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  1. eurotrash


    From the album: Eurotrash: First Album

    My distraction.

    © Jason Gipson

  2. Hello All, I'm selling the rear seats out of my 1975 Fjord Blue 2002. Seats are in great condition, nice and comfortable/springy, with the exception of a minor tear (pictured) and right mounting bracket lower section is missing. The other bracket mounts securely and I've never had any issues with it moving around. I converted to a black interior so I have to let these go. Asking $200 $150, local pickup. Located in San Diego (92107) however I work in Rancho Bernardo so I'm willing to drive a reasonable distance to meet up. Cheers, Colby
  3. Making slow but steady progress cleaning up the engine compartment and the wiring on 'Webster'. Before: After:
  4. The time has come to sell my 1975 2002. I bought it about 2.5 years ago from a gentleman in North Carolina. He barely drove it and so the car needed lots of basic things - brakes, carburetor rebuild, tires, alternator, radiator, etc. I've fixed all those issues and more, making it a very reliable and attractive car that is my daily driver. I have over $5k in receipts. Currently has about 148k miles. It was originally a fjord car with an automatic transmission. A previous owner installed a four-speed manual and resprayed it in a light blue. It's slightly different than the original fjord (check out the photos of the engine bay to see the difference). The owner also had the interior redone with new vinyl upholstery for the seats and door cards, plus new carpet. The blue on navy color scheme is a great looking combo. I'm asking $12,200. The good: Runs and drives wonderfully Interior looks almost new Southern car most of its life Numbers matching (vin 2381106) Lots of recent work and new parts No structural rust Weber 32/36 DGV with a mild cam New-ish tires Speakers and amp for iPod connectivity Attractive color combo The bad: Paint under gas cap is peeling Some rust bubbles (cosmetic only) on the rockers Door cards and seats, while very clean looking, aren't totally true to the stock stitching patterns No A/C Here is a link to about 70 photos: https://goo.gl/photos/MCz4z5ESmfUm4Wf68 I'm happy to answer any questions. My email is [email protected] and my cell is 724.575.0966.
  5. I am looking for a project car to convert into a turbo, possibly track car. I have all the parts from an old project I had to pass on, but with more time on my hands now I would like to give it a shot. I am looking for a car with solid bones and hopefully a running motor. Don't care about the interior, but would like to find one with minimal rust. I only want to spend a few grand on the car. This may be difficult, but have the time to wait for the right one. oh and its got to be a manual of course!
  6. Hi 02Faq, I'm moving, so I'm gonna be unable to sell anything else off of this car for a while. Of course, I'll be sending out all the pending stuff. Thanks to all who responded. I bought a parts car! 1976. My wife is thrilled. The car came with so many things that I don't need, and I know someone could use. Here they are. Parts are gonna be cheap, starting at 10$. shipping cost will be actual USPS. If you're in the north bay area, picking them up is even cheaper. All this stuff is quite used, but some is no longer available, so its not dumpster bound just yet. Engine, Trans, diff, and Body parts are spoken for, and rough anyways. I'm planning on 'lemons'ing' this car later this year. on both sides, all glass is all there and available. Windshield and back glass is staying with me. Trim is not lovely, but cheap. Two more single barrel intake manifolds. Smog stuff, looks like it's all there. Heyco lug wrench, rusty. Sunroof tracks and a air deflector, and an ok golde hand-crank. Automatic shifter, extra handle. Drivers seat is blue, for parts. no pass seat, rear seat for parts. Hood catches, three of these. Yes, I can take more pictures! Anyhow, please let me know if you want anything specific, DM me. Parts will ship from 95403. Turn Signal switch is sold. Rocker trim sold both. Deflector is sold. "2002" is sold Drivers seat hardware is sold, frame and padding still here, but the vinyl is nasty. Most trim is sold still have some; rear lower between lights ($20, $10) drivers trunk (3x), passenger trunk, R,L doors, R,L under side windows, Passenger hood. Please see pictures, $10 plus shipping, Single barrel air cleaner is sold Both 2bbl air cleaner sold, Snorkel and box are sold. Fuel Diverter is sold Drivers vent window is sold Bumperettes still available
  7. Hi! I am new to the BMW 2002 community, I just bought my first 2002, a 1975. So I have been driving it around and it shifts super smoothly and drives awesome. When I apply the brakes, the process to slow down takes quite a while, which alarmed me at first. Now, obviously I am used to driving "modern" day cars, both of which are 1989's, so I have been acclimated to ABS braking systems that are rather powerful. I looked at the wheels and noticed the front wheels do have disks (which honestly surprised me with the weakness of the brakes). To get to the point, how do I test if my front brakes are working properly? Do I need to bleed the brakes and see if fluid is getting to the caliper? Or am I just over thinking this and this just the way older 2002s are? Secondly, if this is the way the stock brakes came, then is there an upgrade that can be done for better braking power? I am looking to avoid converting the back drum brakes to disks. But any ideas would be awesome. Thanks for the help and being patient! -David
  8. Hello!!! I am new to forum and the reason is because I just bought my first BMW 2002, she is a fjord blue 1975. To be honest, I don't know where to start looking over the 2002. I have worked on a lot of cars but this one definitely intimidates me because of the price of errors when working with 2002s. Throw out anything, whether it be advice or a tech tip. Right now, a few things that I just don't know are as follows: 1. How the heck do you unlock the trunk and the doors? I have attached a picture of the keys I got (online order) but I have no idea 2. What type of gasoline should I be putting in it here in America? The good stuff? 3. Does anyone have a good shop manual that I can buy somewhere online? Thanks for the help in advance, like I said, throw out really anything. Thanks!
  9. Hey everyone, I recently bought a '75 2002 and had my mechanic perform an extensive tune up (new spark plugs, ignition wire set, point and condenser, distributor cap and rotor, and valve adjustment) and it runs pretty well once I get it going, but I have a hard time getting it to start. It takes feathering of the gas pedal and multiple tries, even more so at night. I've been told that I need a new or rebuilt carburetor to really fix this, but could it possibly be something else? Also I feel like it's running too hot, the needle on the temp. gauge has never hit red but it's gotten pretty close a few times. I don't have a fan shroud, but would one make a big difference for these cars? coolant level and color are normal. Any comments or suggestions are welcome :} thanks
  10. Hello All! I'm looking to buy a used 74'-76' passenger seat for my 75' 2002 and use it as a temporary drivers seat so that I can still drive the car while the permanent seats are getting reupholstered. Would a passenger seat fit the drivers side base? Here's a picture of the temporary seat I'm looking at purchasing. Thanks, Christian
  11. Year:: 1975 Make:: BMW Model:: 2002 Price:: 200.00 Location: : Greeley, Colorado Includes most all the original engine and parts with the exception of the distributor. Automatic although I have other transmissions that can be exchanged. Clean title. Rear shock towers and floor pans seem to be in very good shape, but the typical wheel well and other rust locations will need experienced work. Items included: 1 - rolling chassis for restoration (blue, automatic) (clean title) 1 - 2002 automatic tranny 1 - assembled block with head (M10 with E12) 1 - disassembled short block (M10) with E12 head (the original motor that was running strong in the car, needs new valve guides) 1 - set blasted and powder-coated steel wheels Megasquirt stimulator, relay board, and communication cable 318i intake manifold FORD EDIS components 1995 Pontiac Bonniville supercharger extra hood, quarter panels, trim Many photos available including of any disassembly done so far. Extra highly desirable bonus items available at small extra cost to serious (and preferably restore experienced) inquiries. To be discussed. Needs to be trailered away. I would also like to have first dibs on a fair market price buy back if you ever want to get rid of the car in the future! Thanks! Andrew
  12. Year:: 1975 Make:: BMW Model:: 2002 Price:: 8800.00 Location: : San Gabriel 1975 BMW 2002 for sale on Craigslist http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sgv/cto/5440912709.html VIN 2365343
  13. I'm selling my 1975 BMW 2002. This car is a blast from the past that reminds you how much fun driving used to be. It's light, grippy, revvy, and turns heads everywhere. This one has a few choice modifications to set it apart from the pack. Serial Number 2362303. If you are interested email at [email protected] or call/text 804-512-0171. The Good: - 30,XXX miles!!! - Weber DCOE 40 Carburetor upgrade - Tubular headers with custom exhaust for pleasant, sporty engine note - MSD Ignition - Air Conditioning (needs to be recharged) - Hand crank sun roof - 4 speed manual transmission - Haynes Manual - I drive it weekly to maintain running condition - Interior is clean with some wear to and tear - Inspection good through August 2016 The Bad: - Sizable scratch on drivers door - Rough idle I've had a number of comments about the mileage, so I wanted to make some clarifications. I know the mileage on 2002s can be a real challenge to nail down. My understanding of the low mileage comes from the title and the opinion of mechanics I've had work on it. The discolored carpet and cracked dash are caused by time in the sun, not necessarily miles driven. All that being said, unless I get someone more knowledgeable to take a look at the car and determine otherwise, to me it's a 30K car and priced accordingly. I encourage anyone who is interested to come take a look, give it a drive, take it to your mechanic and make an offer based on what you think it's worth. I'm open to offers, but not until you come and take a look. Please let me know if you have any other questions. I'm a fan of these cars and I'm looking for a good home for this one!
  14. Bought in 1975, but it was made in July 1974. A cool BMW 2002 - Last year for this iconic German two door was in 1976. Finished in Chamonix White with dark interior. Four speed transmission, AM/FM radio. Hard to find in this condition at this price. Runs and drives extremely well, it is kept in a heated garage, covered and protected from ground moister as well. Lucky to have but from owner with full original invoice and manuals... Feel free to test-drive one, but please don't tell any of those ten million squares who are planning to buy something else. They deserve whatever they get. Now turn your hymnals to Number 2002 and we'll sing two choruses of Whispering Bomb . . . Specifications 2002 • 70kW @ 5500 rpm, 116 ft lb @ 3500 rpm • 171 kmp top speed • 0-100 kph in 11 secs ENGINE 2002: 1,990cc Inline four-cylinder, single overhead-cam with twin rocker shafts, cast-iron block with aluminum cylinder head, 8.3:1 compression ratio, hardened forged-steel crankshaft, five main bearings, forged-steel connecting rods, single dual-barrel Solex 40PDSI carburetor Let me know if you are interested, thanks
  15. Price:: 150 Location: : Santa Rosa, CA Hi All, here's some parts that I don't have any use for; maybe you do? I haven't tried them. They are needed for the visual inspection on the California Smog test on '76 cars. The bits I've pictured are all I have, sorry, no air pump. 150 picked up. shipped? Delivered in the east bay? south bay? let's chat. Sold together as a lot only. as is.
  16. Price:: 100.00 Location: : richmond,ca I have a set of seat tracks they will fit on original seat as well as recaro seats. they are in excellent shape and slide very well.
  17. Price:: 105.00 Location: : richmond, ca Selling a instrument cluster from a 1976 bmw, fully functional and in great condition.
  18. Price:: 185.00 Location: : richmond, ca i am selling an original grill set that came of a 1976 bmw 2002 in great condition .
  19. Price:: 148.00 Location: : richmond,ca I have a radiator for sale from a 1976 bmw 2002, the radiator shop gave me the OK that the radiator is still in good condition there are no cracks or leaks.
  20. Price:: 92.00 Location: : richmond, ca Came out of a 1976 bmw, the control arm moves. this price is with free shipping. .
  21. -------------------------SOLD------------------------------ About the BMW 2002.. her name is Bianca & I bought the car about 3 years ago in Richmond, VA and drove it home from down there. All the work was done in the BMW garage, Delta V Motorsports (http://deltavmotorsports.com/) and the mechanic had known the original owners. Before I bought the car they gave it a tune up and replaced the gas tank and everything marked as 'NEW' below they had just put on. Since then Ive put 2,500 miles max on it. Since then I've done small maintenance to it, plugs/dist cap/etc and added some euro spec Recaros. I also have the OG front bumper and a early roundie front bumper as well. 5 digit mileage shows 87,638 miles Modification list: NEW Kazera KZ-U wheels and NEW BFG Sport tires. Early 5-series four-piston front brake calipers. Tii front spindles, control arms, and vented rotors. Bilstein Sport inserts and shocks. Eibach springs. ST swaybars. Braided brake lines. 320i 5-speed gearbox. 320i LSD. Ireland adapters for the CVs. 320i radiator and fan. Hybrid 318/320/2002 cooling system. Crane electronic ignition. NEW weber 38DGAS. (old carb included) NEW Canon intake manifold. (old intake incuded) NEW plugs, wires, cap, rotor, filters, etc... ​New Bosch battery Valve adjustment. NEW strut caps still in packaging Momo steering wheel. Hemp floormats. Dealer-installed AC. As far as condition I havnt drove it as much as she needs for sure. Ive had it under a car cover since winter started. There is a good amount of surface rust around all the exposed bolt holes. The strut towers are in great condition with no rust present at all. The spare wheel well has some surface rust but has been coated with anti-rust coating. There are 2 small holes where you can see daylight both much smaller than a dime. Also someone broke off the drivers side mirror and the rear view mirror culd be replaced. The front/rear window seals need to be replaced as well since they are dry rotted. Since the start of winter i put fuel stabilizer in it and have it under a car cover. The car runs but the last time it was driven it did bog a bit (i do this the 38 is a bit on the large size) & backfired a bit too. I rebuilt the carb not too long ago but think the bigger carb needs to be re-dialed in. The guy before had a sound system in that i took out but had done up the truck pretty cleanly because of it. I stumbled upon another project car and the lady says that the BMW has to go unfortunately... if there were space I would definitely keep it. My hope is that someone else finishes the car right instead of waiting for me to finally get back to it. I believe the price is more than fair with all the modifications done to the car but it needs to get sold and open up a parking space. If you want any other photos, videos, descriptions just let me know. Cheers, Eric
  22. Hey there this is my first post, so I've had my 02 for about a year now and am almost done with the rebuild of it but we know these things take time and money ... and help which is why I'm here. I'm looking for others in the south bay or near by that own 2002's so maybe I can look at other cars up close and see how things should be, as you can see from mine there isn't much to go by but I mangaed. I just need to do the door and rear side window seals plus the idler arm along with some carb tuning so I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me out, in person? I also have some stock parts if people need.
  23. Pre-order the It's Hip To Be Square sticker today! The size of the sticker is 5"x3". I am figuring these will ship out on October 1st, this will also be the last day of pre-sales. Comes with free shipping anywhere in the world! http://www.neuemotorsports.com/store/ Thanks for the support!
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