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Found 21 results

  1. Hello everyone, I acquired a 1968 02 about a year ago from an elderly woman that came with corbeau racing seats. The PO called me the other day and said she was cleaning out her garage and while doing so she stumbled upon the original seats. She said I was more than welcome to pick them up and so I did. The seats appeared to be in very good shape and she said her husband had swapped them out for the corbeau racing seats very early into ownership of their 02. Now what interested me was a detachable headrest she handed me after I had loaded the seats into my car. She said from what she remembers it came with the 02 and it even matches the color of the seats perfectly. She mentioned it only came with one so if either of them were driving solo the driver would use it and whenever her husband drove with her in it he would attach it to her seat. Why it never came with two? I don't know. I've attached pictures! Has anyone seen this before? Whether it's original or not I think it's pretty neat!
  2. https://www.facebook.com/1976BMW2002/ Hey guys, looking to sell some of my projects and focus on my other cars. So I have three 1976 BMW 2002, blue, yellow and copper. My plan was to use the yellow and copper to fix up the blue. The issue with the blue is the rust. Rear fenders, rockers, front fenders and towers. I was going to use the parts cars and parts that I have bought to repair the blue and repaint. I have rust free front fenders, new rockers and sure that the parts cars could cover the rest. I have tons of parts removed and boxed up. Just putting this out to see if anyone is interested. If I don't get a buyer I just will look to finish the car and sell it complete and part out the other two. See facebook page link for more pixs. Thanks! $5,500 firm for all three and all parts.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/1976BMW2002/ Hey guys, looking to sell some of my projects and focus on my other cars. So I have three 1976 BMW 2002, blue, yellow and copper. My plan was to use the yellow and copper to fix up the blue. The issue with the blue is the rust. Rear fenders, rockers, front fenders and towers. I wa
  4. So i bought this 02 from a lady who inherited it from her father and it is pretty rusty, but with some measurements, a welder, and some prefabbed sheet metal bits, I'm pretty sure i can save it. this car sat for 20+ years and is in very poor condition. I have it at work and have been doing it bit by bit with the 45 min left of my lunch each day. I'm a single dad, so funds are limited, but I'm chugging away.
  5. Hi, we have a lot of parts for sale, for BMW 02 and other models. In this thread I'll offer parts to you for BMW 02-series. All parts are from our own stock in germany. I'll add items one after the other here. Thanks for your interest. If a price is really too much, please tell us. We accept paypal. To make it easier, we could send you a paypal-invoice. If you buy something of our offers and you have problems, dont like it, it doesnt work or someting like that, you can send it back to us of course or talk to us and we will solve this. We are here to offer you good genuine parts for your 02 and give the missing parts to you. I'll add offers in this thread sometimes / day by day, if you need anything else please send PM. Thank You. Sebastian - federente UPDATE: From now on every shipped item gets a tracking-ID. The shipping-costs stay unchanged. (Shipping is mostly 8$ for items up to 0,5 kilogram or 12$ up to 1 kilogramm if the size isnt too large) If you have questions about shipping please send me a PM. Thank you Upd: I started now to move the unsold items to a new, own thread. Images of sold items stay online.
  6. BMW 02 + E3 E9 Hella fog light switch # 6131 1356873 pull+turn switch 3 poles. pull-switch: 2 positions (0,1) turn-switch: 3 positions (0,1,2) 49 USD (40 EUR) + 8$ shipping to USA / Canada
  7. BMW 02 turn signal indicator / flasher right side, german / european version 85 EUR Shipping 8 EUR to USA / Canada (tracking-ID included)
  8. Hey guys, Mark from Restoration Design here, Just wanted to let you know that we have updated our 02' Model, Sheet Metal/Body Panel stock. Do you have any rust in those hot spots? I've seen a couple models this year with some rusty, custom-made panels, now swapped out with these better fitting, better quality parts. - - http://www.restoration-design.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=SRCH We've got Wheelhouse Repairs, Frame Rails, Fenders, Wing Covers, etc., for any Restoring you might be doing! Feel free to send me a message if you need anything. [email protected]
  9. Hi, I'm here for the first time. 02 lover from Belgrade, Serbia. Most of you don't know where is it, but this is what I bought last week. Can someone tell me is it ALPINA? motor zagrejan.mp4
  10. Year:: 1974 Make:: BMW Model:: 2002 1974 BMW 2002 Inka Orange Has original paint on it, but a lot of little rust spots that are pictured. The car has a sunroof so there is some rocker rust. I believe that this car was not driven in the winter but maybe had some snow melt or been rained on outside. There is pretty much no floor pan or frame rust; structurally the car is good, it's just ugly rust all around the body. The engine turns, I have not got it completely started and I wont be able to try for a week or two. Previous owner said it ran but the oil pump needs to be worked on. Engine could likely be easily fixed and could be running project; will need engine rebuild down the road. -Car has Weber carb -No frame or floor rust...holes on hood, lights area, and other areas pictured. -All electric functions work, (I do not have a batter atm), brakes work, and engine cranks. -All the seats are there and door cards. Complete interior and no rips in head liner. I have some black seats without rips in them we can work a deal on. Shifter column surround, shift surround, etc. are in trunk. -Car has Behr A/C, I have the front console, sides, condenser. I believe everything is there. -Just about everything is there, I have some parts in the trunk. Needs to be gone over and should be easy restore. -Ultra custom trailer hitch -More pictures https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B0ZI_U-MpB9OYVRuYzBLNkZ3VzA&usp=sharing Asking $4,500 obo I may be slow to respond so bear with me. If you need to ship it, I can tow it down to Chicago for the company to take it to you for a small fee. Thanks!
  11. Found this article on Jalopnik today, makes me want to check out The Vintage next year if I can. http://jalopnik.com/i-crashed-a-vintage-bmw-party-in-a-brand-new-m235i-1582128103?utm_campaign=socialflow_jalopnik_facebook&utm_source=jalopnik_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow
  12. Year:: 1971 Make:: BMW Model:: 2002 Price:: 10500 Location: : Ephrata, Pa 1971, 4 speed, runs and drives great, one of the cleanest i have seen anywhere close to my area. I have everything listed in the craigslist ad, with pictures and info! http://lancaster.craigslist.org/cto/5205036646.html
  13. Hi there Here is a simple yet I think distinctive key chain idea I honestly whipped up in a few minutes. I beats the piece of knotted blue cord I was using before. I used an somewhat beat up 2002 badge. I filed smooth the cut edge and filed down the mounting nub on the back before punching, drilling, bevelling the hole. Please help yourself to the idea and make one for your self. Regards
  14. Price:: 500 Location: : The Netherlands Beautiful 60's lightweight Nardi, made under license by Emaber ( Barcelona - Spain ). Size: 16.5" ( 420 mm ). Wood is in stunning condition, no cracks or whatsoever. Spokes have a few tiny spots, nothing serious. This steering wheel is approx. 50 years old and has some traces of use. Hub/Boss ( 02 or Neue Klasse fitment ) and classic horn button assembly included. Aftermarket BMW emblem ( period correct ). Very rare opportunity, no second one for sale world wide. Asking price SOLD ( shipping included ). PayPal accepted ( PayPal fees included ).
  15. Does anyone have experience with the linked 02 Wiring harness sold by Sears? http://www.sears.com/usa-auto-harness-usa-auto-harness-sm235552-bmw/p-SPM13629504519#
  16. Hey to all California 2002 owners attending the Brisbane swap and show!! Just giving my fellow FAQ'rs a heads up on our presence at the Brisbane Marina this Saturday. Come find us to say hey and chat 02 stuff. I will have some bumper inventory (2002 and 3.0 coupe) to show along with some custom 2002 shirts ($20ea) Looking forward to it, should be a great event!! Chris 02bumpers.com
  17. Plug and play. Will fit all 02's. Hub protector has a tiny crack ( hardly visible ). Price is for the complete set up. WORLD WIDE SHIPPING INCLUDED! PayPal accepted.
  18. Hello fellow enthusiasts! So I bought this complete S14B23 engine and since I have a touring Im planning on installing this engine at it. I only have my 2002 Touring Tii which had the injection system removed and 45 DCOes added and the S14B23 engine Can you Please provide me a list of parts I need to install run and drive this engine at my 02? Is there a Recipy and Ingredients list for a basic Swap? What parts do I need? What needs to be cut or modified or removed etc. I need all possible assistance. If you already did this swap, know how to do it or what is required or know someone who did it and you have information to share please do so. All assistance will be appreciated there is no small cooperation. All comments welcomed! Cheers!
  19. Whats up everybody? Just signed up for this site, I uses to be on r3vlimited every day as i have had a few e30s in my time. My girlfriend just picked up a '73 tii with a blown head and a worn out bottom end. We got tons of parts with the car and might be selling some of them on here. But before we get into that I have a few questions.... Mostly regarding what is what. Te first thing came in a box with a rebuilt head, can't figure out where it might go. Second I'm not even sure it goes to this car. It's a thermostat housing with FRANCE on it. Thanks for your help guys I look forward to doing more reading on this forum.
  20. I’ve been experimenting making some different style 02 knobs lately and have a few for sale to choose from. All are threaded to 15x1.5mm and ready to ship. $75 each, let me know if you guys have any questions. Orange/ Black with Bmw style roundel top Rose wood with Plum agate gemstone roundel top Green, purple recycled skateboard wood with Bmw roundel top Rose wood and maple with a resin white rose embedded into the top
  21. Hello Faq, I am looking at a car in the Netherlands from Oldenzaal Classics. I know the Netherlands does not have the best climate for 02s, and I want to make sure everything is as described and accurate as they are telling me. Does anyone have any suggestions where to get a possible pre inspection from? Also, has anyone had any experiences with Oldenzaal? After a quick search I have seen many positive reviews, but also quite a few negative ones that are scaring me away. I would greatly appreciate any information. Thanks!

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