• jgerock


      Model: BMW 2002tii
      Year: 1972
      Manufactured Date: 04/24/1972
      Original Color: Ceylon
      Transmission: 5 Speed Dogleg
      Current Color: Chamonix
      Location: Dunkirk, MD
      Last Sold: No value

    Details from a FAQ post from Craigslist ad in 2011 here



    Both M Lytle and I inspected this car at the request of the owner to help determine the value (after the CL ad was placed).  After we looked at it and I drove it, the owner decided to keep the car.


    No cowl notch

    Plastic intake runners

    Transmission changed to CR 5 speed by a PO 

    Original paint was Ceylon changed to Chamonix

    REPA seat belts

    Rotary type A/C compressor (Clardy unit?)

    Twist in type fuel pickup in gas tank

    Relocated transmission mounting bracket with Bavaria rubber mount (hexagonal)






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