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      Model: BMW 2002tii
      Year: 1972
      Manufactured Date: No value
      Original Color: Colorado
      Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
      Current Color: Colorado
      Current Owner: stone02
      Location: Philadelphia, PA
      Last Sold: No value

    According to the surviving relatives, this car was originally picked up by the first owner in England, where it was driven for a while and then shipped to the US (Maryland).  The PO was a CCA member who passed away leaving the car to his relatives who sold it.  Both MLytle and I unknowingly inspected it on the same weekend but we deemed it too rusty to purchase.   Believe Chris Isaccson (Stone 02) bought it and may still have it.


    The original owner's records included a notebook with the fuel fill ups in English pounds. 


    Cowl notch for timing gun.

    No snorkle

    Locking gas cap

    Original "bus" steering wheel

    8 track player with removable mount in console

    Fasten seat belt pod on dash

    Aluminum intake runners

    Minlight alloy wheels (including the spare)

    "No space"  BMWCCA sticker in windshield

    University of Maryland College Park parking sticker on front bumper (expiration 8-31-81)

    Unusual "IODINE" driving lights on front light bar 





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