber-metal. The rubber was all sticky and mushy, understandable based on the amount of leaked engine oil it was swimming in. Managed to scrape most of this goo out and pulled the inner metal piece out with a pair of pliers. ⬆photo.2: Once the inner metal part of the bushing was pulled out, I continued to scrape the rubber mush away and was left with the metal outer band locked tight into the rod. Damage to the rod most likely caused by a guibo letting to at some point and smashing against this bracket. I'll likely get a replacement part when I pull the gearbox. ⬆photo.3: another view of the remains on the original bushing. Outer metal part is stuck fast to the rod. ⬆photo.4: Tried several times to drive the old bushing out with a hammer and chisel. Even tried heating the whole thing up over a flame to get it moving. No dice. Ended up using a hacksaw to carefully cut the bushing through in two places. ⬆photo.5: As soon as the second cut was made, what remained of the original bushing slid right out. ⬆photo.6: Installing the new AKG Motorsport SH02 Shifter Bushing set. Push them in either side. ⬆photo.7: Done. I have a few other bits from AKG yet to install, might leave these until I pull the gearbox.
  9. A quick tidy up of the rear licence plate holder. I think these is the OEM NLA parts 51185480186 + 51185480185 Tonnes of dirt and much caught up behind it. Just a quick clean today, due for a date with the chromer in a few months.
  10. Four-spoke steering wheel, odd for a '72 model? RH rear sill, looks a little nasty. Fitted with oversill repair panel, note overspray on the sill cover. RH rear quarter. Bumper is pretty tight against the body work, thick paint and bog evident in that seam area. Model badge installed poorly with d/s tape, could even be a Model 73 piece rather than a correct 71 one. Snorkel piece suggests a new nose at some point (or does it?). Front bumpers squashed up against the body work. Both struts missing their covers, bearings underneath are pretty grubby. Lifted out the rear bench, lots of disintegrated rubberised horse hair dust and other random objects long lost under the seat. Obligatory shot of the gathered under-rear-seat haul of crap and miscellaneous fallen off bits. Anyone need a pen? Cleans up alright, pretty clean underneath.
  11. Dashboard just before I took ownership. No idea how that rev counter bezel got so out of shape, another thing to fix.
  12. Very original RHD 2002tii in Melbourne, Australia. 4-speed, black vinyl/white cloth seats. Has a later Model 73 style steering wheel, not sure if this is original. PO fitted an alarm, immobiliser and central locking. Lots of TLC needed to get her back into shape. Runs beautifully, starts every time, stays nice and cool and no smoke. On the immediate to-do list: Spare wheel well has the usual rust RH rear sill has some rust showing through RH rear corner seems to have some badly repaired accident damage. Expecting lots of bog/bondo under that paint LH door frame is shot and needs replacement Nope, actually it looks ok, just coated in bog for some reason?!?! Paint on upper surfaces is badly sun damaged Planning to get the body right, then get stuck into refreshing all the running gear.
  13. Hi, is there anyone interested in an BMW 2002tii engine? (complete) Location is germany, can be shipped.
  14. BMW 2002tii throttle body, throttle linkage. Genuine part from our old stock. In orignal state synchronized. So ready to mount. In good working condition! 250 USD, shipping as DHL Päckchen interrdnational 20 USD.
  15. Very interesting reading on the introduction of the Model 71 2002tii to sales distributors. It even notes the 3.45:1 diff ratio installed in the first cars.
  16. Now that I'm back with Maximillian Importing, I've been exhaustively researching high demand parts in an effort to keep parts flowing for all of us 2002 owners. Checking quantities, cost structures, and all manner of details on the bits we all need. With that said, (and with the permission of the administrators) I'll be offering a few internet specials from time to time here and the Facebook 2002 page. My goal is to NEVER carelessly spam my 2002 family on these pages. It's just not worth it. I've worked too hard and built too many 2002 friendships over the last 30 years, to start being "that parts sales jerk" now. JANUARY SPECIAL: Front and rear GENUINE BMW tii mufflers/resonators. Both pieces for $299.00 plus shipping. Fits **ALL** 2002s from 1968-1975 with side exit system. Rear muffler has correct tii "oval" cross section. It's what I run on my own cars after messing around with a bunch of other systems that didn't make the cut. I even ran this system on my old 2.2 S14 crank dual carb'd stroker motor. I like letting the intake do the talking. Basic (HJS brand) exhaust mounting kit available for an additional $20.00. These contain nuts, bolts, rubber hangers, nylon hanger inserts, and gaskets to mount the system. Why GENUINE BMW? It fits. Flows GREAT, lasts virtually forever, and never needs readjustment. Tired of hearing your exhaust go *tink tink tink* against the underside of your car every time you start or shut it off? This will fix it. To order or to inquire about shipping estimates, please e mail Saul at classicbmwparts@gmail.com. For questions regarding this system or any other 2002 parts, you can always reach me at the same email address. Stay warm! The weekend is just a coupe days away! Currently the Genuine BMW exhaust tips are NLA, but you can order an Ansa brand one for about $10.00 by asking for part number 82 11 9 413 970. Cheers! It's good to be reunited with my parts books!
  17. I am selling a very nice E21 320is steering wheel. It is in great shape, but needs new leather installed as it is missing. Re-covered ones on Ebay are $300.00 and up, and vary in quality. I am asking $150.00.
  18. This is a 3:91 ratio limited slip differential out of a 1982 BMW 320is. It is in good working order and comes with the drive axles. I am asking $950.00 for everything. Feel free to call me at 503-793-2330. Thanks for looking! Robert
  19. Anyone ever had this happen? Was totally fine last night, today I go out to the garage to get something and see this--nothing fell on it. Car hasn't been driven since Vintage. I'm assuming original glass and heat caused it to happen. Anything I should know about replacing it? I once had to get a windshield replaced in a Porsche 914 and that was a complete debacle.
  20. Selling these 15" BBS RA. Had them on my e21 but now letting them go. Restored. Stripped down to bare metal, Polished the lips and redid the centers in Dulpicolor gold...close to the BBS RS color but not perfect. 4x100. Tires are 195 50 15 Falken. Pretty good shape. Prefer local pickup or will ship at buyers expense.
  21. I'm still searching for anything on my 69 2002 that came from CA. In one internet search (that included Marin County), I stumbled across this MotorTrend article about Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead. According to this article, Bob's first NEW car was a 1969 2002 that he drove all around Marin County. He later owned a 74tii. https://www.motortrend.com/news/grateful-dead-bob-weir-celebrity-drive/ Jim
  22. This is a 1973 2002tii engine with 110K+ miles. All original parts. Except for a new Bosch distributor cap. I would prefer to sell the engine as a whole. Although if you need something specific, please let me know. It has the original kugelfischer fuel injection pump.
  23. Price:: 200 Location: : San Fernando, CA These are chrome trims for a 2002tii body. They are NEW. STILL IN THE BOX. Both left and right side. Will ship if you are interested.
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