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Found 5 results

  1. For those of you that don't know me, I have been an '02 enthusiast for almost 40 years now (bought my first one at 18 and I will be 57 in two months). I owned many of them, from my first one, a 1970 1600, through most model years, a '73 tii, and a Schwarz '76 which I completely restored in 1992. I sold this one on October 26, 2010. Now three years, seven months and 17 days after, I have one again! I have named her Victoria, and she is a '73 2002 in Malaga. Mostly stock, and not a concours queen, and I plan to keep it that way. My goal is to fix any mechanical issues and enjoy it. Sort of like my buddy Paul Wegweiser's F-Bomb. I have been here in the FAQ from the beginning, but have been mostly lurking since I sold the '76. Now you will see more of my posts with the usual dumb questions and uninformed opinions. It's great to be back! Now, without further ado, here are the pics! ( I know, the rear emblem is on the wrong side)
  2. Finally finished most of my work on my2002 and proceeded to take it for a test drive. Every thing seemed OK until I stopped for an errand. When I attempted to start the car, the starter labored to turn the engine over but it finally caught and I drove right home. Once in my garage with the hood up, I tried to start it but the engine would barely turn over and I noticed smoke coming from the voltage regulator. I immediately hit my battery isolator and the smoking stopped. My trunk positioned battery has a full charge and previous starts before have been normal. Any ideas on what my problem is? .
  3. I for the first time tried to remove the spark plugs on my 1973 2002. I tried numerous deep sockets from my tool set of both standard and metric but none would reach the plug without binding against the socket well! Do I need a thin wall deep socket and what size? Also when I went to buy a replacement blub for my left front turn signal, the parts salesman, after checking his catalog, issued me a blub with only one base contact, when I can only assume since it must work as a parking light and a blinker it should have two base contacts. What is the proper bulb number and are install slots staggered or same level;?
  4. My son is military, getting ready for deployment and selling his 1973 2002 BMW. I am trying to help him get it ready to sell by changing oil and filter. Mechanic he purchased from says use Motul Classic Performance 20w50 oil and malhle filter but didn't tell me which one. Would it be the OC25 mentioned here? Thanks.
  5. Morning all: I've been part of this forum for a number of years. I'm thinking of selling my 1973 2002 and I wanted to let this group know before I put it in the classifieds or on Bring a Trailer. She's a 1973 that has been updated, redone, rebuilt and generally enjoyed by me for the last 7 years. Purchased locally, maintained by Mark Hutto and driven sparingly. I have a number of spares/upgrades that go along including a brand new car cover. I'm thinking about asking $17,500. I've included a couple of pictures below. Is the price fair given the condition and quality of the car? She's not perfect but a strong driver quality IMHO. Thoughts???
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