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  • magnus


      Model: BMW 2002tii
      Year: 1973
      Manufactured Date: 10/10/1972
      Original Color: Ceylon
      Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
      Current Color: Ceylon-ish
      Current Owner: magnus
      Location: Sunnyvale, California
      Last Sold: 08/06/2016

    1973 Ceylon 2002tii. Built 10/10/72 and delivered 10/13/72 to Hoffman motors in New York. No history is known before ~2001, when the car was rescued by Jeff Beyer out of a field in Eureka, California, where it was a stripped shell. Dave Owens acquired the car and rebuilt it as a bit of a 'Frankenstein' with whatever parts were available. The car passed through a flipper in Redwood City, then I purchased it.


    The car is painted a different shade of gold on every panel, and is primered in the back from a collision. The motor out of 2760341 is currently installed, along with an incorrect and worn brown interior with a pair of Recaros. I managed to get in contact with Dave after purchasing the car from the flipper and buy the original block and crank to keep with the car.


    The car is very rough cosmetically but drives surprisingly well. I enjoy participating in local events and drives while I decide if I'm man enough to rebuild it to former glory...

    [updated 11/14/19]

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