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  1. Thanks Marshall. That's what I was looking for but due to my pitiful search techniques, I couldn't find.
  2. I just finished installing an S14. The motor was rebuilt by a friend who has since passed away. As I recall, the throttle bodies he used were from a different motor. This will no doubt necessitate some tuning. I've checked online but could not find anything specific re: the S14 throttle bodies. If anyone has a link they could point me or could offer some tips in this regard it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. This is a brand new, quality JB Racing 8 lb., 228mm flywheel. It was installed on crankshaft but motor was never run. New from JB $490.00/shipping. I no longer need this flywheel and am willing to discount it. I am asking $375.00 plus shipping.. .
  4. Thanks Steve. Hopefully you'll get enough photos to put one together.
  5. I've been out of the loop for a while so maybe I missed it but are there any plans for a 2017 calendar?
  6. This item is currently NLA from 02 Again. This was installed but never used. $225.00 plus $10.00 shipping.
  7. My abandoned turbo project forces sale of the following. All parts are new/unused 1. Turbonetics T3/T4 50 trim/.63 AR turbo. Includes V-band adapter for downpipe and A/N fittings for oil supply, return and boost control lines $695.00 2. Top mount turbo manifold, all stainless, TIG welded made by Otis. Includes fitting for 38mm external wastegate & custom support bracket for turbo $700.00 3. Lower timing cover modified for -10 A/N oil return line, included $150.00 4. NLA Crank pulley with crank trigger wheel and bracket for crank sensor $225.00 SOLD If interested. please PM for more info or pix. Will sell as a lot for plug & play at further discounted price.
  8. The trans had sat for a number of years and although it appeared to be clean, I did not check the bores before attempting to install the sensors. Bad move on my part. I was hot and tired when I first tried to install the sensors and assumed, incorrectly so, that there was a problem with the sensors. When I inspected the bores this morning, I discovered there was some sort of residue/crud in them that prevented the sensors from seating correctly. Cleaning the crud out solved the problem. I was incorrect in my initial assessment that the bores appeared bigger in diameter than the sensors. All is well now. Re: the number of sensors, according to Realoem, there are actually three sensors. One of which is smaller than the other two and like you said goes to the diagnostic connector. The other two, as near as I've been able to determine are necessary. One is a reference sensor which detects the nub on the flywheel so the ECU knows where TDC is. The other sensor is for engine speed and detects the passing teeth of the ring gear. I'm certainly no S14 expert, but this is what I've read.
  9. Never mind, I think I have the problem figured out.
  10. For those of you who have done this conversion, what transmission did you use for the portion of the bell housing where the two sensors go? I got a transmission when I bought my S14 that had been previously modified a number of years ago by Pete McHenry who pioneered this swap. I assumed he used the appropriate section of the M3 trans bell housing as he recommends in his written instructions pertaining to this swap. Unfortunately, the E30 M3 sensors I bought are not only too long but are also smaller in diameter than the bores that are in my bell housing. I had heard a 5-series trans could also be used for this purpose and maybe that is what he did but unfortunately I can't confirm this. In any case it is obvious the sensors I have are not correct for whatever bell housing he may have used and I don't have any idea what the appropriate sensor part number is in my particular case. If anyone who has done this swap can shed any light on this I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.
  11. I've always put the engine in first from above and installed the trans after from below. Any tips or advice for putting the engine/trans in as a unit from above would be greatly appreciated. It seems to me that doing it this way may be a better solution than struggling trying to line up the trans from underneath but then I never tried doing it this way so it could be even more of a PITA than the way I have been doing it. FWIW, the hood will be off and I have no interest in dropping the sub-frame to install that way. Thanks.
  12. As the header states, I'm looking for the y-pipe adapter that connects the S14 header to the rest of the exhaust system. FWIW, Aardvarc doesn't have them any more. PM me, any and all leads appreciated.
  13. Thanks guys. JimK no need to crawl under the car for a pic, I think I can figure out a drain solution if I don't go with a catch can. Marshall, I noticed in your blog that you used a catch can plumbed to the valve cover rather than the oil separator. Do you feel that is equally effective as the oil separator? Also given the use of a catch can, I'm assuming that would then eliminate the need for the nipple on the bottom of the plenum.
  14. When I got my S14, it was partially disassembled and missing most of the various hoses. On the plenum, there are two hose nipples. There's one on the bottom which I'm assuming takes the hose that goes to the stock oil separator and another nipple on the lower front of the plenum. Assuming I'm correct about the one on the bottom, I can't figure out what the other one goes to. I'm sure there is a simple answer but for the life of me, I can't determine what the second nipple is for. Also with respect to the oil separator, my guess is most have done away with this in favor of an oil catch can which is what I plan to do unless there is a good reason not to. I can't see any way the separator can be mounted conveniently remotely close to the stock location or anywhere else on the left side of the block for that matter. Any help/suggestions from those who've done this conversion would be appreciated.
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