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  1. Fall drive, 1971 BMW 1602.
  2. Vanos, carbon build up in air secondaries, every part being slightly different and 25% more expensive than regular e39 parts, throwing error codes all over the place, check engine light, the list goes on man. One thing is for sure, it drinks gas like don't ask. I guess I was hoping someone here either has owned one or does now and would speak up in a positive way to make me feel better about the purchase. Ah well, for now it's a really nice thing to have in the driveway.
  3. Yep, Definately concerned about the motor. All sorts of horror stories on the M5Board. I had just washed the 1602 prior to putting it away for the winter, lights are mis-aligned because I was drying the bumper off.
  4. Picked up this e39 M5 last week. Wondering if any of you have any experience with this model.
  5. Picture of my '71 1602 in Biscane Blue.
  6. Haynes manual has good info on this process, the factory repair manual on CD is also a good. Search function on the site is also recommended. Something about saving kittens is usually added at this point. Anyway, the mark shown in the picture is the one you're looking for. Needs to be at 12 o'clock position. Both cam lobes down on the front cylinder. Pull the plugs and put a 32mm socket on the crank pully nut to turn the motor. Wear gloves so you don't shred your knuckles on the rad. Good luck buddy.
  7. Oh man, do it yourself, I have a hoist, I'll help you do it even.
  8. Dude, Sincerely feel bad for you. Your tires look really worn on the inside edge. Front end bushings ever been replaced?
  9. Thanks buddy, everything seems to be there, I'd like to try to install it to see if it all works. Like your Alpina site very much BTW.
  10. I pulled this ignition system from a parts car, anyone have installation instructions they could post up? Thanks in advance.
  11. I've had good luck with these reverse thread thingies. Depends on what's left of the plug in this case.
  12. Met a guy at the local bakery this afternoon. He commented on how much he liked my car and mentioned his family used own one. This is pretty typical, but he then went on to say that his father bought a 1969 2002 in Golf Yellow from a dealer in Germany new, then drove it 10 days to Tehran. Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey then Iran. Incredible road trip with two kids in the back seat!
  13. What a nice little car, just drive and enjoy. Over time, replace all the bushings with original rubber, control arms and all that. Make sure brakes are solid. Also looks like the ball joints are original riveted type, replace when you do the control arms.

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