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  1. Based on the pictures, I would guess the car is in Enon, OH as listed the OP's profile. I'm 10 minutes away if anyone wants eyes on the car.
  2. One of the things I like about swap meets is the mystery. Part of the fun is finding something you didn't expect. Really though, I just don't want to take inventory of the 20 boxes of parts I'm planning to bring! At least half of them contain parts that I'm giving away for free. So even if you don't bring a wad of cash, you can still take home some 02 parts. I will also be bringing a pair of tobacco front seats, door panels, and a ratty back seat that could be cut up to redo a cracked seat. Hopefully, I'll also have room for a couple of tii gas tanks that need some TLC, a sunroof panel, and a Prinz seat that needs some love. I'm also thinking about bringing a pair of new euro turn signals and early front bumper overriders along with a bunch of NK parts and brochures. There are three things I'm looking for... one is a pair of driver quality red center taillights. The second is the sheet metal that supports the back seat. The third is a driver quality trunk lid. Looking for cheap (or trades) rather than nice on all of these items. I'd like to make a seat out of a tail panel and back seat. I'm looking forward to the event. It should be fun! Karl
  3. $18,500 for the tii and basic spares There's been interest but it hasn't sold yet. I'm open to offers.
  4. Thanks for all the responses! As many of you pointed out, most 02 sun visors were black and white. It appears that the all white visors were used on NKs as well as early ('67-'68) 02s. Paul - You may be correct that the black ones were dyed. I considered that possibility but they looked "factory" so I assumed they came all black. Considering that the mounting brackets are also black, they may have been dyed. Jim - Maybe you need another 2002 to refresh your memory!
  5. I have two extra sets of sun visors that have been in my parts stash for many years and I've forgotten what they came from. Can anyone help me identify what model they come from? One set is all black on both sides. The other is all white on both sides. I suspect that the white ones are NK, but I'm not sure about the black ones. Thanks for your help!
  6. I installed the 3-core radiator, new thermostat and belt yesterday. I switched from a 75 degree to an 80 degree thermostat. I took it for a 30 mile drive (with ambient temps in the low 80s) and the temperature gauge was right in the middle and never moved more than a needles' width. I consider this problem solved. The car just keeps running better and better as I drive it more. I have a few people interested in buying my extra interior, so I'll offer new pricing options: $19,500 for the tii and basic spares (new and used parts, including frame rail) $21,000 for the tii plus ST springs, IE sway bars, E21 5-speed, and 3.91 LSD $21,500 all the above plus spare interior (if it doesn't sell) I'd like this tii to go to a new home soon, so make me an offer.
  7. a54atii

    '73 2002tii

    Photos of US VIN 2762709, manufactured on October 13th, 1972.
  8. A picture inventory of the parts package is now available here --> https://goo.gl/photos/LuCDjpAsrcJYvTQGA Let me know if you have any questions.
  9. That's the idea. I just need to find the right person. I have a trip planned to SF later this summer. Want me to deliver the 2002tii? I've always wanted to take a cross-country trip. There are more 2002 parts to follow. I'm going to clear out most of my 2002 parts and see what it's like to live without an 02. I've always had an 02 and/or NK since my first car, a '69 2002. After 30+ years, its time to take a break. Like most, I'll probably be back...
  10. I've been going through my 02 parts stash and have decided to include a spare parts package at the $21.5k asking price. Here are a few pictures to give you an idea. It includes a spare interior (but no carpet) with Recaro seats, ST springs, IE sway bars, E21 5-speed, 3.91 LSD, and many new parts. A more comprehensive inventory is coming soon. Also, I'm willing to negotiate on price if you're interested in some or none of the spares.
  11. Nose is solid: Rust in passenger side rocker: Rust in lower seam of passenger side door:
  12. 95 photos added to the Google album -- https://goo.gl/photos/mGMaGULukvLvAit48 After spending considerable time around and under the car this weekend, I found some areas that weren't as good as expected. In particular, there is the beginning of some rust in the bottom seam of the doors that is more noticeable on the passenger side. It was difficult to get pictures of this and some other areas, but take a look at the album and let me know if you need more pics or info. Price adjustment to reflect the condition -- now asking $21,500.
  13. Thanks. Yes, it does need more attention. I would like to find a new owner that will more fully enjoy the car. During my ownership, I spent the first ~5 years driving and improving the car. The next ~5 years I drove it less. It's taken the past 5 years to realize that I should let it go. Yes, Jim, you are first in line when I'm ready to sell the E28!

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