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  • rceldib


      Year: 1974
      Manufactured Date: No value
      Original Color: Amazonasgrun
      Sunroof: Standard
      Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
      Current Color: Green
      Current Owner: rceldib
      Location: Granada Hills, California, 91344
      Last Sold: No value

    I picked up my somewhat rusty 1974 2002 tii in San Diego and it is a total restoration project tied into a Tesla powered 100% Electric motor. Watch this really neat project come to life here as I track its progress. 


    I owned a 1971 BMW 2002 when I was in college back in the early '80s. What a fantastic car it was. When I graduated, I took an engineering job at Chrysler in Highland Park Michigan and had to sadly part with the car as they said any foreign cars had to be parked in the very back lot and it was not going to help my career any so I bought a Dodge. Sixty cars owned later, I have bought this 2002. This 1974 2002 tii is pretty holey with corrosion but now is on it's way back to life. Some may cringe but as my last six cars have been electric and this gear head has switched on electric.  My little car will come back to life, after years of sitting in Washington state, with a set of twelve Tesla battery modules and a small rear Tesla Model S motor.


    I am working very closely with Electric GT, in their shop, building the project. Electric GT has performed some converted projects cars such as a Ferrari 308, a VW bus for VW, a few Fiat Spiders, as well as presently they are doing some fine work on a handful of other collector cars. My initial plan is to keep the bones of the car as stock as possible with exterior paint and trim, the suspension, and the interior while doing a full restoration. The twelve Tesla Model S 60 battery modules and the small rear Tesla Model S motor should give about 200 HP. I'm told the tii boxed suspension and beefier suspension and brakes should be able to handle the increased power and torque. The regenerative braking from the Tesla motor may allow me to keep the brakes stock but will see after it goes together.The twelve battery modules should give about 120 mile range. The weight of the car will be very close to the same and I am working on getting as close to 50/50 weight distribution with a low center of gravity. Wish me luck on my journey and I will wait for the hate about going electric but for my kids and grand kids I'm compelled to go this route

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